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5 Annual Jewelry Trade Shows You Shouldn’t Miss!

5 Jewelry Exhibits You Should Not Miss
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Jewelry exhibits, how many of these have you attended?

Do you ever include them in your annual calendar of activities?

There’s a question that emerged challenging the viability of jewelry exhibits: “are they still relevant and should jewelers pay attention to these events?”

The answer is YES!

5 Annual Jewelry Exhibits You Shouldn't Miss

There are different participants in jewelry exhibits. There are the exhibitors, the trade shows, and the jewelers. Hence, it’s a perfect place to meet like-minded people, to know who’s who, what’s in and what’s out in the industry. If you’re crossing it out of your list, think again.

Jewelry exhibits could be your source of inspiration. It can reignite your creative spirit because of the different designs, styles, and new jewelry technologies surrounding you. While it’s easy to dismiss the idea of attending jewelry exhibits, especially if you’ve been comfortable with your day-to-day reality, you might want to give it a chance because you’ll be surprised by how much of the industry remains invisible to you.

On the other hand, small and medium jewelry businesses have a valid point for saying no to jewelry exhibits. We all know it’s costly and it takes time and effort because it involves traveling to the location, checking in and out of your hotels, and other expenses. Moreover, some businesses may not have enough workforce; therefore, they cannot afford to close their store to attend a show.

However, this point doesn’t cross out the idea that jewelry exhibits remain to be relevant as ever, especially in today’s state of retail where customers are often found complaining about the lack of product differentiations.

There are thousands of jewelry exhibits worldwide. Yes, it’s costly, but you don’t have to attend every single exhibit. In fact, you can squeeze in one jewelry exhibit a year, and that would still be beneficial. But which one, you ask?

In this post, we’re going to give you 5 of the hottest jewelry exhibits you shouldn’t miss.

Take note and remember to choose wisely.

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5 Jewelry Exhibits, Fairs, and Trade Shows You Shouldn’t Miss

1. The JCK Las Vegas

Exhibition Month: June

JCk Las Vegas

JCK Las Vegas is the leading jewelry trade show in North America. Every year, it gathers manufacturers, designers, and other jewelry professionals to showcase the most sought-after jewelry trends. With its annual all-encompassing collection of jewelry pieces and gems, it’s no doubt that this is the top destination for you to feel the pulse of the industry and where it’s heading.

As the JCK Las Vegas wrapped a successful 2018 show, the premier event is off to bid goodbye to Mandalay Bay. For 2019, the exhibit heads back to The Venetian, The Palazzo and Sands Expo where it used to hold the previous editions of JCK and Luxury. With its plan to move closer to the Vegas Strip, you’ll be assured to be nearer to more dining and entertainment options.

The Sands Expo had undergone major renovations and upgrades. As such, if it’s something you’d be interested in, commit early as the newly renovated location has limited space. Check out the Las Vegas Exhibitor FAQs here to know more. The 2019 JCK Las Vegas Exhibition will be from 2-5 June.

2. Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair 

Exhibition Months: June and September

HK Jewellery & Gem Fair

Hong Kong is said to be the ideal destination for jewelry traders as it facilitates a smooth process for those who would like to venture out into the booming Asian market.

With that said, the Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair is known as the leading jewelry event in the country. It continues to bring together key players in the industry. In fact, in 2017, the September Fair hosted nearly 4,000 exhibitors from 57 countries and attracted over 59,000 visitors worldwide.

This year, thousands of exhibitors and jewelry professionals will gather again. Exhibitors will showcase a variety of loose gems, pearls, and diamonds from 12-16 September at the AsiaWorld Expo. Meanwhile, others will showcase their finished jewelry pieces, equipment, packaging, tools, and technologies from 14-18 September at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center.

Additionally, the June Fair is the top mid-year jewelry sourcing event. Like the September Fair, this one strategically divides exhibitors according to the products they offer. This division makes it easier for goers to navigate the area.

Shown in the video was Picup Media doing a free jewelry photography demonstration using the GemLightbox at the recent June Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair

If you missed this year’s fair, catch them again next year from 20-23 June 2019 and 16-20 & 18-22 September 2019 (tentative dates).

3. Sydney International Jewellery Fair (IJF)

Exhibition Month: August/September

Sydney IJF Jewelry Exhibit
Source: Sydney IJF

The Sydney IJF is Australia’s number one annual jewelry event. It’s a place where domestic and international suppliers meet and network. Further, exhibitors inspire each other, get educated by industry experts, and showcase their on-trend products and designs.

The IJF takes place annually at a magnificent location in Sydney where you get to enjoy a fantastic view of the harbor. This year, from 25-27 August, the show will be at the International Convention Center, Sydney.

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4. Istanbul Jewellery Show

Exhibition Months: March and October

Jewelry Exhibits - Istanbul Jewelry Show
Source: Istanbul Jewelry Show

The Istanbul Jewelry Show (IJS) has been running uninterrupted for the last 33 years. It runs bi-annually and offers unique business opportunities to jewelry professionals from the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Asia, North Africa, and Russia among others. Aside from networking opportunities, it also allows exhibitors to showcase a wide range of products including jewelry, diamonds, gemstones, precious and semi-precious stones, packaging, machinery, tools and equipment, and other jewelry devices.

Indeed, this is an event you shouldn’t miss if you’re a jewelry connoisseur. After all, among global jewelry leaders, Turkey ranked among the top five countries in terms of jewelry consumption, importation and exportation, and production.

However, since IJS is a jewelry trade only, it is closed to the public and only admits trade buyers and decision-makers to maintain its business-to-business platform.

Catch them from 11-14 October 2018 at the CNR Expo, Istanbul Fair Center, or try your chance from 21-24 March 2019 at the same venue.

5. HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show

Exhibition Month: February/March

The HKTDC organizes the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show annually at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. The show features different categories like fine jewelry, antique jewelry, watches and clocks, and jewelry tools and equipment among many others. This year, the show gathered 2,585 exhibitors and over 52,000 buyers.

If this is something you can see yourself attending, you can join next year’s show from 28 February – 4 March at the same venue. Registered visitors can also visit the concurrent HKTDC Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show at the AsiaWorld Expo.

HKTDC Jewelry Show

Taken at this year’s HKTDC Jewellery Show; jewelers flocked to the Picup Media booth to try its free jewelry photography using the GemLightbox.

Bonus: Can new trade shows disrupt the Las Vegas Jewelry Market Week in 2019?

The Italian Exhibition Group (IEG) reportedly left the JCK Las Vegas to partner with Premier – a new jewelry trade show by JCK’s rival Emerald Exhibitions. This means that IEG will bring its Italian-made jewelry exhibitors to the new Premier show when it hits the jewelry market week from 31 May – 4 June 2019. With the majority of jewelry exhibits clustered in the same area, goers who are into multiple shows can finally have a sense of relief.

Do you know that Premier was created for independent designers and small and medium jewelry businesses? Hence, if you belong to this category, head over and claim all the opportunities that await you.

Spot our booth!

Jewelry Exhibits You Shouldn't Miss Annually

Picup Media regularly attends jewelry exhibits. This year, we’ve been to the JCK Las Vegas, the HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show, and the Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair.

Catch us again at the upcoming Sydney International Jewellery Fair this August and the Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair this September. Drop by, say hello, and take advantage of our free jewelry photography session using the GemLightbox.

See you there! And remember, be curious and stay adventurous!

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