Product Photo Booth

A product photo booth has become an essential part of product photography. The product photographs are later used for advertisement purposes on e-commerce websites. These pictures or videos act as proof of the product's quality, which plays a major role in the customer’s buying decision. A product photo booth is also called a product photo box or a lightbox. Though lightbox photography can be used for any small-sized product, it has the most impact on jewelry photography.

How does a product photo booth work?

A product photo booth is a simple box that has LED lights that can mimic studio lighting. They were fitted inside in such a way that adequate light hits the center. The walls act as light tents and help reflect the light onto the product. This is how a basic product photo booth functions. Some lightboxes have additional specifications designed for the photography needs it caters to.

If you are looking for a jewelry photoshoot then Picup Media’s lightbox is an innovative solution to improve your jewelry photography experience. This jewelry lightbox has additional lighting options. For example, the daylight option simulates natural lighting conditions and creates a well-lit environment. The sparkle lights are optional and are mostly turned on when dealing with gemstones. This adds a sparkling effect to the jewelry and can be operated by an independent switch.  It also has a reflector panel, which can be fit on the front to redirect the light onto the product. Its dimensions are small enough, allowing the lightbox to sit comfortably on top of a table and be easily moved around if needed. It also comes with a warranty period. Once ordered, we take anywhere between 4 to 10 business days to deliver it to your address. If there are some problems with the order, we also issue either a refund or a return. Visit Picup Media’s website for more information.

Jewelry Light Box
The GemLightbox

Once the product photo box is delivered, connect it to a power source. Our universal adapter ensures that the product photo booth will work anywhere in the world. Once done, you can see it light up. Then you can place the product at the center of the box on the product stand and start the photoshoot. The differentiating factor for Picup Media’s product photo booth is that it also supports 360 product photography. We have lightbox options that come with a turntable, but if you have already bought the standalone box, you can get yourself a 360 product turntable separately. Connect it to the lightbox and place the jewelry product on the turntable. Once you see it rotating, you can start clicking multiple pictures with your camera. Make sure to use a tripod so that there is no shaking, as it might cause the photos and videos to appear blurred. Once done, you can stitch the images up using software and get an animation that allows you to view the product from all directions. This will give your customers a much more immersive experience and help you get a sale.

If you are a beginner and don’t have much idea about photography, jewelry lighting, and camera settings, there's nothing to worry about. The lightbox takes care of most things with its lighting options. You can also shoot studio-quality photos and videos with your smartphone camera. Just download the 360 product photography app on your phone, and once you set it up, you are good to shoot.

Should you invest in a product photo booth?

Should you invest in a product photo booth

In this VUCA world, information is everything. A customer who visits your online jewelry store won’t be comfortable buying until he has a clear idea about what he is buying. There are very few things in the digital platform that can give them that experience, and jewelry product photography is one of them. The sharper the pictures, the more product information it conveys to your customers, and the more they begin to trust you. This is why jewelers don’t mind spending thousands of dollars in studio fees to get the best in class photos or videos. There is no problem with studios, but the thing to understand is with such great expenses, forget about profits even attaining breakeven might take a long time.

So, if you are looking for an affordable alternative, Picup Media’s product photo booth is the best solution for you. With just a small one-time investment, you will be able to attain breakeven in a much shorter period and will be able to enjoy profits soon enough.

Apart from the product photo box, we also offer photo retouching services. Our team of experts can further enhance your photos and videos by removing any fingerprints or dust on the product. We can also change the background and crop the image, so the jewelry product is highlighted. It will take us 3 to 4 days to deliver the final output, and if you are not satisfied, we provide free revisions until you are delighted. We also offer hallmarking services where we hallmark your logo onto the product in the image and color-changing services where we change the gold tone to rose, yellow, etc.

So think no more. If you are tired of being dependent on expensive studios, then get a product photo booth from Picup Media and start shooting studio-quality photos and videos by yourself.