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Chakra Bracelet: Photography, Benefits, & Selling Tips

Chakra bracelet and jewelry selling tips
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Chakra bracelets and jewelry, what are they?

In this blog post, we’ll tell you all the basic things you need to know about a chakra bracelet, how to photograph them for commercial purposes, including some selling points if you’re into the metaphysical market. Follow along and read on!

What is a Chakra Bracelet?

A chakra bracelet, also known as a chakra healing energy bracelet, is made up of seven different colored beads. These different colored beads stand for each energy point in the body. Believers believe that wearing a chakra bracelet can help balance these seven energy centers.

7 Chakras

Chakra or cakra in Sanskrit means ‘wheels.’ This wheel is a spinning disc of energy that should be opened and aligned because they correlate with areas in the human body, organs, and nerves that impact one’s physical and emotional well-being. As such, a blocked chakra can manifest in a lot of emotional imbalances and physical issues.

For instance,

  • A blocked root chakra can manifest in physical issues like arthritis, colon and bladder problems, as well as feelings of financial insecurity, among many others.
  • Issues with the sacral chakra can lead to lower back pain, urinary tract infections, and low self-esteem.
  • Solar Plexus issues can result in digestive issues as well as low self-confidence.
  • Blockages in the heart chakra can lead to heart problems and affect one’s ability to love others and oneself.
  • The throat chakra is connected to our ability to communicate. Hence, blockages in this area can manifest in throat problems and result in one’s inability to communicate effectively, communicate without compassion, or gossip.
  • The third eye chakra relates to one’s intuition and imagination. Issues with this energy point can lead to headaches, difficulty concentrating, or inability to listen.
  • The crown chakra represents one’s intelligence and consciousness. It affects the brain and the nervous system; therefore, a problem in this area might include narrow-mindedness and a lack of spiritual awareness.

Meditation and yoga are two popular ways of opening and aligning one’s chakras. However, for believers, wearing the healing energy bracelet can absorb all the negative energy and stressors blocking the wearer’s chakras.

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The Benefits of Wearing a Chakra Bracelet

As the popularity of yoga and meditation increases so does the popularity of chakra jewelry. The most commonly known benefits of wearing one are the following.

  • It boosts happiness and helps the wearer become more optimistic.
  • Chakra bracelets promote harmony and the feeling of centeredness.
  • This crystal bracelet focuses your attention on the most important things, which include caring for and supporting your authentic self.
  • The power of the stones can pave the way toward the healing of the soul, body, and mind.

How to Sell a Chakra Bracelet?

If the metaphysical market is your niche, you already probably know how to appeal to your target buyers, but if this is something new to you even though you’re selling crystals, then there’s a whole new market waiting for you.

Experts believed that 2021 is going to be a magical year for crystal jewelry. As anxiety and depression brought about by COVID-19 rise, the interest in metaphysical wellness including healing crystal jewelry is also on the rise. In fact, it is outshining the diamond industry as people all over the world continue to look for ways to heal.

Marketing your crystal jewelry requires dedication, passion, and knowledge. You can start with the tips below.

  • Understand the metaphysical world.

You can’t convince a specific group of buyers to purchase your product if you don’t understand it yourself. Thus, start learning about basic metaphysical beliefs. These beliefs include the 7 chakras, the birthstones and their corresponding months, and color therapy.

  • Take advantage of SEO.

They say that healing crystals are more than just a trend—it’s a movement that transcends hippie healing centers and reiki season. True enough, Fast Company reported a 40% increase in Google searches for ‘crystal healing’ in 2017 in the USA. However, if this is not convincing enough, take a look at the trend below where there is a continuous increase in interest in ‘crystal healing.’

Crystal healing
Source: Google Trends
  • If possible, offer customization.

To be able to sell, you must deliver the needs of your target buyers. As such, offer customization, if possible. Customization can be in the form of creating bracelets using seven of the same stone, which targets just one chakra. Such a request might happen if the buyer knows which one of his/her energy centers needs more love and attention; thus, he/she might just focus on correcting that.

Overall, knowing the basics of the metaphysical world and what it means for the crystals you are selling can open a whole new potential market for you.

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How to Photograph a Chakra Bracelet?

In this section, we’ll demonstrate how we captured a 360-degree video and photo of a 7-chakra bracelet that targets all seven energy points.

To do this yourself, you will need the following tools and equipment.

Step 1. Power up the GemLightbox and remove the front reflector cover or the top cover, whichever you choose.

Open the GemLightbox

Step 2. Place the chakra bracelet inside the GemLightbox.

Put the chakra bracelet inside the GemLightbox
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Step 3. Put back the cover, position your smartphone, and open the GemLightbox app.

Open the GemLightbox app

Step 4. Finally, click to capture!

Click to capture

See the results below.

Chakra bead bracelet
A photo of a 7 chakra bracelet, photographed with the GemLightbox
360 video healing crystal jewelry
360 video of a chakra healing bracelet captured with the GemLightbox

Do you want to see how the GemLightbox works for individual chakra healing bracelet? Watch below as we demonstrate how to photograph multiple chakra bracelets—root, heart, and crown chakra—at once.


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