Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Have a question? We've got you covered.

Free Trial and Pricing

Do you provide free trials for your service?

Yes, each client is entitled to 1 free trial image. To claim your free trial, please visit:

Do you have a minimum order requirement?

No, we are awesome! Feel free to order as many images as you’d like.

How do I place an order?

To place an order, simply visit our order page here. You will be able to upload images, submit instructions and checkout via our order form. We accept all payments through Paypal, and you can use your credit card to checkout via Paypal too.

What’s your pricing?

(All pricing quoted in USD)


I'm not a pro. Can I still use your services?

Of course! We provide services to both professional photographers and those who want to turn their standard jewelry photos into something special. We’ve transformed regular smartphone camera images to studio quality, as seen in our portfolio.

Can you put my jewelry on a custom background?

Yes, but we don’t recommend anything other than white or black as it would distract from the real star of the image – your jewelry!

What will be the size and file type of my retouched images?

We will return all images back in original size JPEG unless instructed otherwise. The most common submission size is 1000px x 1000px in JPEG format – this is used for many online websites and platforms.

What kinds of enhancements/edits can you do to my product images?

Plenty! We can help you with:

  • aligning your images
  • adjusting dimensions and resizing
  • scratch, dust and blemish removal
  • clipping onto a white background
  • retouching to studio quality
  • all other necessary enhancements

Do let us know if you have any specific requests.

What if I’m not satisfied with the work?

Revisions are absolutely free. We will revise your images until you are 100% satisfied with the results. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

How do you ensure my product images come back perfectly?

Picup Media has worked with more than 5,000+ jewelers worldwide. We work closely with each client to ensure that their requirements are met while also utilizing our extensive knowledge in e-commerce and photography. Our team of expert designers and photo editors know exactly the right background for your image, the right dimension and size, the shadows and the right alignment to attract your potential buyers.

Sending and Receiving Photos

How long will it take to retouch my images?

Our turnaround time is based on the amount of images ordered:

  • 1-50 images: 72 hours
  • 50-200 images: 96 hours
  • 200+ images: 96 hours

All turnaround times exclude weekends. Please note that our turnaround times may be slightly longer than usual during periods where we experience a large influx of orders.

How do you make sure the gold tones are correct?

Our team of Photoshop and design experts have decades of combined jewelry and photography expertise under their belt. We’ve developed formulas on Photoshop to create the perfect colour balance for each gold tone – yellow, rose, black, white, platinum, silver and more. We’re also able to match the gold tone of your preference as required.

What is the minimum/maximum file size?

We don’t have a minimum file size. However, we don’t recommend uploading anything smaller than 300px x 300px as it would not require professional retouching services. As for larger files, they are limited to 19.5 MB per image. Images larger than 19.5MB will have to be processed as a custom order – please get in touch with us via email to place a custom order.

I've got really large images! How do I upload them?

We have an option for you to submit your own download link. Simply place your own download link in our order form and we will download them manually. We generally recommend providing a Dropbox link.

How do I receive my retouched image?

You’ll receive your retouched photos through email where we’ll send you a download link.

Image Requirements

What file format should I send my images in?

JPG or PNG is preferable but we accept all other image files.

How do you guarantee quality?

Our photo editors have years of experience in commercial product photo editing. If ever needed we’ll perform additional reviews upon your request. All reviews, changes or adjustments completed are absolutely free. If for any reason you are not happy with the result after revisions, we’ll refund your payment in full. However, we’ll always strive to ensure that each and every image is delivered to Picup Media’s “pixel perfect” standards.

Would it help if I include a sample of the work I'm after?

Certainly. However, our professional retouching team have their own style which we recommend. Find out more about our retouching via our blog page.

Do you charge for additional products/items?

Yes, we only allow 1 product per image. Each additional product will be counted as an extra photo as it requires additional retouching time. (Earrings in a pair count as 1 photo).

Image Use and Privacy

Do you secure intellectual property?

Indeed! All jewelry images and other e-commerce product images are treated as fully confidential. Our infrastructure is designed from the ground up to be highly secured. Your files are stored on state-of-the-art servers with SSL encryption protected by advanced firewalls.

Will you use my images for commercial purposes?

We do not use or transfer any product images provided to us. We simply edit your images and return them to you. Additionally, your personal data is never sold or shared with third parties. To see our Privacy Statement, click here.

Do you keep my images on file forever?

Absolutely not! We only keep your images on our secure servers for a period of 30 days after the completion of your job unless specified otherwise. Our server will remove all images after 30 days.

Client Support

Do you offer client support?

We certainly do! Apart from offering our existing knowledge base to clients, new and existing clients can also reach us through email. We have a 24/7 email support channel, which can be accessed here. We strive to get back to your enquiry within 4 hours.

Outsourcing to Picup Media

Why should I outsource my post-photography work?

Think of these benefits: cost-efficiency, time-efficiency, and quality Outsourcing your post-photography work to us means you’ll have access to professional photography editing services in a fraction of the time you’d spend watching photography tutorials, and learning and perfecting the post-production requirements. We provide honest pricing with no minimum order requirements while also guaranteeing product images that sell! Outsourcing your post-photography work allows you to increase your productivity as it gives you more time to work on other important aspects of your business.

Why choose us?

Our team of experienced online photo editors, photo enhancers and digital artists can deliver the best product photography editing services you can ever imagine. We’ll help you remove blemishes, remove backgrounds, correct colours and provide the right lighting, alignment and dimensions to highlight your products’ intricate designs and features. We have the skills, the experience and the knowledge to make your product images pixel perfect, and attract more potential buyers!


What's the difference between GemLightbox and other lightboxes?

The GemLightbox is not just a lightbox – it’s a full suite of photography solutions designed to bring your business from offline to online. Our LED lights are custom calibrated to provide the perfect lighting environment for your jewelry and gemstones, ensuring accurate colors and details every time.

What is your warranty policy?

The GemLightbox has a 1 year replacement warranty, from date of shipment arrival. In the rare case that anything should happen with your GemLightbox unit, we’ll replace it for free! 

Does the GemLightbox work with both Android and Apple devices?

Yes, the GemLightbox application is free to download on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store, and functions perfectly on both device systems.

Does GemLightbox work with DSLR?

GemLightbox works with both DSLR and Smartphones. We would recommend using smartphones for online images and DSLR cameras for catalog images. To see the GemLightbox in action with DSLR cameras click here.


How long will shipping take to my country?

Our estimated shipping time is 5-10 business days globally. Please note that there may be slight delays during exhibitions periods, as we allocate a large amount of stock towards tradeshow customers.

When will I receive my tracking number?

A tracking number will arrive in your inbox approximately 48 hours after order confirmation. If you don’t receive your tracking number within this timeframe, please get in touch with us here.