Jewelry Photography Lighting

Jewelry photography lighting can be the single most important factor in increasing your online jewelry business's revenue. It is a fact that customers who shop online trust product images and videos even more than they trust product reviews. That means if you own an online jewelry business or are planning to start one, then focusing on jewelry photography is an excellent way to improve sales and grow your business. But jewelry photography is not just about pointing your camera and capturing a picture. There are many ways to improve one’s jewelry photography skills. But the one which has the most impact on making your photos and videos look good is having proper lighting, which is why jewelry photography lighting is given such importance. That is why Picup Media offers a jewelry photography lightbox that can help anyone capture truly studio-quality images and videos at affordable prices.

What is the best lighting for jewelry photography?

best jewelry photography lighting

This is a very straightforward question, but the answer is sadly not. Generally, natural lighting is considered because it is inexpensive, and even inexperienced people will take good pictures under natural lighting. If not natural, then studio lighting is the other best option. And things can get very tricky here because the best jewelry photography lighting depends on the jewelry product. If it is necklace photography, then a bare bulb light with an acrylic sheet to diffuse the light should be enough. But if the necklace has a gemstone, you would need additional light to add a sparkling effect on the gemstones. If it is ring photography, unwanted reflections must be removed.

As you can see, the best setup for jewelry photography lighting is not simple unless you are a professional jewelry photographer or are willing to hire one. Otherwise, you cannot expect to capture good product photos or videos. With Picup Media’s jewelry lightbox, all these challenges can be avoided. Be it earring photography or wedding ring photography, lightbox photography by Picup Media is the need of the hour. With almost little to no setup required, it is the easiest way for anyone to get studio-quality jewelry product photos and videos.

Is natural lighting sufficient for jewelry photography?

Natural lighting is the best for any type of photography because it is inexpensive and accessible. But as the main source for jewelry photography lighting, it has certain disadvantages. One is that you are at the mercy of the weather. If it is raining or snowing, it is not possible for a jewelry photo shoot. Apart from this, you should also keep a close eye on the sun’s position. The lighting will look much different depending on the time of the day. Hence, you would have to keep in mind all these factors while planning your shoot. Also, the variability of the sunlight means that standard lenses won't work. You would need to buy a much faster lens, which can be expensive; otherwise, you would have to deal with blurry photographs. Finally, it offers very little creative control that studio lighting does.

Bottom-line is that natural lighting is sufficient, but you need to have an expensive lens, wait for the right time, and hope that it doesn’t rain or snow. So, though it might be sufficient, it is definitely not convenient.

How much should you invest in jewelry photography lighting?

how much should you invest in jewelry photography lighting

A good jewelry photography lighting can result in good products and videos, which can make the pictures look sharp and good. These photos can certainly grab a few eyeballs and have a huge contribution towards pushing your customers to buy that jewelry product. Therefore, jewelry photography lighting is not a luxury but an investment that will pay you back in terms of sales of the product. As discussed, it is better to use studio lighting than to depend on natural lighting. But professional jewelry photography studios can be pretty expensive. A professional jewelry photography setup involves large lights, light tents, reflector panels, and expensive cameras. It costs anywhere between 600 to 1800 USD to hire a professional jewelry photographer for one day.

So, instead of paying such a high photographer fee, you can just buy a jewelry photography lightbox from Picup Media and save yourselves a lot of money. The jewelry lightbox from Picup Media is extremely portable. Once you fit the reflector panel, it is closed therefore acting as a light tent, it comes with lights installed in the correct position, and hence it provides you with a good lighting setup. Its 360 product photography turntable and 360 product photography app also allows anyone to shoot studio-quality 360 product photography with just your smartphone. If you have any changes that you would like to make after shooting, you can simply use our photo retouching service. We can remove any fingerprints, dirt, and scratches.

Picup Media’s creative and innovative products and services can help you get amazing studio-quality photos and videos effortlessly without spending lots of money. Shop from Picup Media now and take your first step towards a successful online jewelry business.

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