Over 75% of online sales are lost due to poor Jewelry Retouching.

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What we do to each image:

  • Remove background
  • Center the item
  • Back shank replacement
  • Clean up, shine and sparkle

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do we ensure your images come back perfect?

    PicUp Media has worked with more than 2000 retailers and brands. We have worked closely with each client to ensure that their requirements are met while also bringing in our extensive knowledge base on ecommerce. Our online photo editors and photo enhances know exactly the right background for your image, the right dimension and size, the shadows and the right alignment to attract your potential buyers.

  • What’s the best finish for my jewelry pieces?

    Our standard PicUp Media treatment returns the completed images in white background with shadows. This is the most common finish for E-commerce as reflections may distract the beauty of the jewellery piece.
    Reflections are usually used for banners or front page feature areas.
    Note: Many modern websites now prefer no shadows or reflections which creates a floating look.

  • How do you ensure the gold tones are correct?

    Over the years we have developed custom workflows and programs that match the hues and color profiles of metals when we do retouching. This ensures the color of your metal are always correct.

  • Why do I need Jewelry Retouching

    Over 75% of sales are lost due to poor images. Your description takes up 10 – 15% of your product page. Your images take up a good 30-40% and is also the most visual element of the website.
    Your customers spend 70% of the time looking through the images as jewelry are highly visual products.
    Imagine yourself as your customer, looking through un-retouched images with scratches, dirt and fingerprints.. Is this what you want to show them?

  • What does Jewelry photo editing do?

    It is very unlikely that you will be able to capture the sharpness, colours, brightness, levels and clarity of metals and gemstones in one image. With jewelry retouching we can adjust all these elements individually bringing you a final image that truly reflects the beauty of your item. Further, it is impossible to capture your items without the dust, fingerprints and small pieces of unwanted dirt and grit. We fix and remove all this during the jewelry retouching process.

  • What we do to each image?

    Clip onto white background with natural shadows

    • Retouching to studio quality
    • Scratch dust and blemish removal
    • Straighten align and crop
    • Back shanks replaced and redrawn as necessary
    • All other necessary enhancements

  • What kind of jewelry do you work with?

    We provide jewelry photo retouching services for any product at any complexity level.
    We work with all jewelry from precious stones and metals to lower end costume jewelry with and without gemstones.

    Jewelry photos require intense Photoshop manipulations: blemishes removal, color correction, redrawing of certain parts that have been captured with undesirable reflections, adding new shadows, reflections and overall sharpening of the image. Our retouching experience in this industry makes it possible for us to retouch any piece of any complexity.

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