Product Photography Lighting Kit

A product photography lighting kit ensures an adequate amount of light that falls on the product so that it looks sharp and detailed in the pictures and videos. Perfect lighting is the key to good photography, and that is what such a product photography lighting kit helps with. They come in various forms. Some have lights and a product stand while others are more equipped with light tents. Some versions are a combination of all the above-mentioned accessories, and they are called product photography light box kits. They are also called as product lightbox and is useful in the photography of small-sized products. Many lightboxes are specifically designed for a particular product category. If you are a jeweler, then Picup Media’s jewelry lightbox is the best option that you could choose.

What lighting is best for product photography?

What lighting is best for product photography

The best lighting for any product photography is natural lighting. It is also the least expensive option. This is why people tend to have their product photography outside sometimes. But it does come with its own set of challenges. There is a small-time period at which the sun is exactly at the right position, and you should complete your photoshoot in that period. If you missed it, then you would have to wait for the next day. You should also keep a close eye on the weather. If it is too cloudy or rainy, then irrespective of the sun's position, it is not possible for a photoshoot. Therefore, professional photographers prefer studio lighting. They use bulbs, lamps, or led lighting and reflectors to make sure that the product receives ample lighting. They also use different lighting techniques such as backlighting, side lighting, etc., to get studio-quality photos.

Why should I invest in a product photography lighting kit?

Why should I invest in a product photography lighting kit

As you can see from the above discussion, both lighting options come with their advantages and disadvantages. But there is also a third option that combines all the advantages of the two options and eliminates their disadvantages. That is a product photography lighting kit. That is one of the reasons why lightbox photography is gaining traction these days. If you are a jeweler, Picup Media’s product photography lighting kit comes with many lighting options. One of them is a daylight option that can create a well-lit environment by simulating natural light. It is portable and can be used indoors. It is also very affordable when compared to what professional jewelry studios charge. The lightbox also comes with a secondary light with an independent switch. This can be used if the jewelry product has gemstones. This light gives a nice sparkling effect to those gemstones.

Generally, in studios, every jewelry product would require a different setup. A necklace would require a light source at the back and a picolite to diffuse the light. Similarly, earrings would require two lights on either side. But with Picup Media’s lightbox, the only setup that you would have to do is switching it on. This product photography light box kit comes with a universal adapter, and hence it can be plugged in anywhere in the world. It also has other accessories such as a product stand, reflector panel, smartphone stand, etc. You can place a jewelry product at the center of the box and start shooting amazing photos and videos. This lightbox is compatible with any jewelry product photography like earrings, rings, necklace, etc.

360 product photography has become very useful in sales conversions and improving customer satisfaction. At Picup Media, we understand this, which is why our lightbox is capable of 360 product photography also. We provide a 360 product photography turntable, which can be connected to the lightbox itself. Place the turntable at the center of the box and keep the jewelry product on it. With the help of a remote shutter release and a tripod, you can easily capture a 360 product photo or a 360 product video.

If you do not have any fancy DSLRs or camera lenses, then you can use your smartphone itself. Install the 360 product photography app from the play store or app store, and your smartphone is now compatible with the product photography lighting kit. Once you connect it to the lightbox through Bluetooth, you will be able to operate the lights, turntable, etc. You can use a tripod, or you can also use the smartphone stand provided with the lightbox.

Apart from products like the product photography light box kit or turntable, we also offer various services. Our photo retouching services can be used if your product has some scratches on it. Our expert team will remove such scratches or any dust and make it look dazzling in the photograph. We also have a hallmarking service in which we hallmark your business logo onto the product to ensure that these photos cannot be plagiarized and used anywhere else. We also offer a few more services. If you would like to know more about it, visit Picup Media’s website.

Where can I find a product photography lighting kit near me?

Where can I find a product photography lighting kit near me

Product photography lighting kits can be found in abundance on some online websites. But if you are a jeweler, you would find that not many have their lightboxes tailor-made for jewelry photography. Picup Media is one of the few providers of jewelry lightbox. We have over 8,000 suppliers in various countries. With Picup Media's product photography lighting kit, even an amateur can capture stunning studio-quality photos and videos of jewelry products at low costs. So, wait no more and get your lightbox from Picup Media now. We deliver your order within 10 business days.