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Three Key Advantages of White Background Images!

White background images like this highlight the facets of gemstones
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Never underestimate the selling power of white background images.

Whether you are building a web page, making jewelry sales, or wanting to increase your social presence in the online world, every jewelry image that comes into existence makes an enormous difference. When selling online, this enormous difference could make or break your jewelry business. For instance, 75% of online shoppers revealed that product images are the key deciding factor whether they would buy online or otherwise. This figure shows that your sales are dependent on the quality of your jewelry images because it is only through it that online shoppers would be able to examine the product before purchasing.

Given this knowledge and if you’re still unsure whether you should just wing it when it comes to photographing your jewelry products, here are the three key advantages of white background photography. After all, a white background does the job. Why else would eBay and Amazon make it a product image requirement if it doesn’t?

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Three Key Advantages of White Background Images

A clean white background jewelry image has a fundamental purpose. Although not all jewelers might be aware, this type of photography can very well set the tone of your photo and dictate the result of your sales goal. Read below!

1. It doesn’t distract potential buyers

advantages of white background images

Plain white background images can immediately attract the curious eyes of every potential buyer and keep them focused on your jewelry piece because of its non-distracting background.

It will showcase the design of your jewelry piece and artistry. Such an emphasis will attract and entice even those buyers who might be looking for a different design and might add traffic to your website solely for the clarity of your visual presentation. Online shoppers are often challenged by the lack of ability to feel and touch the products when shopping online; however, a white background jewelry image can very well counter this challenge because it allows a clear presentation that invites buyers to examine it further.

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2. Professional-quality white background images elicit positive responses from potential buyers

white background gemlightbox jewelry image
Captured using the GemLightbox and a smartphone (no retouching done)

Clean white background images can elicit positive responses from potential shoppers, especially when captured with a studio-quality result. For instance, the sample jewelry image of the ring above was captured using the GemLightbox and an iPhone only, yet potential buyers are drawn to it because of its clean, sophisticated, and professional finish. It enables them to examine the face/crown of the ring without added props that may snatch their attention away from making a purchase.

3. It boosts sales

boost your sales with white background jewelry photos

Aside from elevating the visual appearance of your jewelry website, it will also boost your sales. The clean white background will enhance the look of your jewelry pieces and set its own scene through the eyes of potential buyers. The level of improvement that a white background image could do to your sales goal matters. For instance, eBay claimed that “better photo quality are 5% more likely to sell. And when you check eBay’s product photo requirements, you’ll see that they do not recommend anything that might distract potential buyers from purchasing.

In addition, did you know that people remember 80% of the things they see and only 10% of the things they read? This statistic signifies the importance of professional-quality images as it will also increase brand recall.

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How to Achieve Professional-Quality White Background Images?

There are many ways to achieve studio-quality white background images. You can photograph jewelry at home using some of the props outlined in this post, follow these white background photography tips or if you don’t have the time, you can hire a professional jewelry photo retouching expert.

Picup Media specializes in different photo retouching services designed to give your jewelry images the perfect touch that could help boost your sales. Photo editing is among the biggest product photography challenges in online jewelry selling, but this doesn’t mean that you’ll just have to settle for mediocre product images.

With Picup Media, it will only cost you $5 per photo. It’s just a small investment but could mean an income-generating investment for you. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand sales, and in today’s highly visual world, poor product photography may not earn a single click.

Take advantage of our free trial today. Submit your sample jewelry image by clicking the link (or the link below) for a free photo retouching service and see for yourself!

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