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When it comes to taking studio quality photos of jewelry, it’s traditionally been an expensive process involving a professional photographer and studio setup. But thanks to the GemLightbox from Picup Media, you can now capture professional-grade images using your smartphone. Your images and videos are how you connect with potential customers online, so by using the GemLightbox and 360 Product Photography App, you can create images and videos that sell.

How does 360-degree product photography work?

How does 360-degree product photography work

Using a jewelry photography lightbox to photograph jewelry isn’t new. However, the GemLightbox from Picup Media is taking jewelry photography to a whole new level. Not only is this technology making it possible for amateur photographers to capture professional images and videos, but the add-on tech options such as the 360 product photography turntable and the 360 Product Photography App are changing jewelry product photography and eCommerce platforms.

It’s difficult to imagine that a product capable of giving such amazing results could be so easy to use, but the GemLightbox system is truly an all-in-one solution for a jewelry photoshoot. By integrating the jewelry lightbox with the product turntable, you can capture picture-perfect photos and videos of your jewelry. Ring photography, particularly engagement or wedding ring photography, is so important to get right and with a product turntable and the 360 Product Photography App, you can give potential buyers the ability to virtually examine each ring from every angle. Images of gemstones, earrings, and bracelets are equally brilliant when using the GemLightbox product photo booth. Pair the lightbox with the GemLightbox Turntable Aerial Set and you have a perfect studio setup for pendant photography, drop earring photography, and necklace photography.

360-degree product photography works for you in so many ways. Not only do you get studio-quality images and videos with just one click, but you can save time and money by concentrating on the other aspects of your business that you do best. You can enjoy the increased engagement and return on investment through social media platforms, and increase the amount of time any potential customers spend on your website. The ultimate goal is to sell jewelry, and quality jewelry product photography is the crucial first step in the process.

Can I take studio-quality photos and videos with a 360 product photography app?

The GemLightbox app
The GemLightbox App

Yes! Not only can you take studio-quality photos and videos with a 360 product photography app, you simply must! An online buyer is chiefly dependent on product visuals. If you’re not investing in product photography and web video, you’ll struggle to stay in the eCommerce race. Picup Media offers simple and easy-to-use jewelry photography solutions that will help you grow your online presence with minimal effort.

We understand how frustrating it can be to capture web-ready jewelry images whilst conveying the elegance and beauty of your pieces. Showcasing your jewelry display in a 360 video allows your buyers to examine your product from every angle. According to research, buyers are far more likely to add an item to their cart if they’ve seen a product video, and online jewelry vendors have claimed a 30% and 32% increase in sales and time spent on their websites, respectively.

How to take 360-degree product photos on your phone?

How to make jewelry sparkle in photos

Taking 360-degree product images or video on your mobile phone really is easy thanks to Picup Media. All you need is the GemLightbox along with the 360 product photography turntable and aerial set, and the 360 Product Photography App installed on your phone. Once you download and install the app, the magic starts to happen. Simply plug in the turntable platform or aerial set, place your chosen piece of jewelry into the lightbox and you’re ready to create a custom image for your web page and socials using just your smartphone! Ensure your Bluetooth is switched on and that the app has connected to the device. You can adjust the focus or brightness and zoom in to capture your piece to its maximum potential. And that’s it!

What if you already have a high-quality digital SLR camera? No problem, the GemLightbox is also compatible with a DSLR. However, we recommend you use your smartphone for online images and save your DSLR for catalog images. The 360 Product Photography App can only be used in conjunction with a smartphone.

Whilst the lighting and image resolution are largely taken care of thanks to the 360 Product Photography App, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to run a professional eye over things. Don’t freak out- Picup Media can help you here too! We offer photo retouching services with a fast turnaround time and at super reasonable prices. Simply share your images via a Dropbox link and sit back while we remove blemishes, scratches, and fingerprints. The result is a pixel-perfect jewelry image ready to share on your website and socials. Your products will be showcased at their optimum size, resolution, and balance, making your business look as professional online as you are in person.

Currently trusted and used by over 8000 jewelers worldwide, we can help your business too. If you need a quality product photography lighting kit look no further than the GemLightbox and the accompanying  360 product photography app from Picup Media.

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