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A Recap of the Original Miami Beach Antique Show 2020

original miami beach antique show 2020 recap
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Proving that there’s more to the Magic City of Miami other than its white sand beaches, the Original Miami Beach Antique Show (OMBAS) 2020 recently concluded its five-day veritable treasure hunt. The show, which was held from 4-8 January at the Miami Beach Convention Center, was nothing short of spectacular as over 700 recognized dealers from more than 30 countries graced the event and showcased a treasure trove of one-of-a-kind finds. Meanwhile, thousands of attendees zigzagged through columns where vintage jewelry pieces, watches, furniture, handbags, home décor, and artworks awaited them.

4 Reasons to See the Original Miami Beach Antique Show 2020

Here are 4 reasons why you should attend the Original Miami Beach Antique Show 2020. Click the link and read on!

Picup Media at #OMBAS

Picup Media is not one to miss any of the industry’s big exhibition events. This year, the Picup Media team joined hundreds of recognized dealers to bring a revolutionary jewelry photography experience to OMBAS’s attendees.

Recap of the Original Miami Beach Antique Show 2020
The Picup Media team at the Original Miami Beach Antique Show 2020

Staying true to its goal of providing creative and innovative solutions to jewelers at every level, Picup Media once again brought the GemLightbox to the frontline to demonstrate the fact that jewelry photography doesn’t have to be frustrating all the time. With this all-in-one solution, exhibitors and jewelers alike were able to see for themselves that studio-quality jewelry photos and 360 videos are just a click away.

Check out some of the jewelry photos we took at the show using the GemLightbox and a smartphone.

Original Miami Beach Antique Show 2020 Donald E Gruenberg Inc
Donald E. Gruenberg Inc.
OMBAS David Sterner Antiques
David Sterner Antiques
OMBAS Push Kim Antiques
Push Kim Antiques
OMBAS Camilla Dietz Bergeron Ltd
Camilla Dietz Bergeron, Ltd
OMBAS Earth Pebbles
Earth Pebbles
Reverie NYC
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The Miami Beach Antique Show 2020: An Event Like No Other

Overall, the OMBAS was planned meticulously and it turned out to be a spectacular experience for exhibitors and attendees alike. The Jewelry History Series was educative while the organized custom educational tours by field experts truly elevated the exhibition experience as experts discussed the role that antique jewelry, arts, and other pieces played in their respective eras.

It’s treasure hunting, shopping, and learning all rolled into one!

Watch our video below to see how the GemLightbox worked for the exhibitors.

See you all at the Original Miami Beach Antique Show 2021!

Picup Media Family
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