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What is GemLightbox Pro, the Jewelry Industry’s Hidden Gem

GemLightbox Pro Packaging
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It’s out! The hidden gem of the jewelry industry is not one of those exotic gemstones unearthed in some far-away crystal paradise. Rather an evolution of what many have called, a game-changer. The GemLightbox Pro is GemLightbox re-imagined. Packed with more features and added functionality you won’t find in other jewelry lightboxes.

Join me as we unpack the GemLightbox Pro straight from the box.

GemLightbox Pro The Jewelry Industrys Hidden Gem

What to Love: The GemLightbox Pro Features

The GemLightbox Pro is the world’s first AI-powered jewelry lightbox that allows you to capture high-quality jewelry images and videos effortlessly using only a smartphone. You may think it works just the same as the old GemLightbox but don’t dismiss it quickly. While the Pro stays true to simplicity, it also comes packed with built-in features you won’t find from the old version.

Adjustable Lighting Technology

The Pro comes with two add-on lights—yellow and Sparkles.

Yellow, with a mid-range color temperature (3500K) mimics a natural sunlight environment. This light works best for rubies, emeralds, sapphires, opals, and other stones that require a yellow light to bring out their true colors.

GemLightbox Pro adjustable lighting

On the other hand, Sparkles Light, with a higher color temperature (5500K), brings out your diamonds‘ natural sparkles without damaging the nature of the stone. Sparkles is a direct light source that’s perfect for highlighting natural fires and scintillation.

Built-In Aerial Turntable

While the old GemLightbox allows you to purchase the Aerial Turntable separately, the GemLightbox Pro has now eliminated that extra purchase with this new built-in design.

Built-in Aerial Turntable

The Aerial Turntable allows you to take 360 videos of necklaces, watches, pendants, and dangling earrings as they hang from the jewelry holder. This design lets your prospective buyers view your jewelry pieces from a more pleasing angle.

Built-In Base Turntable

If hanging is not your thing, lay your jewelry pieces flat on the built-in base turntable. This turntable lets you capture 360-degree videos of rings, earrings, and other pieces that you’d rather capture laying flat on the base.

GemLightbox Pro built-in base turntable

Plug and Play

If you think you’re not tech-savvy for this, think again. The GemLightbox Pro requires no complicated setup, making it an excellent device for just anyone in your business. Simply plug and play and you’re ready to go.

Plug and Play setup

What’s in the Box: The GemLightbox Pro Accessories

The GemLightbox Pro includes a dose of accessories to ensure that your jewelry photography session comes without those little annoyances that interrupt your creative flow.

  • Adjustable yellow light and Sparkles light
  • Smartphone holder
  • Universal power adapter
  • Necklace stand
  • 4X T-Bar earrings holder

Let’s Seal the Deal!

When we said ‘rei-imagined,’ we meant it. The new GemLightbox Pro is not only bigger and faster but also more powerful.

The Burst Mode Feature

A stunning jewelry photo in one click is impressive but how about we make it four photos in one click? We took our one-click photography approach to another level with the new Burst Mode.

Burst Mode allows you to take four photos of your jewelry pieces and one 360-degree video, all in just one click! This mode of automation comes in handy for jewelers who are photographing big volumes of jewelry inventory and practically, just anyone because who doesn’t want to save time, right?

GemLightbox Pro Burst Mode

With just a click on your smartphone camera, the Pro captures jewelry photos from four different angles which makes it such a powerhouse feature for jewelers who are constantly needing a variety of photos for product listings.

The Burst Mode allows you to flex your authority in the aspect of product presentation online while showing your customers that you understand what they need. And what they need are multiple product photos to acquire as much visual information as possible, about your products.

Reinforce with AI-Powered Tools

Why settle when you can have more?

automated jewelry description writing tool

The GemLightbox Pro offers you an opportunity to access our AI-powered tools by choosing the GemLightbox Pro x Jewelry Hub Bundle Plan. This Bundle Plan gives you one GemLightbox Pro device and full access to our Jewelry Hub software where you can use our AI-powered jewelry catalog maker, AI Background removal, AI photo retouching, and an automated jewelry description-writing tool, among many others.

We Want to Hear From You!

In the next article, we will show you how to photograph jewelry pieces using the GemLightbox Pro, so stay tuned and see you on the next blog.

Curious about how the GemLightbox Pro can help your jewelry business? Our team of experts is available when you are. Contact us and let’s guide you through your journey in the digital world!

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