360 Product Photography

360 Product Photography is a technique in which a series of photographs are taken of a product that rotates on a single plane. These photographs can later be combined to produce an interactive animation that gives an impression as if the product is rotating. E-commerce websites can later use these to give their users a more realistic product experience than still images. This is a proven technique to increase sales conversions and lower the return of unwanted goods.

With a growing number of businesses shifting their business online, 360 Degree Product Photography has also gained prominence. But in the case of some businesses, this can become tricky; photos might lack detail or might not be perfect enough to reflect the elegance of the actual product. This problem is rampant in the jewelry business because customers want to look at even tiny details of the product such as color, design, etc. This is where Picup Media comes in. Picup Media provides creative and innovative solutions to jewelers to obtain pixel-perfect images and videos. Thus, enabling them to have a successful online business.

How to Shoot 360 Product Photography?

Generally, 360 Product Photography can seem tiring, but thanks to the resources provided by Picup Media such as the 360 Product Photography Turntable and 360 Product Photography App it becomes pretty easy. Apart from the turntable, you will also need some equipment like a camera, tripod, lights, and remote shutter release.

The GemLightbox Turntable Kit

Once you have the equipment ready and appropriate background, place the product on the 360 Product Photography Turntable and adjust the camera’s shutter speed with the speed of the turntable. Make sure your Camera is incredibly still to get better images. If you don’t want to invest in a camera, then Picup Media also provides you with a 360 Product Photography App, which can be installed on your phone. This can be used to adjust the camera setting on your phone so that you get an optimal studio-quality image of the product. Finally, you can look at the output through a 360 Degree photo viewer software, combining all the individual photographs into one final 360 Degree Photo.

360 Product Photography also requires editing the photos to enhance the details and quality further, thereby increasing your chances of a sales conversion. Picup Media provides a photo retouching service wherein they carefully change the background of the image and remove any fingerprints, dust, or scratches of the product. Then diamonds and gemstones are sharpened and cleaned up to show maximum scintillation and beautiful facets, and finally, the image is cropped such that the product lies at the center of the image. This would truly provide you with studio-quality and pixel-perfect pictures. This whole process is completed and delivered to the customer in 3 days. Picup Media also allows a free trial for first-time users of this service.

Lightbox photography can increase sales by capturing stunning 360 product images and 360 product videos. The Picup Media lightbox, 360 Product Photography Turntable, and 360 Product Photography App, along with our jewelry retouching services can make 360 Degree Product Photography seamless and simple for any product like a necklace, earring, or wedding ring.

How Much Does 360 Product Photography Cost?

360 Product Photography is considered to require specialized equipment and software, which many people might not have, and hence they approach studios. These studios charge around $1600 per day for 360 images. This amount can be considerably reduced while using products from Picup Media. If you are a beginner, you can also download the guides on jewelry 360 Product Photography and social media hacks, making your pictures and videos seem as if they were taken in a studio.

360 product photography

Finally, you have captured the perfect image required for your business through Picup Media’s 360 Product Photography accessories, but you still require something more. Not to worry, Picup Media has got that covered too. With its additional services such as hallmarking, you can provide your logo and be hallmarked into all your jewelry. This provides you with a distinguished output that cannot be plagiarized and used by other sellers. Suppose you feel that an image does not reflect the color of the actual product, you can simply make use of Picup Media’s Metal Manipulation service in which they can change the color of your products to any gold-tone such as yellow, white, rose, or silver, and lastly, Picup Media also allows you to download PSD/TIFF files of your images which you can use later for design purposes.

360 product photography for jewelers has never been simpler thanks to Picup Media. It has truly enabled jewelers to succeed in the digital platform. With its 360-product photography turntable and 360 product photography app, anyone can get studio quality photos at a much lower price than what an actual studio would charge. In case you are not satisfied with the work. Picup Media will revise any image 100% free of cost until you are completely satisfied with the result because Picup Media considers your satisfaction the top priority.

Picup Media has helped over 5000 jewelry businesses globally with their 360-degree product photography and has given them a competitive edge over their competitors. So, wait no more, partner now with Picup Media for a hassle-free entry into the online digital platform and start growing your business.