Jewelry Photographers

Capturing good photos of jewelry is still a mystery for many, and that’s the reason Jewelry Photographers are in demand these days. Jewelry photography is considered tough because there are so many complications to it. One has to consider what background to use, what DSLR settings to apply, or what type of lenses are best to bring out the product's intricate details. These factors can seem daunting to a jeweler who wants to shoot some images or videos of his jewelry products; hence, he/she chooses to hire a jewelry photographer.

Jewelry photographers generally work in a studio with specialized equipment such as lights, reflectors, light tents, and highly-priced DSLRs to get the perfect studio-quality shot of the jewelry product.

Where to find Jewelry Photographers?

where to find jewelry photographers

If you are trying to find Jewelry Photographers, you can search online for freelance photographers or try to find a professional jewelry photography agency near you. If you don’t want to hire a freelancer or any jewelry photography agency near your place, you can browse online to find some professional jewelry photography service providers. Some of them have an online portfolio that you can check before availing of any of their services.

One of the pain points of using professional photographers' service is that whenever you wish to add a new jewelry product online, you would be at the mercy of their schedules. If they are too busy to work on your project, your business plans will have to be delayed. If you don’t want to depend on anyone and want to keep the jewelry photography in house rather than outsourcing it, then Picup Media is here to help.

With the help of products such as jewelry lightboxes and 360 product photography turntable, even a beginner would be able to capture studio-quality images and videos for their business.

How much does it cost to hire a jewelry photographer?

how much does it cost to hire jewelry photographers

Jewelry photography is a niche; therefore, jewelry photographers charge anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars per day for still images and more for 360 product photography. This is understandable given that all these jewelry photographers work with highly specialized equipment.

 If you do not want to spend thousands of dollars in hiring jewelry photographers, you can shop at Picup Media. Picup Media provides creative and innovative solutions to all your jewelry photography problems at affordable prices. Unlike hiring professionals, which is a recurring charge every time you want to add any new product, buying from Picup Media is a one-time charge that can take care of all your photography needs and help you produce studio-quality images and videos. Check out Picup Media right now to check out our products available at affordable prices.

The best part about Picup Media’s products is that it is not only for professionals, but even beginners can benefit a lot from this service. The lightboxes come with pre-installed lights that can be turned on with just a flick of the switch. The lights are placed at a precise angle such that enough light falls on the jewelry piece placed in the center. You also get a reflector panel that you can easily attach horizontally or vertically according to your needs. If you choose to opt for the 360 product photography turntable set, you can capture 360 product photos and videos to improve sales conversion and customer satisfaction by providing them with a more immersive experience while shopping at your website. Picup Media understands that not everyone can shoot with a DSLR or might not be interested in spending lots of money to buy one in the first place, which is why we also offer a 360 product photography app that is capable of capturing pixel-perfect 360 product photos and videos. The lightbox cannot get any easier to use. Simply connect it to a power source and place the jewelry piece at the center on a turntable and let the product rotate. Place your smartphone on the provided stand, start shooting images, record a video, and get stunning results. This Lightbox can be used for all types of jewelry, from earring photography, ring photography to necklace photography. So, without any pricey equipment like those that jewelry photographers use, you can still get studio-quality photos and videos.

If you want to further enhance the quality of the image or video, you can simply make use of our photo retouching service. We have a team of experts who will remove any fingerprints or scratches and change the metal tone if needed to give you a truly studio-quality result. We take around 3 days to complete the retouching process and deliver the output. If you are not satisfied with the result, we also offer free revision until you are satisfied.

We currently serve more than 5000 customers globally, so don’t waste money on jewelry photographers. Shop from us and become a jewelry photographer yourself with our easy-to-use products and services.

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