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Jewelry Tools to Revolutionize Your Jewelry Business in 2024

jewelry tools to revolutionize your jewelry business this 2019
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New jewelry tools and technologies, do you really need them?

You do! If you still have any doubt about investing in new technologies this year, think again. A recent study has shown that 45% of businesses that invested in new technologies reported an increased ROI for their investments. Considering the huge changes brought about by the recent pandemic, many businesses have turned to new technology adoption leading to accelerated business digitalization at an unprecedented speed, all to cushion themselves from any unforeseen disruption, economic uncertainty, and rapid tech advancements.

Jewelry store owners were not spared from all the changes that occurred in the last few years. In fact, the jewelry industry was one of the hardest hit industries which caused many businesses, including jewelry events, to go completely digital. If you would ask us, this nudge was necessary. It awakened the industry from its long slumber that left many in complete stagnation. Those who were quick to adapt to the demands of time and situation pulled through and more, discovering multifold opportunities that were once unimaginable in their traditional landscape.

In this post, we’re going to give you a rundown of some of the new jewelry tools and technologies to revolutionize your jewelry business in the year to come. These tools are helpful in a lot of ways that can differentiate you from the rest in your similar market. From shaping a unique and seamless shopping experience to solving speed and productivity issues, and boosting your online sales, there’s surely a technology for you, so join us and read on!

4 Jewelry Tools and Technologies to Revolutionize Your Jewelry Business in 2024

1. GemCam

New Jewelry Tools to Revolutionize Your Jewelry Business in 2024 – GemCam

If you love the simplicity of smartphones but yearn for better photo quality, you’ll surely fall in love with GemCam. GemCam is the ultimate jewelry and gemstone camera designed with jewelers in mind.

GemCam is perfect for jewelry photography with features created to provide the ideal environment for jewelry and gemstone photoshoots.

  • Enhanced lighting with its built-in white and yellow LEDs to bring out the true color and sparkles of your jewelry.
  • 5X macro and Sparkle lens combo to capture details with precision and irresistible sparkles.
  • Advanced autofocus to achieve accurate focus instead of missed product photo opportunities.
  • Plug and play. GemCam doesn’t discriminate. Whether you’re a professional product photographer or a newbie shop assistant with no photography experience, it captures studio-grade perfection in every shot.

2. GemLightbox Pro

GemLightbox Pro – Jewelry tools to invest in this 2024

Don’t confuse the new GemLightbox Pro with our original GemLightbox. While the names are almost similar, the GemLightbox Pro has features and functionalities you won’t find in the old box or any other jewelry lightboxes on the market. It’s the PRO, after all.

The GemLightbox Pro is GemLightbox reimagined. It’s bigger, faster, and has an adjustable lighting system that illuminates jewelry pieces from every angle evenly.

  • Bigger. The Pro has 30% bigger interior space, making it functional for photographing larger jewelry pieces.
  • Faster. Name me a lightbox that captures both photos and videos in one click. I bet you can’t think of any. With the Pro, simply turn on the Burst Mode and effortlessly capture four (4) photos from every angle and one (1) 360-degree video of your jewelry piece or gemstone with just one click of your smartphone camera.
  • Adjustable lighting technology. The Pro comes with two adjustable lights—Sparkles and Yellow—that you can move and adjust according to the position you want.
  • Built-in turntables for both aerial photography and front-view photography.
  • AI capability. The GemLightbox Pro Bundle makes the Pro and Gem Hub a powerhouse duo. It gives subscribed jewelers access to AI-powered tools like the jewelry description generator tool, jewelry retouching, and digital catalog maker, among many others.

3. ChatGPT Plugins

ChatGPT for jewelers
ChatGPT Plugin for jewelers by James Allen, view reel via @jamesallenrings

By now you would’ve already heard about ChatGPT. It’s an AI chatbot that uses natural language processing to interact with users conversationally. But did you know that you can do more with this tool through its plugins?

ChatGPT plugins are tools designed specifically for language models to help ChatGPT access up-to-date information and work with third-party services to deliver a better overall user experience. James Allen, a diamond bridal jewelry company, introduced the first ChatGPT plugin for their customers’ jewelry shopping needs. This plugin helps James Allen customers find the exact ring they’re looking for by telling the chatbot the type of jewelry they’re looking for, their budget, and their style preferences. The chatbot will provide customers with three options including the links for a seamless shopping experience.

4. Gem Testing Device

jewelry tools to revolutionize your jewelry business in 2024 – gem testing device

The rise of lab-grown diamonds has posed a challenge for jewelers in terms of separating natural diamonds from man-made ones, which then puts detection devices at the center of the discussion. After all, it’s your reputation that’s on the line. The risks are so big that many gem identification and detection tools have been introduced just like GIA’s GIA iD100.

The GIA iD100 is a gem testing device that combines advanced spectroscopic technology and GIA’s decades of gemstone and diamond identification research to deliver a sophisticated but easy-to-use desktop instrument to screen your gems. It’s small but powerful with its unrivaled accuracy that lets jewelers and customers transact with full confidence and trust.

Are there other jewelry tools, devices, and technologies that you know could revolutionize your jewelry business in the coming year? Let us know in the comment section below!

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