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Master Black Background Photography with GemLightbox Eclipse

Black background photography using GemLightbox Eclipse
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Do you want to try black background photography but unsure how to go about executing it?

Choosing the right background for jewelry photography is crucial in ensuring a high-value representation of your products. Different backgrounds communicate different moods and tones and affect the overall appearance of the jewelry you’re photographing—its colors, metals, and sparkles. For this reason, a badly chosen background could easily derail your product messaging.

While white remains the commonly preferred product background, especially by major e-commerce sites like Amazon and eBay, this preference should not limit your creativity in product communication on social media. There are many jewelry backgrounds to choose from, depending on your sales and marketing purpose, because slowly, the trend for product photography backgrounds is changing.

Next to white, black is the second most preferred among jewelers. And why not? If backgrounds can influence the buyers’ perception of the product, then black background photography in the jewelry category should be one of the most influential. After all, black signifies exactly what jewelry communicates—luxury.

Despite its complementary characteristics, some jewelers remain reluctant to try to photograph on a black background. There are many reasons for it, including their lack of tools to execute it but no more as resounding as the complexity they have to overcome to produce a quality outcome.


But is it, really?

This post will demonstrate how jewelers can photograph jewelry products on a black background in one click using GemLightbox Eclipse and your smartphone.

Read on to learn more.

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What is crystal opal?

For this black background photography tutorial, we will shoot a crystal opal with GemLightbox Eclipse and an iPhone XS.

Crystal opal is any opal with a translucent, semi-translucent, or transparent body. Its diaphanous texture enables light to pass through the stone and allows you to see through it. Crystal opal exhibits an excellent play of color more vibrant than opaque opals. For this structure, clarity, and transparency, crystal opals have a higher value than their opaque counterpart.

How to Photograph Crystal Opal on a Black Background with GemLightbox Eclipse

Devices and tools used:

If this is your first time using GemLightbox Eclipse, or you are curious about how to set it up, click the link above for the complete GemLightbox Eclipse set-up guide.

Step 1. Remove the front reflector cover and the original turntable cover.

Remove the front reflector cover

After switching on the GemLightbox, remove the front reflector cover and the original white turntable cover. Then, replace the original turntable cover with Eclipse.

The inside of your GemLightbox should look like this.

Put Eclipse on top of the turntable

Ensure that Eclipse is locked in place to prevent the crystal opal from wobbling once you place it on top.

Step 2. Place the crystal opal in the center of the GemLightbox.

Place the opal in the center of GemLightbox

Next, place the crystal opal inside the GemLightbox. Ensure that the gem is centered so it won’t move away from the center when the turntable rotates when you shoot the video.

You may also use any reusable putty-like adhesive like Blu tack to hold the gem in place. If you’re doing this, make sure to use a tiny amount only, so it’s not visible in the photo or video. You may also retouch it afterward if it bothers you so much.

Put back the front reflector cover once you’re all set.

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Step 3. Place your smartphone in front and open the GemLightbox app.

Place your smartphone in front and open the GemLightbox app

Then, position your smartphone and open the GemLightbox app.

After connecting to Bluetooth, open the camera to capture crystal opal images on a black background, or switch to video mode for 360 videos.

black background photography with GemLightbox Eclipse

From here, make your desired adjustments. Tap to focus, zoom in, or adjust the brightness level if necessary.

Step 4. Finally, click to capture!

Click to capture black background photography with Eclipse

When you’re ready, click to capture!

Don’t forget to hit ‘save’ to save your videos and images to the gallery. Unless you used a visible putty in the video or image, you don’t need to retouch them anymore. You can directly post them to your social media accounts, e-mail them directly to your clients, or post them on your web store.

Crystal Opal Black Background Photography

While photo works, capturing a video of crystal opal is the most ideal as it shows its beautiful play of colors in every rotation—a characteristic that no photos can showcase to your buyers.

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You can watch the full demonstration of black background photography using GemLightbox Eclipse below.

Are you ready to try black background photography?

You see, black background photography doesn’t have to be complex and difficult. All it takes is for you to have the right tools and equipment. If capturing photos and videos is a significant part of your online retail business, investing in an easy-to-use device has many advantages.

Your lack of technical know-how shouldn’t be a hindrance in making sales. Contact us now to learn more about GemLightbox Eclipse!

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