Product Photography

Product photography is the soul of an online business. Its purpose is to guide prospective customers from just having the product awareness to becoming a customer and making a purchase. With so many players in the e-commerce industry, it is becoming more difficult for businesses to get noticed by customers. A good product photography can act as a tipping point to getting more revenue and having a successful online business. That said, product photography can be very complex, especially in the jewelry product category. You would have to know about how to have sufficient lighting and how not to get unwanted reflections on the jewelry product. Hence, people end up hiring professional jewelry photographers.

What is product photography?

What is product photography

As the name states, product photography is the art of capturing high-quality photos and videos to highlight every detail of the product. In online selling, people don’t have an option of checking the product before buying it like they do in a brick and mortar store. In such cases, looking at product photos or videos is the closest they would experience the product. Hence, it is essential to have a good product photograph.

In addition to still images, there is also 360 product photography. These 360 product photos also help in improving sales conversions and increasing customer satisfaction. This gives you a competitive edge by differentiating your product from your competitors.

If you have an online business, you can find many product photography services to avail. You can find studios nearby you, or you can hire freelancers. But instead of outsourcing it, there is also a third option that you can look into, and that is called light box photography.

How to do product photography at home?

How to do product photography at home

Lightbox photography enables anyone to capture stunning and detailed images of the product from the comfort of your home. You wouldn’t need any huge equipment like panels, stands, lights, etc. All you would need is a lightbox. A product light box is packed with everything that is required to capture amazing photographs. You need not know lighting or camera settings. You can simply power on the lightbox and start capturing studio-quality photos and videos.

If you are looking for a lightbox for jewelry product photography, you will notice that most of the market's lightboxes are for general purposes. Picup Media is one of the very few platforms that help with your jewelry product photography. Picup Media’s jewelry lightbox comes with lighting options that are apt for jewelry photography. It has a daylight option to simulate natural lighting and an optional light that can provide a sparkling effect for gemstones. It gives you two shooting angles. You can either choose a front angle for earring photography and rings photography or a top angle for necklace photography. The walls of the lightbox reflect an adequate amount of light onto the product surface. Still, if you feel you would like more lighting, you can fit the light box's reflector panel.

With the addition of a 360 product photography turntable, the lightbox can also be used for 360 product photography. You would only need a remote shutter release connected to your camera. This ensures that you don’t have to touch the camera, which can cause some jerkiness; thereby, resulting in blurred images. Once you have finished capturing the images, you can use software to connect them and form an animation that can be viewed by a customer from any perspective that he wishes.

If you are not comfortable operating a DSLR, Picup Media also has a 360 product photography app. Using this app, you can shoot studio-quality photos and videos with the help of your smartphone. You can also use the app to upload the photos to our server for safekeeping or easy transfer across platforms.

How much does product photography cost?

How much does product photography cost

Professional photographers charge $750 per hour on average. Some of the topmost photographers even charge $10,000 per day. The rates are similar to jewelry products also. Given the demand for product photography services these days, these high rates might be acceptable. But if you are someone who would need product photoshoots every month or quarter, or if you are just starting a jewelry business, there would be multiple expenses. It does not make sense to spend much money on product photography alone. Hence, with just a fraction of that cost, you can get a jewelry lightbox from Picup Media. Picup Media offers a one-year warranty period and worldwide shipping within 10 days.

Apart from lightboxes for product photography, Picup Media also offers photo retouching services. In this service, we would further enhance the quality of your photographs by removing fingerprints, dust, or scratches. We would also change the background to something that will complement the product well. We usually take 3 to 4 business days for this process, and if you do not like the output, we offer free revisions until you are delighted with the result. You can also visit Picup Media’s website for more information on our other services such as hallmarking, Color-changing, and TIFF download.

The bottom line is that product photography may be expensive, but only if you visit a studio. Buy a lightbox from Picup Media & you, too can, capture studio-quality photos like a professional.