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4 Reasons to See the Original Miami Beach Antique Show 2020

The Original Miami Beach Antique Show 2020
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The Original Miami Beach Antique Show 2020 is on and there’s no more regal way to usher in the new year than to be surrounded by highly sought-after antique jewelry pieces, furniture, artworks, and more!

There’s definitely more to Miami other than its gorgeous white sand beaches. If you’re a jeweler that sells vintage jewelry pieces, an avid antique enthusiast, or an antiquarian, head over to the Miami Beach Convention Center from January 4 to January 8, 2020, and soak in the pleasure and treasure of all things beautiful and rare. 

Still not convinced? Here are four reasons why you should definitely extend your vacation in the magic city of Miami.

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4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss The Original Miami Beach Antique Show 2020

1. A treasure trove of rarity

original miami beach antique show 2020

Explore the entire show floor and be amazed by the treasure trove of jewelry and watches, home decor, furniture, accessories, and artworks from different periods. The show will also present highly coveted pieces from world-renowned authorities in the industry like Andy Warhol, Patek Philippe, Cartier, Hermes, Rolex, David Webb, and more.

2. You don’t need to be a historian to understand jewelry

You don't need to be a historian to understand jewelry

The Jewelry History Series continues as the Original Miami Beach Antique Show 2020 once again leads the education initiative in collaboration with the Series organizers.

The Jewelry History Series is a program that every attendee should not miss as it provides foundational knowledge that is useful and strategic when shopping on the show floor. The Series presents venerable historians and jewelry experts to tackle various topics such as The Jewelry and Art of Frida Kahlo and How to Understand Jewelry Like a Historian, just to name a few. 

Additionally, the program organizers built its content based on feedback from their previous programs together with the hottest industry trends; hence, attendees can expect nothing short of a satisfying and educative jewelry experience.

3. Shop and tour through the eras

tour through eras - antique jewelry

How exciting it is to gain a valuable learning experience while shopping! The Original Miami Beach Antique Show 2020 has ensured an elevated experience for all attendees by organizing custom educational tours guided by field experts. These tours will allow attendees to understand the role that jewelry, art, and antique furniture played in their respective eras.

And to keep that excitement going, these educational tours are free!

4. Take advantage of the complimentary Appraisal Day

The original miami beach antique show 2020 - appraisal day

Fancy a chance to consign your item with Skinner Auctioneers? 

Skinner Auctioneers, known for its record-breaking prices in the global auction industry, will provide a complimentary verbal valuation and an opportunity to consign your most-prized pieces with them. If Skinner Auctioneer is on your bucket list this year, this is your chance. 

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Catch Picup Media at the Original Miami Beach Antique Show 2020 and see the GemLightbox at work!

GemLightbox at the Original Miami Beach Antique Show 2020
The GemLighbox with Aerial is your all-in-one jewelry photography solution

Vintage jewelry pieces are valuable because they reflect the taste of every period in history. When you sell expensive antique jewelry, you’re not only selling a piece of adornment, you’re also selling its vibrant history. 

But how can you sell this history in photos? 

This year, the GemLightbox is exhibiting at the Original Miami Beach Antique Show 2020. Come, meet us and see our all-in-one jewelry photography solution at work – every brilliant stone, prong, and intricacy will be captured and highlighted. 

Join us and let’s make history together!

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