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DIY Jewelry Photography Using the GemLightbox and a Smartphone

Jewelry Photography: How to take jewelry pictures using the GemLightbox
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The Importance of Jewelry Photography in eCommerce

According to the 2017 Global Online Consumer Report, retailers who are looking to drive sales online must learn to present their products strategically to convince shoppers. Specifically, this call pertains to those products that shoppers are less willing to purchase sight unseen. One of these strategies, as the report outlines, is the inclusion of high-quality, detailed photographs. It’s even better if the pictures enable a 360-degree view and have a zoom capability.

In fact, one of the reasons shoppers forego shopping online is the lack of touch. Fifty-six percent of 18,430 shoppers had expressed a desire to see and touch the product before making a purchase. However, this doesn’t mean that an online presence isn’t significant in jewelry selling. It’s true that shoppers still desire in-store experience, but two-thirds of the surveyed shoppers research online before purchasing in-store. Needless to say, if your jewelry pictures look lackluster so are your opportunities to sell as thousands of potential shoppers may have seen your products online but are less likely to make connections with your amateurish jewelry pictures.

In this post, we will show you how GemLightbox responded to the jewelry industry challenge and how GemLightbox clients have benefited from it.

What is GemLightbox?

GemLightbox is a plug-and-play, revolutionary photography equipment specifically designed for jewelers like you. It’s the simplest jewelry photography approach that allows you to take beautiful jewelry pictures with just one click using your smartphone device.

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Why Choose the GemLightbox?

At Picup Media, we believe that jewelry photography requires more than a one-size-fits-all jewelry solution because, unlike other products, jewelry pieces are highly reflective and mostly small making it tricky to photograph at times, especially if you’re not a professional photographer. Additionally, colored gemstones need a proper lighting environment to ensure that you capture their true colors. GemLightbox solves all these and more.

#1. No training required

Watch the video below and listen to what our client has to say about their experience using the GemLightbox.

That’s right! Who needs training when all you have to do is click and capture? It was also designed with a proper lighting environment in mind. You can be assured that your jewelry piece gets the perfect lighting wherever it’s placed inside the GemLightbox.

#2. It saves time and money

jewelry photography using the gemlightbox
Jewelry photography using the GemLightbox

Imagine how many jewelry pictures you can take in 30 minutes, one hour, 15 minutes. The GemLightbox is compatible with any smartphone device and DSLR, so you can capture numerous product photos any way you want without compromising quality. No pricey grand studio setup is required.

Further, our research shows that you only need three images a day to dominate social media. That’s 1,000 images per year with each photo appearing to be costing $0.80 only using the GemLightbox. That’s a negligible amount of investment considering that your jewelry pictures are your online sales force that works for you even when you’re sleeping.

#3. It’s multipurpose

Click the image below to watch and listen to what our client, Jewellery by Design, has to say about their experience using the GemLightbox.

capturing jewelry using the gemlightbox
Capturing jewelry using the GemLightbox

The GemLightbox works to meet your different sales and marketing goals. It’s usable whether you need jewelry pictures for eCommerce, internal communication, social media, or catalog.

#4. Perfect for all types of jewelry

Source: Omate’s Nanoblocks watch captured using the GemLightbox

Whether you’re photographing diamonds, colored gemstones, pearls, gold, or silver among many others, it got you covered!

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An Australian Jeweler Increases its Social Media Engagement by 1000% Using the GemLightbox

L. G. Humphries & Sons is an Australian jewelry business of three generations. It was established in 1939 and has since made a name in the jewelry industry. The shop is located on the busy street of Castlereagh near David Jones. Its products range from diamond rings, pendants, ornaments, expensive watches, and antique jewelry pieces.

The GemLightbox is a real solution for the business. Since most of its antique pieces get picked up within hours of uploading onto Facebook, they need to take photos of those pieces quickly and beautifully both for selling and internal documentation purposes. In addition, the quality of the photos had improved significantly which becomes evident in its social media engagement. Check out the before and after social media photos of the business below. The social media engagement has increased by a tremendous 1000%.

Before Using the GemLightbox

Jewelry photography using the gemlightbox

Jewelry photography using the gemlightbox

After Using the GemLightbox

Jewelry photography using the gemlightbox

Jewelry photography using the gemlightbox

Want to capture 360 Jewelry Videos?

The Gemlightbox is equipped with a turntable to let you capture 360 jewelry videos. A 360-degree view makes your product presentation interactive and engaging. Check out below some of the 360 jewelry videos captured using the GemLightbox and a smartphone. /wp-content/uploads/2018/04/360-degree-product-photography-with-Gemlightbox.mp4?_=2

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Learn more about the GemLightbox!

jewelry photography hong kong show 2018
Jewelry Photography Hong Kong Show 2018

Taken at the HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show, March 2018

The GemLightbox frequently attends jewelry exhibits like the recently concluded HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show, The Malaysia International Jewellery Festival, and the International Jeweller Fair in Sydney, Australia. Catch our live demonstration of the GemLightbox if you’re in the area during any of the exhibits announced on our social media account and get a glimpse of jewelry pieces photographed using the GemLightbox. Alternatively, you can contact us for one-to-one consultations and inquiries.

It’s time to level up your jewelry photography approach!

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