Lightbox Photography

Lightbox photography is a boon to anyone who cannot afford an expensive jewelry photoshoot. Jewelry product photography has become so expensive in recent times that any new start-up or venture in the jewelry business has a hard time trying to find the right studio that they could afford. Such new online jewelry businesses or already established jewelry businesses can look into lightbox photography if they want to save huge chunks of money from entering into the expense part of their income statement.

What is lightbox photography?

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The GemLightbox Turntable set

Lightbox photography is making use of a mini studio called a lightbox that can fit on top of a table to capture stunning images and videos of small objects such as jewelry products. As the name states, a lightbox is a box inside which the jewelry product is placed. The sides of the box act as the backdrop and also ensure that there are no reflections. There are also lights installed inside the box so that the jewelry product at the center gets perfect lighting. Adjust your camera position and start clicking studio-quality images and videos at a fraction of the cost.

There are many lightboxes that you can find in the market, both online and offline. But they are used for a general-purpose. Picup Media’s jewelry lightbox is used specifically for jewelry products. Jewelry lighting is essential; hence the lightbox comes with lights that allow the perfect lighting to hit the product at the center. This ensures no reflection, and the mesmerizing beauty of the jewelry product is captured on camera. It has special lights that can be individually turned on/off if you require a sparkling effect for your gemstones. It also has two slots that provide front view and top view shots of the products.

This is also compatible with 360 product photography. Picup Media provides a 360 product photography turntable option, which can replace the product stand in the lightbox. Place the jewelry product on the turntable and connect it to the power source inside the lightbox. Place the camera at your preferred angle and position and with the help of a remote shutter-release, and shoot not just a stunning 360 product photo and but also an amazing 360 product video.

Is lightbox photography worth it?

Is lightbox photography worth it

If you are a jeweler and are looking to take your business online, you would need people to trust you enough to shop at your site. Generally, people do not trust what they do not see. Therefore, it is important to show your customers every minute detail about the jewelry product. The traditional way of doing this is by outsourcing this to a professional jewelry photography studio. But as explained before, this will set you back by thousands of dollars. Lightbox photography is a much affordable option than a studio. This also reduces your dependency on professional photographers. Thanks to lightbox photography, you can shoot amazing studio-quality photos and videos by yourself. If you do not have an expensive DSLR or lens, then that will not be an issue. With Picup Media’s lightbox, you can capture every detail and unique attribute of your jewelry product with just your smartphone. Simply download the 360 product photography app from google play store/ apple store. Once you have installed the app, it will take a few minutes to set it up. You can connect through Bluetooth and operate the turntable through your phone. Then place the phone on the stand provided with the lightbox and start shooting best in class images and videos.

After the jewelry photoshoot, if you see some fingerprints or dust on the jewelry product, don't worry. You can simply forward the pictures or videos to us. We provide a photo retouching service where our team of experts use editing software to remove fingerprints, scratches, or dust from the photos. We also choose the optimal background for your product, which makes it easier for the customer to notice the beauty of the product. This jewelry retouching process will take anywhere between 3 to 4 working days, and we will mail you the photos or videos once done. If you have doubts about this service, we offer one free image retouching service for first-time customers to show you that you have nothing to worry about. By the end of it, if you are not satisfied with the output for any reason, we offer free revisions until you are satisfied because your satisfaction is our top priority.

Apart from this, Picup Media also offers additional services such as hallmarking. We can also create different gold tones for your product like yellow, white, rose, etc. We also provide you with PSD or TIFF files, which can be used for designing purposes.

Gone are the days when expensive studios held a monopoly over jewelry photoshoot. With lightbox photography, anybody can shoot studio-quality photos and videos. So, order a lightbox from Picup Media now and get started on the journey of a successful online jewelry business. We offer various options for our lightbox to make sure that your lightbox photography experience is smooth, effective, and affordable.