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How to Sell Jewelry for Father’s Day

How to sell jewelry for father's day
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Father’s Day, the day when neckties, belts, socks, and tools sell the most. Ah, the stereotypes! On this special day, show your customers equally, if not more, meaningful alternatives to stereotypical gifts. For instance, jewelry for Father’s Day has never been the top-of-mind alternative, but did you know that with the growing acceptance of jewelry among men, there has been a remarkable increase in the purchases of men’s jewelry?

It’s time to have a turn! But first, let’s have some trivia.

How Did the Father’s Day Celebration Begin?

The first attempt to honor all fathers began on July 5, 1908. Grace Golden Clayton, the daughter of a minister, proposed the said celebration, to which the West Virginia church abided by sponsoring the event in honor of the 362 men who died the previous year from the Monongah mining explosion, America’s worst mining disaster in history. However, at that time, the event was just a one-time commemoration.

The following year, another woman named Sonora Smart Dodd from Spokane, Washington, tried to establish a celebration equivalent to Mother’s Day. Having been raised by a widower together with her five siblings, Sonora went to local churches and other organizations and establishments to rally support for her idea.

Fortunately, Sonora’s effort paid off. On June 19, 1910, the nation had its first Father’s Day celebration.

The acceptance for celebration was gradual as it didn’t have the same sentimental appeal as Mother’s Day. Additionally, men didn’t like the idea, believing that it’s a way to domesticate manliness; however, the change was inevitable. In 1924, President Calvin Coolidge urged Americans and state governments to observe Father’s Day for two reasons: First, to establish and develop intimate relationships between fathers and children, and second, to impress upon fathers the weight of their obligations.

To date, the world continues to observe Father’s Day mostly on the third Sunday of June, though the date may vary in some countries.

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A lot has changed since the first Father’s Day celebration. As society evolves so do their roles and so it has more become a day to celebrate the things they love doing. For instance, fishing or sports, among many other things. Needless to say, the means to honor all the fathers have also evolved. While stereotypical gifts still stand, the gift industry is no longer restricted to these. Men, for the past 10 or 20 years, have also changed, or should we say, have gone back to where they started?

It’s not hidden from our knowledge that jewelry is not one of those common choices when it comes to Father’s Day gifts because society has made us believed that jewelry is proverbially a female domain. However, if you look back, you’ll see portraits of noblemen in early history donning ornate bejeweled clothing complete with heavy jewelry pieces.

Nowadays, you see this coming back. If you follow the cultural shift, you’ll see that more and more men are becoming more interested in decorative pieces than watches.

This expansion in men’s preferences and style should reflect in your Father’s Day campaign if you want to sell more jewelry this season.

So, let’s begin!

How to Sell Jewelry for Father’s Day

1. Target women

To sell more jewelry for father's day target women

Studies have shown that women are better at selecting gifts for men. The idea that women put more effort into selecting gifts comes from the notion that they are more interested in interpersonal relationships and issues. This interest translates into becoming better gift-givers. Additionally, a study showed that men react more negatively to bad gifts; hence, women are inclined to be better at it to avoid consequences.

As a jeweler, you should ensure that your Father’s Day ads, may it be online or offline, target women in men’s lives. It could be their daughters or partners who would put in the effort to make the men in their lives feel seen on their special day.

Position your ads strategically so that they won’t get lost and die in the noise of the wrong demographic.

2. Create a Father’s Day gift guide

Create a Father's Day gift guide
Source: Kay Jewelers

Similar to other celebration campaigns, you would never go wrong with a Gift Guide.

With so many choices available on the internet right now, choosing the right gift for their loved ones could be overwhelming for many. Thus, a well-curated Jewelry for Father’s Day Gift Guide would surely be appreciated as it would help them narrow down their options to only the best jewelry gifts.

For the best browsing experience, you can also categorize your gift guides by prizes or type. For example, Kay Jewelers offers jewelry gifts under $250, under $500, and under $100. This categorization makes the selection process less time-consuming but with a high-quality outcome.

When creating a gift guide, don’t forget to use relevant keywords for customers to find your page easily.

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3. Start with your email campaigns as early as possible

email campaign to sell jewelry for father's day

With social media becoming toxic these days, it’s possible that some of your customers may not be on those platforms; hence, an email campaign would be the right fit for them.

As we’ve mentioned previously, emails are important because they remain to be one of the most effective marketing channels. In fact, email engagement has recorded a significant increase over the last 12 months. They are cost-effective, more personal, and a good avenue for establishing top-of-mind brand awareness.

When sending emails, make sure that you send them only to your target customers and in accordance with their past consumer behavior. Further, don’t forget to add a compelling call-to-action to guide them on what you want them to do next. Be consistent. Keep it short and be purposeful.

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4. Offer suggestions and make it diverse

provide jewelry options and suggestions

As stated at the outset, men’s style and preferences are evolving. While watches are still preferred, men are also becoming more and more interested in other decorative pieces. If this is something you offer, make it known to your customers so they don’t have to limit themselves to the more obvious choices.

As much as possible, offer diverse product suggestions. These suggestions may include:

  • Stainless steel bracelets
  • Smartwatches
  • Symbolic jewelry
  • boxed sets
  • beaded jewelry
  • Personalized jewelry
  • Chains
  • Cufflinks

Notice the way metals are highlighted. This is because the designs for men, particularly the metals used, are different from women’s. For instance, tungsten is a popular choice when it comes to men’s bands. It is durable, non-conventional, but stylish at the same time.

As men move away from traditional styles, so should you in order to keep up with their changing preferences.

5. Gamify it!

Gamify your father's day campaign

Create reasons for your customers to come back to your website by gamification.

Gamification increases customers’ engagement with your brand every time they interact with you through your games. One way of gamifying your campaign is by adding a wheel of fortune where customers can spin the wheel to win prizes.

Your prizes don’t have to be expensive since the purpose of your campaign is to make the celebration fun and interactive for everyone. You can leave the wheel on for a week if you plan to launch a week-long Father’s Day celebration and have one winner every day.

Remember, you can choose any game you want but don’t forget to focus the activity on Father’s Day. This way, you get to align your tasks with your goal and achieve the right outcome.

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This Father’s Day, Break Out of the Norm!

How are you preparing your jewelry store for Father’s Day? Let us know in the comment section below!

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