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Case Study: My Jewellery Shop

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One year ago, the buying group Showcase Jewellers demonstrated to its members the revolutionary GemLightbox. Unbeknownst to Picup Media, GemLightbox was an instant winner with a secret potential that was yet to be unlocked for retail jewelers.

Showcase member, Catherine from My Jewellery Shop, was present at the demonstration and immediately identified the innate potential of GemLightbox. A solution that seemed so simple – but could it work? Catherine quickly placed an order amongst several other eager jewelers in anticipation that GemLightbox would be the photography solution that would finally work.

The GemLightbox would not arrive at My Jewellery Shop until the next 4 to 6 weeks. Nervously, Catherine waited for updates on the status of her order. And the nervousness was not unwarranted – My Jewellery Shop, along with thousands of other jewelers suffer from the same problems.

 These problems included:

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Fast forward one year later, Picup Media took the opportunity to catch up with the team at My Jewellery Store to discuss the impact of GemLightbox on their business after a brief catch-up at the annual International Jewellery Fair held in Sydney. Below are some of the key impacts discussed:

1. Solved 90% of photography issues

My Jewellery Shop has been looking for photography solutions for many years. Prior to using GemLightbox, they had used another product they had purchased at an international fair. The other solution had its limitations. Mainly it required knowledge of photography and software training. The majority of retailers have very limited, if not no resources to allocate to staff for jewelry photography training, rendering their previous jewelry photography equipment unusable. Jewelry businesses need solutions that are simple to use and require no photography knowledge or only minimal training. GemLightbox was the perfect solution because the simple plug-and-play setup allowed anyone from My Jewellery Shop to effortlessly take high-quality images. 90% of the hard work was already been done by a smartphone the perfect lighting conditions within GemLightbox.

The images were high quality enough to be used for many purposes including valuation reports, creating a remodeling and repairs portfolio, internal record keeping, and for sharing instantly to customers via social messaging.

For the remaining 10%, the images could be easily perfected by Picup Media’s retouching service. Any jewelry images would be retouched and returned within 72 hours. Your new stock will be uploaded and available online in just 3 days.

Picup Media provides a cost-efficient and cost-effective jewelry photography solution, eliminating the need to hire a professional photographer.

2. Sense of scale

With anyone in the My Jewellery Shop having the ability to capture studio-quality images at any given time, Catherine felt that her business would not need to rely on a professional photographer. With the photography process nailed down, Catherine and her team can focus on other value-adding areas of her business which include the improvement in customer experience.

How Much is Photography Costing Your Jewelry Business?

It’s no secret that jewelry photography can be extremely resource-draining for your jewelry business. If you’re doing it yourself, there’s a massive learning curve for the use of your camera…

3. Ease of content creation

It’s no secret that content is king. GemLightbox provides the means of easily creating content to share on social media platforms. Images and videos shot using a smartphone can then be immediately uploaded to Instagram meaning that there’s no excuse not to. Since using GemLightbox on social media, My Jewellery Shop has seen a natural and steady increase in followers and engagement. Picup Media recommends jewelers post daily onto their feed and story to maximize engagement with their audience.

By 2019, experts predict that 85% of search traffic data in the U.S. alone will be driven by video content. 51.9% of experts also attest that video content records the best ROI. As for online shopping, 91% of online shoppers clamored for a 360-degree view of products because they needed more visual information that would simulate an in-store shopping experience.

With the recent launch of the GemLightbox Turntable, creating 360 video videos has never been so easy. Simply connect via Bluetooth using the GemLightbox application, place your jewelry inside, and record. A perfect 360 video will be recorded on a white background and saved into the app’s in-built album. The video can be exported to a cloud storage solution, sent directly to a customer, or uploaded to a social media platform.

4. Create more intimacy between customers

Your jewelry products are not presented effectively without the right lighting environment. All the details that make jewelry spectacular can captured with a smartphone inside GemLightbox.

GemLightbox creates the perfect amount of light to evenly illuminate jewelry pieces so that metals appear shiny, individual facets are visible and colors remain true. Combining high-quality images with creative and detailed product descriptions creates emotional connections that drive conversions. To read more on how to write highly effective jewelry product descriptions, check out this link here.

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To follow the success of My Jewellery Shop, you can check out their website here or their Instagram account here.

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