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What We Do to Each Image

01 Clip onto white background

Each image is individually cut onto a white background using clipping paths to ensure a crisp, white background.
Our Jewelry clipping artists manually click every image creating close paths to the jewelry - there is no shortcut for this process, all work must be done manually.

02 Scratch, dust, and blemish removal

Scratches and dust captured in the images are removed carefully.

03 Retouching to studio quality

In the retouching process. Metals are color corrected to match rose, yellow or white gold.
Diamonds and gemstones are then sharpened and cleaned up to show maximum scintillation and beautiful facets.

04 Straighten, align, and crop

The item is straightened and aligned so that the object is in the center of the image. It is then cropped to the perfect dimension to match your website

Each image is individually cut onto a white background using clipping paths to ensure a crisp, white background.
Our Jewelry clipping artists manually click every image creating close paths to the jewelry - there is no shortcut for this process, all work must be done manually.

Scratches and dust captured in the images are removed carefully.

In the retouching process. Metals are color corrected to match rose, yellow or white gold.
Diamonds and gemstones are then sharpened and cleaned up to show maximum scintillation and beautiful facets.

The item is straightened and aligned so that the object is in the center of the image. It is then cropped to the perfect dimension to match your website

Retouching Proccess

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Do you have a minimum order requirement?

No, we don’t! Feel free to order as many images as you’d like.

What are you retouching turnaround times?

Our retouching turnaround times are based on the number of images ordered.
Under 50 images – 3 business days
50-200 images – 4 business days
200+images – 4+ business days (we will give you a custom timeframe)

Expedited orders can be requested but are not guaranteed.

Can I send you a sample image first?

Yes! We offer 1 free image for first time customers – simply visit to submit your sample submission.

What if I'm not satisfied with the work?

Revisions are absolutely free. We will revise any image until you are 100% satisfied with the result. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

What is jewelry retouching?

Picup Media also offers image retouching services. Our retouching service is 100% online and automated service. Simply upload your image with any additional instructions and your order will be returned within 72 working hours.

What we do with each image:
1. Clip onto white background with natural shadows
2. Retouching to studio quality
3. Scratch, dust and blemish removal
4. Straighten align and crop
5. Back shanks replaced and redrawn as necessary
All other necessary enhancements

Jewelry retouching is the process of editing jewelry images to enhance its quality in order to attract the market. It involves common enhancements such as color correction, background removal, and blemish removal, among many others.

Jewelry retouching services are commonly availed by jewelers for commercial purposes.

When do you need jewelry retouching?

There are other scenarios where you would need and want the expertise of jewelry retouching experts. Among these are:

When creating a virtual library or inventory.
Jewelry retouching can change the color tones of your jewelry pieces and gemstones. As such, this service makes it ideal for jewelers who want to offer a diverse experience through different product visualization styles or strategies.

When making custom banners or greeting cards.
Instead of spending money hiring designers, you can take advantage of jewelry retouching services to make a personalized greeting card for special occasions or unique banners for your social media platforms.

A DIY greeting card works to your advantage by:
Showing your audience and customers that you value them and you think of them on special occasions.
Showcasing your jewelry products photographed and modified to match the occasion.

Take a look at how we made an Easter greeting card using Photoshop. In that example, we photographed a pair of flower diamond earrings against an idyllic background that mimicked a starry night sky. In reality, that background was just a piece of a patterned paper that we bought from a craft store (you can also download and print patterns online and use it as a background). After fixing the background, we adjusted the colors, the shadows and highlights before adding the text that bore our Happy Easter greeting.

At first glance, the process is simple, especially if you are skilled in Photoshop; however, if you don’t have the time, skills, and experience to do all that, a jewelry retouching expert is always at your disposal.

Why do I need to retouch DSLR camera photos?

You need jewelry retouching pretty much whenever you use a DSLR. This is because of the following reasons:
There is not enough consistency when you shoot with different lenses and settings each time.

Doing macro photography will also require post-processing. This is because your macro lens is capable of 10-20X magnification and will surely pick up blemishes that are not visible to the naked eye. Such magnification level makes the appearance of flaws and other microscopic levels of details inevitably visible.

This means that while you’ll see beautiful facets of the stones and other unique, tiny details of the design, you will also see scratches, fingerprint smudges, oil stains, and dusts that are pretty much impossible to remove no matter how careful you are. Your recourse here is to seek help from jewelry retouching experts.

When you shoot for focus stacking. Focus stacking is the technique of taking multiple photos of the same subject at different focus distances and then stacking them in the post-production stage to come up with a sharp image where the whole frame is in focus. Focus stacking is challenging without the technical know-how but jewelry retouching experts can do it for you in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost.

Can you recommend a Photography lightbox?

Keeping in mind the complementary relationship between jewelry photography and jewelry retouching, you must always remember that jewelry retouching DOES NOT fix poor photography. For instance, you simply cannot transform an extremely blurry image into a sharply-focused one even with the use of a sophisticated photo editing software.

Don’t stress though as your lack of photography skills need not hamper your photo shoot in this digital age; hence, we brought you our solution — the GemLightbox.

Innovated to address jewelers’ common photography challenges, the GemLightbox was designed and created to allow jewelers to capture professional-quality jewelry images and 360 videos in just a click using your smartphones.

