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Ring Photography: Take 3 Killer Shots Using the GemLightbox

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Do you want to learn about quick and straightforward ring photography techniques using the GemLightbox? If so, this post is for you!

Throughout history, rings have been known to symbolize almost everything from eternity and devotion to power and control. It’s been said that rings are higher than all other symbols of bond for its hole stands for the breath of God – the sealer of the bond, vow, or union. As such, rings are now popularly recognized as a symbol of love.

The popularity and salability of engagement and wedding rings are not a surprise given their beautiful symbolism. Hence, it’s common knowledge that when someone plans to purchase an engagement ring from you, the buying decision is always an emotional process justified by logic. But how do you attract a potential buyer, who’s doing jewelry product research online, to choose and go to your store (if you’re a brick-and-mortar jeweler) or interact with you if you’re an e-tailer?

You’re right!

You build an emotional connection between your engagement rings and your potential shopper through excellent ring photography. Do you know that 93% of online consumers consider visual appearance and quality as the most important deciding factor when making a buying decision? In a highly visual and digital world, your engagement ring images are worth a thousand sales.

In this post, we’ll show you how to photograph your rings in seconds using the GemLightbox – a product that was designed to revolutionize the jewelry industry by providing jewelers with the most simplified approach to jewelry photography.

jewelry photography hong kong show 2018
The GemLightbox team at the recently concluded HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show, 1-5 March 2018.

Before we proceed, if you haven’t read about the basic ring photography tips, you can visit this link and get familiar with the five basic ring photography techniques for beginners. Don’t have a GemLightbox yet? You can visit this other link to get informed about other jewelry photography equipment, props, and accessories you need to get the job done.


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Why GemLightbox?

1. It’s portable. You can take it anywhere with you every time you need to take a jewelry photo. It’s also ideal if you don’t have a spacious workshop.

2. It’s a plug-and-play system that doesn’t ask you to be professionally knowledgeable in jewelry photography. You just position your piece and snap.

3. It doesn’t require a grand studio setup.

4. You can take multiple photos in seconds.

5. No need to improvise when photographing jewelry on a white background. Want to take social media-ready images? That’s possible too with a little bit of creativity.

6. If you’re a jeweler who usually doesn’t get hold of a large volume of stocks, you don’t need to make arrangements with a professional photographer anymore. GemLightbox is a cost-effective, fuss-free option that gives you excellent results with just one click.

7. Do you want to make your jewelry sparkle in photos? Try its built-in Sparkles™ feature.

Equipment and Props Used:

1. The GemLightbox

2. Smartphone (you can also use a DSLR if you have one)

3. Specialty paper (for a social media-ready photo)

ring photography using the gemlightbox
Another photo of the GemLightbox at the HKDTC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show, 1-5 March 2018

ring photography using the gemlightbox
Source: The GemLightbox in action, Matthew Ely Jewellers (@matthewely_)

Ring Photography: Capturing Three Killer E-Commerce Product Shots Using the GemLightbox

This tutorial video (at the bottom) takes less than five minutes. It includes a step-by-step guide on how to capture three common ring shots and a bonus social media-ready image. The subject used was a colorful cubic zirconia ring.

The first shot of a cubic zirconia ring

ring photography first shot using the gemlightbox
The front view was photographed using a smartphone and a GemLightbox. No retouching was done. Watch the video below for the complete tutorial guide.

1. Don’t forget to clean the camera lens before you start to ensure that no oil residue, fingerprint, or other dirt is left on the surface. An untidy camera lens always leads to image-quality issues.

2. Place your smartphone on the phone holder.

3. Place the ring into the box.

4. Place the cover which serves as a reflector to achieve a beautiful bounce effect of light.

5. Zoom in, tap the screen to specify your focus area, and adjust the brightness according to your liking or until you see a completely white background.

6. Lastly, capture and you’re good to go. See the first shot result above.

Second shot: side angle

ring photography tutorial using the gemlightbox
Side view captured using the GemLightbox and a smartphone. No retouching was done. See the video we shot of it below.

To achieve the result pictured above, simply follow the steps below:

1. Repeat step 1 as mentioned in the first shot.

2. Remove the lid and place the ring on the box. Position it to its side.

3. Place the lid back on and tap the screen to focus. Don’t forget to adjust the brightness as desired.

4. Capture and you’re done!

Third shot: top view

ring photography guide top view
The top view was photographed using a smartphone and the GemLightbox. No retouching was done. See the video below for a complete tutorial.

To get the same result as shown in the image above, continue with the steps outlined below.

1. Clean the camera lens as mentioned at the outset.

2. Lift the diamond-shaped top cover and put your smartphone on top of the lid.

3. Remove the reflector to place your ring into the box. Make sure it is positioned at the center and place the reflector back.

4. Tap to focus and adjust brightness according to your liking.

5. Now, capture, and you’re done!

Isn’t that simple? Imagine the amount of time you and your people can save by simplifying your jewelry product photography process.

Bonus shot: Social media-ready ring product photo

ring photography tutorial for social media
A sample of a social media-ready image was taken using the GemLightbox and a smartphone. No retouching was done. See the video of how we shot it below.

Using the same subject, we decided to show how you too can capture social media-ready jewelry images in seconds.

1. Find a specialty paper that you’d like to use as a backdrop. You can buy specialty paper in craft stores near you or easily print free backdrop papers from the internet. If you run out of creative ideas, don’t hesitate to consult Pinterest as it is overflowing with photography backdrop ideas.

2. Remove the reflector so you can place your backdrop paper into the box followed by your ring. Put the reflector back in its place and remember to clean your camera lens again.

3. Zoom in and adjust your angle to cover any white spaces not covered by your backdrop paper.

4. Tap to focus and adjust brightness as desired.

5. Capture.

As shown above, aside from capturing social media-ready images, you can also design your backdrop to promote giveaways, social media promotions, and other brand announcements. Our sample image and backdrop were used during the HKDTC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show; hence, we decided to include our contact information.

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Demonstration of the Sparkles™

Our revolutionary Sparkles™ brings your jewelry to life in just one click. It’s made of a custom-formulated set of LED bulbs installed within the GemLightbox. It brings sparkles to your jewelry images without blinding the facets of your piece or distorting the true color of your gems. To use Sparkles™, simply push the button on the side of the box.

Watch the demo and the complete ring photography guide in the video below.

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For more information about the GemLightbox, feel free to visit our website where you can read more about our journey, and see more tutorial videos and reviews from other jewelry brands and portfolios. Alternatively, you can send us a question by leaving a comment below.

Until our next jewelry photography guide! Enjoy photography!

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