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5 Video Marketing Trends Every Jeweler Must Know

5 Video Marketing Trends to Guide Your Online Jewelry Business
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Are you keeping abreast of the latest video marketing trends?

This year, learn how to set your jewelry business apart from the competition by amping up your video marketing strategy. Follow along as we give you the hottest in today’s video marketing world!

What’s Video Marketing?

Video marketing uses videos to promote your products, educate, inspire, entertain, and engage with your target consumers. Unlike texts, videos are more memorable because our brains process visuals faster than texts. In fact, research conducted by 3M, a company that discovered Post-It Notes, revealed that humans process visuals 60,000 times faster than texts. Such discovery means that you can convey more information with one image or video than a lengthy text.

Knowing the power of visuals, it’s no wonder why 84% of consumers felt convinced to buy a product after watching a video of the product or service. After all, you can’t convince consumers to buy something they have not fully understood, and so the videos resolve whatever gap in understanding there may be.

Why Use Videos?

There are many reasons why video content marketing is powerful and important. Below, we list a few of the reasons to get you to pay attention to the trends.

  • Videos help explain your products/services to the consumers. According to Wyzowl, one of the world’s leading animated explainer video platforms, 95% of video marketers have felt an increased understanding of their products when using videos.
  • When done right, videos can increase your conversion rate and sales. In the same study by Wyzowl, 88% of video marketers have reported a positive ROI.
  • You’d be a Google darling! According to Woovly, a web-based animation software, you’re 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google if you have videos on your website.
  • You can easily attract mobile users. Not only are your customers shopping on mobile; they’re also watching videos on mobile! According to statistics, 78% of users use their mobile devices for watching videos.
  • Videos can boost your social media presence. According to Animoto, a cloud-based video creation service, 93% of brands acquired a new customer because of a video they posted on social media. Perhaps, it’s the shareability of the videos that encourage engagement. Be mindful though that more than facts, your viewers respond to emotions. When you appeal to their emotions successfully, they reward you with social shares, likes, and comments.

Below are some statistics you should consider further when gauging whether video marketing is the missing link to your strategy.

Video marketing statistics
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With COVID-19 turning the world upside-down, you’ve seen the jewelry industry (and other sectors) scrambled to survive. The current health emergency has brought years of change in the way businesses operate. You’ve seen the accelerated adoption of technology, the rise of omnichannel operations, as well as the birth of new and advanced technology to cater to the demands of the new normal.

One of these many changes is in the way businesses interact with consumers. The unprecedented impact of COVID-19 has indeed manifested in the demand for video and video marketing. For instance, Wyzowl reported that 7 out of 10 marketers believed that the pandemic would increase their video marketing budget this year. Meanwhile, 96% of consumers said that the pandemic has increased their video consumption.

With these insights, you might be wondering how to approach video marketing in light of the ongoing global COVID-19 situation. Will the old ways still work? What has changed since the pandemic?

Read further as we bring you five of the latest video marketing trends to guide your online jewelry business strategy!

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5 Video Marketing Trends Every Jeweler Must Know

1. Repurpose to cross-promote.

Repurpose to cross-promote

While cross-promotion is good; you must cross-promote intelligently by repurposing content.

Repurposing video content allows you to have tailored messages that directly cater to unique communities on different platforms. Repurposing to cross-promote offers a lot of advantages.

  • Getting more traffic
  • Expanding your reach
  • Increasing your chances to convert
  • Offering more types of content to your audience without spending too much time and money.

Repurposing video content doesn’t have to be complex. For instance, if you shoot one long-form video, you can post it on your YouTube business account, then you can create blog content out of it—one that’s more text-focused to cater to your audience who are into reading. It will also help boost your SEO. Furthermore, from that same video, you can produce memes and quotes for your other social media platforms.

If you plan to repurpose content the same way as described above, your workflow must be geared towards it where each workflow step supports the types of content you intend to re-produce from the main content. As such, plan and know your target content.

2. The rise of LinkedIn videos.

The rise of LinkedIn videos

Wyzowl reported that 87% of video marketers who used LinkedIn said that the social networking website for professionals has been an effective video channel for them. This figure explains the rise of LinkedIn videos, and why not? With over 300 million LinkedIn videos watched by LinkedIn users per year, LinkedIn is, indeed, one of the hottest places to be.

In case you’re not aware, you can use LinkedIn videos in multiple ways.

  • LinkedIn Live

Launched in February 2019, LinkedIn Live enables thought leaders to broadcast updates and events to their followers. It does not only drive engagement but also helps build deeper thought-leader-followers connections.

  • Native Video

LinkedIn Native allows users to upload videos directly into the LinkedIn video feed instead of sharing video links from YouTube to LinkedIn. Take note of this because simply sharing videos from other platforms to LinkedIn will not generate your expected level of engagement as your videos will be hidden from most users.

When using LinkedIn Native, your videos must be at least 3 seconds long and not exceed 10 minutes.

Other types of video formats include:

  • Private Video Messaging
  • LinkedIn Profile Videos
  • LinkedIn Stories

If you’ve noticed how powerful Instagram Stories are, then you’d be on board with LinkedIn Stories.

LinkedIn Stories allows users to share snippets of their everyday professional moments with their followers. Hence, it’s one of the most powerful tools in building meaningful relationships with the people in your professional community. This is your chance to show the human side of your brand, so grab it and make the most out of it.

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3. Less talk, more movement.

A 360 video of a bicolor tourmaline photographed with GemLightbox turntable
A 360 video of a bicolor tourmaline captured with a smartphone and the GemLightbox & Turntable Set

For this trend, remember these keywords—shoppable videos and micro-videos.

Micro videos are videos that are typically 5 to 10 seconds long. it’s effective for building brand and product awareness while awakening the audience’s interest; thereby, encouraging them to learn more. Micro videos are also good shoppable videos, and because of the purpose it serves, we say, skip the talking!

As mentioned in the beginning, your audience processes visuals way faster than texts so if you keep talking, your words will defeat the purpose. The key to attracting attention is to keep the movement uninterrupted. For instance, the 360-video of a tourmaline stone above is a micro-video captured with the GemLightbox & Turntable Set. It highlights nothing more than the loose stone. There are no noise or verbal distractions, which makes it an ideal product video.

Did you know that 92% of US consumers view videos with the sound off on their mobile? So, zip it and turn on the caption (if necessary).

4. The vendor is online: Welcome to the world of live selling!

Video marketing trends - live selling

According to Livestream, an online streaming media platform, 82% of people prefer watching a live video from a brand over any other type of social media post.

It’s not difficult to understand why live stream selling is preferred these days, especially when you look back and realize that it’s been more than a year since the restriction on in-person events was put in place. The human aspect of live selling cannot be discounted. The presence of real-time gestures, smiles, and connection—it’s all there creating a relatable, genuine interaction experience for the audience.

5. User-generated video content.

user-generated video content

According to Econsultancy, a platform for digital marketing and e-commerce professionals, consumers that are driven to a website by user-generated video content are 184% more likely to purchase.

This figure is not surprising at all because there’s nothing more powerful than another voice with no ulterior motive as your credibility-builder. This offers significant potential for social media shareability and is an excellent trust-building tool. As such, make it a habit to keep tabs on video content that’s generated about you.

Reviews, testimonials, and unboxing are examples of the most popular user-generated video content you can take advantage of should you decide to go this route.

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Which of these video marketing trends are you focusing on?

Have you tried adapting to these trends this year? What video marketing strategy has worked for your jewelry business, so far? Let us know in the comment section below!

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