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Jewelry Tools and Technologies to Revolutionize Your Jewelry Business this 2019

jewelry tools to revolutionize your jewelry business this 2019
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New jewelry tools and technologies, do you really need them?

You do! If you still doubt your glaring need to invest in some retail improvements this year, think again because the total investment in online and offline retail stores is growing and more retailers (55%), regardless of the industry, are opening new stores. Jewelry, commonly known to be an oversaturated market, is no different from it; hence, retailers’ optimism about stores could also mean steeper competition for you. However, innovations (tangible and intangible; it’s not necessarily restricted to new technologies) might be your saving grace if you’ll be strategic enough to think of ways that will differentiate you from the rest.

For instance, Greg Chapman, one of the retail industry experts, predicts that this year the offline and online market will converge. As such, you must think of ways to adapt to this trend to stay relevant to the digital economy and be able to serve up unique and seamless shopping experience.

Apparently, positive shopping experience in a digital jewelry world is associated with tools and technologies that help enhance shoppers’ search for the absolute beauty of gold and diamonds. It’s 2019, the retail trends are out and here are four of the hottest and latest jewelry tools and technologies to match those trends and revolutionize your jewelry business!

4 Jewelry Tools and Technologies to Revolutionize Your Jewelry Business this 2019

1. Digital ring sizer

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PerfectFit is a mobile-compatible, ring finger measuring app launched by a technology company, Radius Technologies. This application takes the guesswork out of the ring-sizing process in three quick and easy steps: (1) choose your gender; (2) place your mobile phone on a flat surface and lay your finger on the screen; and (3) adjust the width using the plus (+) and minus (-) signs, until you see the lines hugging the shape of your ring finger perfectly. Once it’s done, the app will calculate the size of your finger and can even convert it according to the international conversion specifications.

This app targets international jewelry e-tailers because it is designed to plug into your existing mobile jewelry stores and works by giving your shoppers the confidence to order the correct ring size without the hassle of using analog tools.

2. The GemLightbox with its add-on jewelry turntable

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The GemLightbox together with its add-on Gemlightbox jewelry turntable is the simplest approach to the complex task of jewelry photography. Designed by jewelers for jewelers, it’s a plug-and-play setup that lets you capture as many jewelry photos and videos as you need with just a click of a finger. Whether you need those photos out for the online shoppers on your jewelry e-commerce platform or to inspire shoppers on social media, this device has got you covered.

3 Key Features of the GemLightbox

  1. It lets you capture amazing facets with “Sparkles” or use “Daylight” to bring in the illusion of natural sunlight.
  2. It ensures that you capture all sides of your jewelry from either top or front shooting angle. You can also download the app here for consistency.
  3. No training required! Who got time for training when you need your jewelry images right now?!

If you want to diversify your product presentation, jewelry videos are definitely the way to go. Statistics show that 88% of video marketers named video as the top content with the best ROI. It’s no surprise given that 66% of consumers prefer watching a product video than reading about it. It makes them more confident in buying products and they are less likely to resort to product returns.

There are many types of videos you can use in marketing your brand. For a more interactive and reliable shopping experience, the GemLightbox allows you to capture 360 jewelry videos and upload them directly to your social media pages in no time. This will benefit your business, especially that Facebook promotes the value of 360 videos because they show more details than still product images.

Check out some of the sample jewelry images and videos captured using the GemLightbox device and the GemLightbox turntable below!

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3. SYNTHdetect

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SYNTHdetect is the newest addition to the portfolio of screening and detection technologies by the International Institute of Diamond Grading and Research (IIDGR). This device was designed to test the authenticity of mounted or loose stones and is also suitable for testing colorless to near-colorless stones.

According to IIDGR, this device enables jewelry retailers to ensure that they are purchasing natural stones only. If you’re one of those retailers who are often unsure of the authenticity of your purchases, this screening device is your quickest and easiest solution.

Last year, SYNTHdetect was awarded Industry Innovation of the Year at JNA Awards, one of the most prestigious awards programs in the international jewelry and gemstone industry.

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4. Digital gemologist

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According to retail experts, AI and machine learning will be the ultimate driver of online retail experience in 2019. As retailers see the critical role of investing in technology this year, the competition will surge and hyper-personalized user experience could be your differentiating quality.

So, how well do you know your target shoppers? Truth be told, most shoppers search for their jewelry piece without being too familiar with the diamond evaluation system. And as if buying a piece of jewelry isn’t overwhelming enough for many shoppers, they still have to sift through thousands of diamond options only to guess which of those is the best.

RockHer, an engagement ring company in California, has found a solution to this overwhelming shopping experience by using an AI named ROSI. ROSI, as shown in the image above, is an Artificial Intelligence diamond expert or a digital gemologist that assist online shoppers by providing them with a tailored and only the best diamond selection. To function, shoppers will have to complete a questionnaire like choosing your preferred diamond shape and your budget among others. Once the shopper is done, ROSI will sift through all diamond selections and make proprietary analysis, until it finds the one that best matches your choice. See the example result below.

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This digital gemologist saves time and helps simplify the process for shoppers who may not have all the time to sort through thousands of options or are less savvy about the complex process of a diamond evaluation system.

Do you think your AI can provide a much better-personalized service than your competitors’? Try it and surprise your shoppers by serving up a shopping experience that tells them that you’re looking after their needs.

Are there other jewelry tools, devices, and technologies that you know could revolutionize your jewelry business this year? Let us know in the comment section below!

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