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An innovative online jewelry digital agency creating solutions for the jewelry industry.

We believe in a digital jewelry world.
It starts with creating beautiful images and videos.

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Picup Media is your leading partner in entering the digital market of the jewelry industry. As e-commerce and digital trading continue to reflect an even more glittering future, we aim to lead the jewelry industry into the digital environment through constant innovation and digital enhancement. 
Currently trusted and used by over 2000+ jewelers worldwide, we are a 100% online operated company with staff stretching across Sydney, Hong Kong, India and Philippines.

Our Vision

We believe in a digital jewelry world; Picup Media will facilitate this movement. A world where jewelry is traded via digital mediums as a norm.

Our Mission

We strive to revolutionize the jewelry industry through innovation and technology. Our services and products will bridge the gap between offline and online.

Picup Mediawhich is a portmanteau of “Picture” and “Upgrade”, is owned by a parent company registered in Hong Kong – HEIG Limited founded in 1975. HEIG Limited is a leader in jewellery manufacturing, trading, and e-commerce solutions in the jewellery sector. This leadership inspired the foundation of PicUp Media.

What Picup Media offers

  • Jewelry Photography

    Picup Media jewelry photo retouching

    Jewelry Photography

    After working with 2000+ jewelers the biggest problem our business faced was that many of our clients could not take jewelry images. There was too much noise in the industry and a modern solution needed to be created. That is when we decided to invest in creating the perfect jewelry lightbox for jewellers: GemLightbox.


  • Jewelry Retouching

    Picup Media jewelry photo retouching

    Jewelry Retouching

    Our retouching service will ensure that your customers will not only scan your site but also be attracted with your products. Our expertise allows us to deliver high quality images in less than 72 hours. We process hundreds of photos daily; retouched, resized and delivered to you for all your online selling purposes.


  • Jewelry Marketing

    Picup Media jewelry photo retouching

    Jewelry Digital Marketing

    We offer consulting and digital marketing services. However, our team is booked out until at end of 2018. If you are interested in getting us to consult for your business please submit an application in the link below.


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