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How to Sell the Best Graduation Jewelry Gifts?

How to sell the best graduation jewelry gifts
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Ah, it’s that time of year again; a little different but a milestone, nonetheless—graduation. What, with fatiguing online classes combined with the pandemic-induced stress, our dear graduates have survived and they deserve a celebration.

The graduation celebration last year recorded a $5.1 billion total expected spending, proving that many people continued to spend on high school and college graduates. We predict that this year would be no different, especially with some countries reopening and easing of restrictions.

For many others, this would be the perfect reason to celebrate. After how many weeks of not seeing each other, family members would be elated to gather up for a little graduation party at home or in the yard, bearing in mind all the health and safety precautions.

Since this is their final year of school, don’t let the pandemic dampen the mood. After all those grueling years of writing long essays, exams, in-person lectures, and then adjusting to new types of learning, they deserve a break…and a treat, because THEY DID IT! Oh yes, they did it…with the virus raging on and with physical distancing threatening every fiber of their mental and emotional wellbeing, they did it!

How do you celebrate a milestone like this?

Last year, only 1% of polled students didn’t want a graduation gift, so don’t let your customers turn up empty-handed. Here are ways to make your shop the ultimate go-to place for people looking for the best graduation jewelry gifts for their resilient graduates.

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How to Sell the Best Graduation Jewelry Gifts to Your Consumers

1. Connect with your consumers to find out the right graduation jewelry gifts they need

Connect with your consumers to find out the right graduation jewelry gifts they need

Meeting your consumers’ needs at that particular moment requires connection.

Connecting with consumers allows you to provide a personalized service that other jewelry stores might not provide. Talk to them and try to ask questions about the recipient.

  • What are they graduating from—high school, college, or post-grad?
  • What’s their personality?
  • What style of jewelry would they feel comfortable wearing? If they’re embarking on a professional career, would conservative pieces be their style?
  • How much is the buyer willing to spend on a graduation jewelry gift?

Asking relevant questions like these would enable you to not just offer any pieces of jewelry but one that is more appropriate for the recipient. By doing this, you increase the level of your customer’s satisfaction and, indirectly, extend that delightful experience to the recipient.

2. Offer personalized services like engraving jewelry pieces

Offer personalized services like engraving jewelry pieces

There are many creative ways to offer personalized services like engraving jewelry pieces or creating personalized charms.

Services like these make the graduation gift more meaningful and memorable to both the giver and the recipient. Often, buyers would think of engraved pieces to make their gifts more personal and sentimental. For instance, others might want engraved messages and wishes like “You did it!” or the Stephen Hawking-inspired “Remember to look up at the stars.” These are little touches that can really make the affair special.

Don’t limit yourself to engraving services though. There are class rings that best capture their class memories and school spirit and then, there are charms like the 2021 Graduation Charm by Pandora, as seen below.

2021 Graduation Charm by Pandora
2021 Graduation Charm by Pandora
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3. Create a Graduation Gift Guide on your website

Create a Graduation Gift Guide
Tiffany & Co.

As you would for other special occasions, don’t forget to create a Graduation Gift Guide on your online jewelry store.

Gift Guides, similar to Tiffany & Co., is an excellent addition to your website because of the benefits they offer to shoppers. With this, you can make their browsing experience easier and faster, especially for those that are already at the final stage of their shopping journey; thereby, easing decision making and cementing purchase intent.

However, don’t leave it to your consumers to discover your Gift Guide section. Supplement it with email campaigns. Send a Graduation Gift Catalog to consumers in your mailing list to put you on their list of gift shop options. This further increases your brand’s front-of-mind awareness score.

4. Gift Cards

graduation jewelry gifts with gift cards

Whether you’re giving it away as part of your promotion or a separate purchase, you will never go wrong with it. In fact, gift cards are the second most popular choice, after cash.

There are plenty of reasons why you should use gift cards to attract graduation jewelry gift shoppers and why these shoppers might prefer gift cards more than others.

  • Recipients can choose what they want to buy for themselves
  • They encourage repeat purchases
  • Gift cards are a perfect tool for building customer loyalty
  • They allow shoppers to stay on a budget
  • They are flexible, especially if recipients can use them online or in-store
  • Gift cards never disappoint
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What marketing ideas have you been working on this graduation season?

The main takeaway here is to offer exactly what your shoppers need for the occasion. Do not oversell but build a relationship that will last beyond graduation ceremonies. Be thoughtful and empathic, especially considering the current situation. We may be in the same storm but we are not in the same boat. Hence, be reasonable with your offering and meet them at their budget.

And to the graduates, we raise our glass to you, the dreamers of this world. March on because the future awaits!

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