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7 Jewelry Product Photography Ideas to Gain New Customers

jewelry product photography ideas
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What jewelry product photography ideas for Instagram have you tried and worked best in terms of building and strengthening brand awareness? Can you spot it in one of the ideas mentioned below?

In this post, we’re going to discuss seven jewelry product photography ideas to help you create a scene-stealing Instagram feed. But first, here are some of the latest statistics, just in case, you’re doubtful of this powerhouse.

jewelry product photography ideas

“As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. What better way to speak to people than a thousand words at a time? All brands should be utilizing Instagram if they want to resonate with their target audience.”

Jennifer Cohen, Forbes

Your Instagram feed is a great way to communicate with your target audience. You can quickly tell them what your business is about using only product photos and videos. Here, you can build a targeted following using hashtags as through it, individuals who are looking for the same products you’re selling can easily find you. The jewelry product photos you use on your website’s product page may vary from the product photos you use on Instagram. This is because the latter allows more creative freedom while the former demands a more formal and professional feel to it. As such, Instagram is a surefire way to connect with your targeted audience on a personal level, especially when you allow your creative juices to flow through your product photos.

Do you know that the more creative, genuine, and open you are to your audience, the more they engage with your content? We know you want to make a good impression on your potential customers. We all do. So, here are seven jewelry product photography ideas to make your Instagram feed salable.

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7 Jewelry Product Photography Ideas to Convert Instagram Followers into Customers

1. Show your new products in one photo to avoid spamming your Instagram followers with 10, 20, or 30 photos. 

Jewelry product photography instagram
Source: Jewellery by Design, rings captured using the GemLightbox

Avoid annoying your Instagram followers by spamming them with multiple photos of new products at once. Over-posting, which, in this case, means your brand appears on your followers’ feed post-after-post, is one of the quickest ways to lose your audience. If you’re too excited to get your new creations out to the public and you find it hard to stick with three posts a day, why not create a thrill by photographing your new items in a single photo? Arrange it creatively, and the interested and intrigued audience will likely interact with it by liking, commenting, or reposting it.

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2. Recognize your clients by showing them to your audience or reposting their photos

Recognise your clients by showing them to your audience or reposting their photos
Source: Jewelry from Benjamin Hart Jeweller captured using the GemLightbox

Instagram users love to take photos of the brands they love. This makes it one of the best platforms to get your audience involved. You can do this by reposting their photos of your brand or creating a unique hashtag they can use when they post a photo of your product or services.

jewelry product photography ideas for instagram

In the example above, Benjamin Hart Jeweller used the GemLightbox to photograph its jewelry. This photo was then reposted by the latter on its Instagram account. Meanwhile, the second photo showed one of the clients, Jewellers Keith & Molly, with the GemLightbox in action.

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3. Show your creative process and the inspiration behind it.

Show your creative process and the inspiration behind it.
Source: Cerrone Jewellers

Do you know that stories can change people’s attitudes and behaviors? People are naturally drawn to stories. A story that appeals to one’s emotions captivates our brain by releasing oxytocin – this peptide hormone and chemical messenger is the one responsible for stimulating some positive emotions like kindness, happiness, empathy, and encouraging cooperation. If you have a good story for your audience, let it out as it sustains attention and will eventually win their hearts.

In the sample image above, Cerrone Jewellers managed to tell a story by letting their audience peek through their creative process. They also used text to communicate why they do what they do. A user who reads this will immediately create the impression that the brand pays excellent attention to every piece, which differentiates them from other mass-produced jewelry brands. It makes them memorable and persuasive.

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4. Take your audience to your events through your photos

jewelry product photography ideas - show your jewelry events photos
Source: The GemLightbox at the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show held 1 -5 March 2018

Have you been to any events lately? Take your audience with you by showing videos or photos of the event. Customers want experiences, and if they can’t be there with you, they’d be glad to be kept updated about the happenings. It helps in brand visualization and establishes a genuine appearance for your brand.

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5. Avoid verbosity by using jewelry product photos when announcing special promos, sales, and giveaways

Avoid verbosity by using jewelry product photos when announcing special promos
Source: Jewellery by Design

jewelry product photography ideas for social media
Source: Picup Media (@picupmedia)

As mentioned at the outset, Instagram has 800 million active users monthly. Hence, it is a perfect platform for your promotional activities, games, giveaways, sales, and other promos. The fact that you can make such an announcement or launch whatever promotional activities you’re having through product images makes it more appealing to your target audience. It’s the most sensible approach given that Instagram is a popular platform for all things visual. This isn’t a place for your audience to read lengthy captions. Remember, the sooner you get their attention, the better for your bottom line.

In the sample above, Jewellery by Design (JbD) used a photo to announce their offering for customers with Jamaica Blue Caribbean Crew Card. On the other hand, Picup Media took a different approach by presenting its Free Trial offer through a giant square grid.

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6. Let your audience scrutinize your product through a 360-degree product view

Let your audience scrutinize your product through a 360-degree product view

Watch the 360-degree product view below.

Source: Cerrone Jewellers, black and rose gold ring captured using the GemLightbox with a spin capability

Reveal all the fantastic details of your jewelry pieces by allowing your audience a 360-degree view. Showing the jewelry from all sides can help the audience decide whether he/she is just a part of the audience (at least for now) or a customer. It can also answer some of the customers’ questions as they don’t have to guess how the piece looks from other angles.

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7. Don’t forget to show your audience how your jewelry looks in real life by offering videos of the piece or providing them with quick tutorial videos related to the product

jewelry product photography ideas - show jewelry photos of when worn

Watch the video here.

Create added value for your customers by providing them with video content that displays your jewelry, so they know how it looks in real life or when it gets delivered to them after a purchase. You can also add informative videos. For instance, show them how to take care of their jewelry pieces or other tutorials that are beneficial to them.

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Your Instagram feed is the first thing your audience sees when they visit your profile. Make sure to leave a positive lasting impression – one that makes your brand memorable and salable.

Which of these seven jewelry product photography ideas is your favorite? Feel free to share and comment below!

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