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6 Jewelry Trends to Watch Out for This 2021

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As the world continues to prepare for its worldwide vaccination plan, can we finally bid goodbye to our pyjamas and say hello to these jewelry trends of 2021?

If hand-beaded face masks were the only thing you wore in 2020, it’s time to dust off your jewelry because 2021 is the year for over-accessorizing—I mean, not in an obnoxious way. The year 2020 did not only give us the triple-digit growth of loungewear, but it also gave popularity to videoconferencing, which now brings us to the trend of waist-up accessorizing.

If you’re one of those who impulse-bought or stocked up on jewelry pieces that you weren’t able to wear or sell in 2020, don’t worry. Expect some jewelry trends of 2020 to re-emerge this year—giving you another go at sprucing up your outfit, may it be in front of the screen or out in public, donning your beaded face mask as you cautiously keep your physical distance.

Here are the six hottest jewelry trends of 2021 you should be excited to invest in.

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6 Jewelry Trends to Watch Out for This 2021

1. Powerful pearls

Jewelry trends 2021 - Pearls

No longer your “grandmother’s pearls,” pearls’ popularity had waned for a bit, but like a boomerang, came back to claim the position that has always been meant for her.

Pearls have a lot to offer in terms of design. In proving that she can shy away from her grandmother-ish reputation, pearls have graced the fashion world in all contemporary shapes, sizes, and designs—from simple strand to super ornate and unique like that of Kavant and Sharart’s Talay Wave Mother-of-Pearl earrings, pearls are indeed basking in her reacquired glamorous fashion moment. No wonder it’s dubbed as the perfect luxury gem for millennials.

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2. Colorful eye candy

jewelry trends - colorful eye candy

Leave the color of dread in 2020. 2021 is all about vibrant colors, and you will see jewelry and other accessories leading the trend. This year, a pop of neon and bright candy colors are sure to brighten up anyone’s day as you head your way to your first Zoom meeting of the day.

There’s no need to wait for your next beach vacation to wear these baubles. Stack it up or not; wear it any way you like, but don’t be afraid to say it in colors.

3. Beaded bauble

beaded jewelry trend 2021

From beaded face masks to beaded face mask holders, it’s inevitable for beaded jewelry pieces to steal the fashion world this year.

Yes, this 80s jewelry trend is back! But while it was divisive then, it wouldn’t hurt this year to inject a little sense of adventure and fun into your accessory. Be bold about it. Wear big, bulbous beads, spherical, faceted, flatbacks, semi-precious stones, glass beads, or crystal beads—the design and shape possibilities are endless.

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4. Majestic metal crush

metal crush jewelry

Put away your smooth, polished metal jewelry pieces for now because crushed metal earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings are going to be a show-stopper this year.

The crushed metal jewelry trend is simple but made to look elegant with its crushed surface texture that is perfect for glamming up or dressing down your style.

5. Figural findings

Panthere de Cartier
Panthere de Cartier photographed with GemLightbox Aerial and an iPhone XS Max

Figural items are jewelry pieces designed to replicate real objects. This year, figurative pieces—from animals to florals, humans, and other common subjects will steal the show. They are interesting and guaranteed conversation starters, perfect for those weird and often awkward video conferences.

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6. Chunky chains

chunky chain jewelry 2021

Chunky chains are not new as we saw them dominate last year’s F/W runway. However, this year chains have evolved to be better, bigger, and chunkier.

Chains’ history could be traced back to 2500 BC when Ancient Egyptians threaded links of gold and silver together. Given its long and meaningful history, you can now admit that chains will never go out of style. It is timeless, splashy, but versatile.

Ready to dazzle the world?

Pandemic or not, there’s always a reason to love and wear jewelry, but until it’s completely safe, practice common sense, wash your hands, clean your jewelry, and social distance in style.

What other jewelry trends in 2021 have you spotted so far? Let us know in the comment section below!

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