Product Turntable

A product turntable is a round, flat and rotating platform that allows photographers to take 360 photographs or videos of smaller-sized products. They are usually made up of crystal-clear glass. If you use the product turntable for video, the product appears as if it is floating in mid-air. They can also be controlled by a wireless remote or computer software to rotate the product in 360 degrees. They are generally used for food, clothing, and jewelry photoshoots.  Though there are many accessories like product stands, a product turntable stands out because of its ability to be used for 360 product photography, which is the most efficient method to deliver visual product information to the customers. A product turntable alone can be handy, but its usability increases exponentially when paired with other devices. For example, if these turntables are used along with lights, tripods, and light tents, it will be easy to take studio-quality photos and videos.

How does a product turntable work?

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There are two types of product turntables, motorized and manual. A motorized product turntable comprises calibration tools, high-quality motors, precision gears, a microcontroller, and a wireless receiver. The microcontroller is connected to the motor and precision gear. The receiver gets its input from the remote controller and sends it to the microcontroller. Based on the input, the microcontroller signals the motor to either increase or reduce its rotation speed. On the other hand, a manual turntable does not have any motors and has to be rotated manually. They are mostly used for 3D scanning and video shooting of products.

It is quite easy to operate a product turntable. First, place the turntable at an appropriate place where there is perfect lighting and plug it into a power supply. Put the product onto the center of the turntable and set the speed and direction of rotation. You can also change the direction, angle, and speed using the remote controller.

A product turntable is great for jewelry photography and if you are looking to buy one, look no further than Picup Media. Picup Media’s 360 product photography turntable is UV coated to give a glossy, white background. The color is chosen so that the product receives the maximum attention from the customers. It uses state of the art technology and comes with a stable motor that lets you capture photos and videos without any motor sound or vibrations. Finally, it has a color-calibrated LED tube to improve color accuracy. All these features make it the best product turntable for video purposes. It has special built-in video modes for 360 degrees and 90-degree videos at 15 seconds per rotation and 30 seconds per rotation speeds.

Is it worth investing in a product turntable?

Is it worth investing in a product turntable

Good product photos attract customer's attention within a fraction of a second. Online jewelry businesses lack the tactile experiences offered by physical stores. Therefore, you would need to find an alternative way to compensate for what is lacking. Product photography allows you to do that. According to Google Shopping, 360 product photography attracts customers and gives them the confidence to buy your product because they can clearly see the features, design, and quality of your products. It builds customer loyalty for your brand and improves your sales. So even if it’s the best in class product turntable that is expensive, it will pay for itself in a very short period.

As said earlier, if a product turntable is paired with other accessories, its usefulness increases exponentially. But it can be quite a hassle to buy each accessory individually. Hence, Picup Media also offers a jewelry lightbox that can work well with the turntable. You can connect the turntable inside the lightbox itself. The lightbox is feature-packed, and when partnered with the turntable, anyone can shoot studio-quality 360 product videos. We offer a one-year warranty period with the lightbox and shipping service to anywhere in the world.

If you are using the product turntable for videos, you can also use your smartphone. With our 360 product photography app, your smartphone can click amazing pictures and videos. You can also connect it to the product turntable via Bluetooth and operate it with your smartphone. If you want to add any finishing touches to the images and videos, you can use our photo retouching service. We can remove any scratches on your jewelry product and make it look crystal clear in the videos. This process will be done within 3 to 4 business days. We also offer free revisions until you get fully satisfied with the output.

How much does a product turntable cost?

How much does a product turntable cost

Product turntables cost anywhere between $100 to $400 but consider it more an investment than an expense. Picup Media’s turntable falls in the same range. You can also opt for the combination of lightbox and turntable. For everything it brings to the table, it is pretty affordable.

If you are an online jewelry business, then get yourself a product turntable and lightbox from Picup Media and start shooting studio-quality photos and videos without having to depend on a studio.