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How Does the GemLightbox Pro Differ From the Old GemLightbox?

What makes the GemLightbox Pro different from the GemLightbox
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Do you have the old GemLightbox and now you’re wondering what the new GemLightbox Pro was about?

Released early this year 2023, the GemLightbox Pro is the newest addition to our product range. But don’t be confused; while the names are somewhat identical, the Pro takes jewelry photography to greater heights with features and functionality you won’t find in the original version.

Let’s find out what makes these two different from one another, shall we?

1. Bigger

Bigger interior space for the new GemLightbox Pro

You’ll first notice the GemLightbox Pro’s curved design and bigger photography space. Indeed, it provides you with 30% more interior space to allow you more room for photographing larger pieces like watches and bold, statement earrings.

A bigger photography space is also ideal for capturing long necklaces in flat lay styles as this will let you showcase the tiny details more without getting them lost in a tightly coiled smaller space.

2. Faster

Faster with 4 photos and 1 video feature

While the GemLightbox allows you to capture a stunning jewelry photo with just one click, the GemLightbox Pro elevates this process by introducing Burst Mode.

Burst Mode is a feature that lets you automatically capture four (4) studio-quality jewelry images and one (1) 360-degree jewelry video with just one click. Isn’t that amazing?!

What’s more impressive here is that you get to take four different photos of your jewelry piece from all angles. We consider this feature game-changing as it addresses the need for jewelers to use more product photos when selling online. This is true in a study conducted by eBay. In this study, they found that increasing the number of product photos you provide can accelerate conversion and boost sales.

Additionally, by showing your jewelry pieces in different photo angles, you allow your buyers to inspect the details of your products easily. This is a seamless way of building customer trust without you spending back-breaking hours of work in product photography.

3. Adjustable Lighting Technology

Adjustable lighting technology in the GemLightbox Pro

Unlike the original GemLightbox, the GemLightbox Pro comes with two additional adjustable lights—Sparkles and Yellow—which you can use and move according to your subject.

The Sparkles light is a direct light source designed to highlight fires and natural scintillation. On the other hand, the Yellow Light mimics a natural sunlight environment. It works best for rubies, emeralds, sapphires, opals, and more.

Watch this GemLightbox Pro adjustable light video to see how the adjustable lighting system works.

4. Built-In Turntables

Built-in turntables

While the GemLightbox allowed you to purchase the turntables separately, we eliminated the hassle by building them into the GemLightbox Pro. Aside from the base turntable, the Pro also comes with the Aerial Turntable for taking flattering photos of your necklaces and dangle earrings.

5. AI Capability

The GemLightbox Pro AI Capability

For more ease and functionality, the GemLightbox Pro offers an opportunity to access our AI-powered tools such as the automated description-writing generator, background removal, and online catalog maker.

This offer applies when you subscribe to the GemLightbox Pro Bundle offer. Stay tuned to our next blog for an in-depth talk about the GemHubxGemLightbox Pro bundle.

In Summary:

GemLightbox GemLightbox Pro
Bigger photography space X
Faster, burst mode feature X
Adjustable lighting system X
Built-in turntable X
AI capability X
GemLightbox App compatibility
Smartphone compatibility

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