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At Picup Media, we create jewelry images and videos that sell. Our aim is to provide creative and innovative solutions to jewelers at every level. Currently trusted and used by over 5000+ jewelers worldwide, we are a 100% online operated company with staff stretching across Sydney, Hong Kong, India and Philippines. Picup Media, which is a portmanteau of “Picture” and “Upgrade”, is owned by a parent company registered in Hong Kong – HEIG Limited. HEIG Limited is a leader in jewelry manufacturing, trading, and e-commerce solutions. This leadership inspired the foundation of PicUp Media.​

We believe in
A digital jewelry world.

We understand just how difficult and frustrating it can be to capture web-ready jewelry images while retaining and showcasing the elegance and beauty of your pieces.

With this in mind, the Picup Media team set off on a mission to create a range of products and services which allow any jeweler to create pixel perfect images and videos. Picup Media has worked with over five thousand jewellers worldwide, we are a 100% online operated company with staff stretching across Sydney, Hong Kong, India and Philippines.

Our Vision
We believe in a digital jewelry world; Picup Media will facilitate this movement. A world where jewelry is traded via digital mediums as a norm.

Our Mission
We strive to revolutionize the jewelry industry through innovation and technology bridging the gap between offline and online.

Why we do what we do
Our values

Picup Media has always believed in the importance of fostering a workplace culture that celebrates its people to spark a purposeful business for positive jewelry industry change.


Always honor our commitment and do what we say we will do. Integrity is the foundation on which we build trust, honest relationships, and healthy interpersonal relationships.


Pride impedes change and limits growth. At Picup Media, we believe in challenging our process while looking at every accomplishment as a foundation for continuous improvement.


The jewelry industry is multifaceted, but it need not be complicated. Picup Media delivers user-friendly, functional solutions that enable jewelers of today and tomorrow to run a successful business.

Our famous


Post Photography

Image retouching

Pixel perfect retouching in 72 hours.




The world’s first smartphone jewelry lightbox.



Cloud and Integrations

Connect to our cloud service and integrate into your favourite marketplace or one of our partners.

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