About Us

Photography is the only language that is understood everywhere in the world.
And we’re just getting started.

PicUp Media is your leading partner in entering the digital market of the jewellery industry. As e-commerce and digital trading continues to reflect an even more glittering future, we aim to lead the jewellery industry into the digital environment through constant innovation and digital enhancement. Our honest rates deliver world-class services and assist you in building a formidable online brand through first-rate visual imagery; this will close the information gap between your jewellery products and your customers.
Currently trusted and used by over 2000+ jewellers worldwide, we are a 100% online operated company with staff stretching across Sydney, Hong Kong, India and Phillipines.

Our Vision:
Challenge the Norm, Do the Impossible. 

Our Mission:
We strive to revolutionise the jewellery industry through innovation and technology. Creating affordable solutions that allow all jewellers to enter the digital space with ease.

PicUp Media, which is a portmanteau of “Picture” and “Upgrade”, is owned by a parent company registered in Hong Kong – the Harmony Eternity International Groups founded in 1975.
Harmony Eternity is a leader in jewellery manufacturing, trading, and e-commerce solutions in the jewellery sector. This leadership inspired the foundation of PicUp Media.

PicUp Media has branched into 3 core offerings:

  • Jewelry Retouching

    Our retouching service will ensure that your customers will not only scan your site but also be attracted with your products. Our expertise allows us to deliver high quality images in less than 72 hours. We process hundreds of photos daily; retouched, resized and delivered to you for all your online selling purposes.

  • Jewellery Photography

    After processing over 1,000,000+ images – the biggest problem our business faced was that many of our clients could not take jewellery images. There was too much noise in the industry and a modern solution needed to be created. That is when we decided to invest in creating the perfect jewellery lightbox for jewellers: GemLightbox.

  • Consultation

    By invitation only.

Beautiful jewelry deserves beautiful images.

Get your images retouched today!


The story behind our story.

Coming from a lineage of successful jewellers, PicUp Media was founded by a team of e-commerce professionals at Harmony Eternity International Groups. Having tried perfecting photography setups whilst trying to keep costs and budgets in place, the team invested in professional cameras, lighting kits, self-made light boxes, and other useful photography tools.

Our team advocates stellar product images at minimal costs. However, producing jewellery images that speak louder than words remained a mystery. Despite the existence of advanced photography tools in the market, capturing and retouching jewellery images still remained a mystery.
Struck by this realisation and overwhelmed by the growing power of visual engagement, the team invested time and efforts into perfecting retouching on jewellery products. The hard work got noticed. After bringing life into more than 1,000,000+ lacklustre images, companies from all over the world began approaching us about our images. Since then, the team has started to grow with experts and staff based in Sydney, Hong Kong, Phillipines and India.

The journey didn’t stop there.
It was time to streamline the photography process and create more consistency in the images we were being sent.  After working with over 2000+ jewellers, we quickly learnt about the inconsistencies in their photography processes.
Capturing images of jewellery was just too difficult, regardless of what equipment or setup the jewellers were using. We soon realised capturing jewellery is more dependant on the lighting than the camera itself. Our team went to work for a year and created the perfect lighting environment for jewellery

We called it GemLightbox.