The GemLightbox simplifies the complex jewelry photography process in three easy steps:
Place your jewelry inside the GemLightbox
Open the GemLightbox app and position your smartphone
Click to capture!

It is fast, quick, and easy with no-training required. Simply plug in the device and shoot! There couldn’t be anything simpler than that.

Why do you need Jewelry retouching?

Do you know that 83% of smartphone users in the USA alone rely on product images when making purchase decisions?

Jewelry retouching and jewelry photography come hand in hand.

Jewelry photography is among the most significant factors in e-commerce, if not the most significant. High-quality photos compensate for an in-store experience through different photo elements. Color accuracy, proper lighting, and sufficient viewing angles provide the viewers with adequate visual information, which makes up for the lack of tactile information when shopping online. As such, high-quality jewelry images increase purchase intent and help elevate brand authority.

However, not all jewelers are professional photographers and even professional photographers like Apple’s Pete Belanger believe that photos achieved in camera also need some post-production. This is because nothing comes out perfectly from your camera, especially if you’re not a professional photographer. Additionally, while jewelry photo retouching is all about fixing and polishing images, it is also more about showcasing your product and presenting your brand.

Jewelry retouching

Jewelry Retouching is a post-production process in which images of jewelry products are edited using complex software. This process helps in improving the quality of pictures so that they appear visually appealing to customers. A study on consumer’s shopping preferences on e-commerce platforms shows that more than 70% of people ignore the product if its pictorial representation is bad. So, the only way to survive in an online jewelry business is to have visually appealing photos on your website. Therefore, jewelry retouching is a boon to this industry. Jewelry retouching alters brightness, details, and tone to make the image look stunning in all aspects. It also helps in removing dust or fingerprints to make the product look gorgeous in the picture.

How to retouch jewelry photos?

One of the most common tools used for retouching is using software like adobe photoshop or lightroom etc. In such a software, there would be templates that can solve issues such as softening of skin tones, overexposure, etc. In this section, we would go through major changes that can be made through jewelry retouching.
Though the white background is used to ensure that a customer focuses only on the jewelry product, the metallic part and gem have to be clipped on various layers to get a continuum of the white and a blemish-free backdrop. Many elements constitute a jewelry product and independent layers or paths have to be provided to each by clipping them. This ensures that every element is highlighted and has its beauty that is visible in the image. Professionals use jewelry photoshop pens to clip the elements. For this purpose, it is advised to zoom the picture to at least 300%. Studies indicate a 67% increase in sales using this technique of white backdrop and highlighted details,
Next comes the dust removing part. Once you zoom into the image, the dust or fingerprint on the product becomes evident. For this issue, jewelry retouching professionals use a healing brush tool that is available in most of the jewelry photoshop software. This tool scans the entire picture, dissects the shapes, and adds a value retouching at the dusty spots. This can be used to remove dust on large surfaces but it doesn’t work so well for dusty edges. For this, you can use a patch tool that replaces the soiled outline with an outline that is in good condition. Therefore, dust and fingerprints can be removed in this method.
If your product is a necklace that has gems in it, then gemstones may reflect light resulting in a blur. This reflection can be due to various reasons such as camera lens, multiple light sources, etc. To avoid this, you should always click photos in a good ambient light setting but if the pictures still turn out blurry then there are a lot of libraries of idealistic reflections that can substitute the reflection in the image.
Finally, for correcting the color tones of the product. Many times, 18-carat gold jewelry might seem like silver or platinum-built products. This can be solved through plugins that can change the color tones of the jewelry. In cases where diamonds are used, there would be glare if white light is used in abundance. Jewelry retouching professionals use many brightness and contrast tools to regulate the gem’s brightness and eliminate the glare. This can also be used to increase the sharpness of the image.

Where can I find jewelry retouching services near me?

Jewelry retouching services are hard to find offline but you can find various online services that can get it done. You can also hire freelancers, most of them are not professionals but have a basic understanding of the process. The average cost for jewelry retouching is $11 per image but many services also change their rates based on the product. For rings and earrings, the cost would be $20 per image and for necklaces, it is $20 per image. If you want to retouch a video then the standard cost is $60. If you are too confused about which service to choose or if you are worried that even after paying the above-mentioned rates, you would not be satisfied with the results then there is a solution. Picup Media is one of the leading products & service providers for jewelry product photography.

Picup Media has a photo retouching service, in which a team of experts perform all the tasks like fingerprint removal, dust removal, or scratches removal to give you a pixel-perfect image with the help of our jewelry photoshop software. We can also change the background or crop the image so that the jewelry product is at the center of attention. The best part is that if you are a first-time user, then you can get free jewelry retouching for one picture. If you are not satisfied with the output then we also offer free revisions until you are completely satisfied with the result.

Picup Media also offers other products such as a jewelry light box, 360 product photography turntable that can help you achieve studio-quality 360 product photography. If you do not own a DSLR then you can also use your smartphone to shoot stunning pictures with the help of our 360 product photography app. The lightbox is not limited to just one product, it can be used for ring photography, earring photography, necklace photography, etc. Our products and services are very affordable compared to our competitors in the market. With over 8000+ suppliers worldwide, we aim to provide creative and innovative solutions to help you have a better jewelry product photography experience.

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The GemLightbox Pro is super impressive, especially for someone like me with no background in jewelry photography. It's very easy to use, you just plug it in, click, and you're done! Absolutely amazing!

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