Wedding Ring Photography

Wedding ring photography requires special attention because it cannot be covered under just another jewelry product photography. It needs a unique technique and skillset to bring out the gracefulness and sophistication of the wedding ring’s design that customers look for before buying them.

Customers don’t mind shelling out a thousand dollars to find a wedding ring that can make their special day even more amazing, and this demand is never going to diminish. If you are looking to take advantage of it and grab a big market share, you should focus on wedding ring photography to better market your product and help you get there.

How do you photograph a wedding ring?

How do you photograph a wedding ring

Wedding rings are small products. If you are looking to capture the minute details, you should consider a good quality macro lens. Though they are expensive, it is essential for some good wedding ring shots. The next thing to do is switch to manual focus on your camera since autofocus would not fetch you accurate results. Next, you should also look at cranking up the camera aperture to highlight the product’s detailing. At last, your camera is all set and ready to capture amazing photos and videos.

Now comes the difficult part, the jewelry lighting. Though natural lighting is the best, it is not readily available all the time; hence, you would have to switch to studio lighting. The first rule to follow here is to never use your camera flash as the ring might reflect some of the light, which can cause white light spots and harsh shadows in the background. This is a major source of complexity because wedding rings with their curved and shiny surfaces reflect everything. Hence, the key is to find a lighting setup that can reduce these reflections.

A creative way for wedding ring photography is to use a conical shaped tent that covers the ring from all directions but still allows light to shine through one direction. You can use either a single light source or multiple light sources to get a sparkling effect from the diamonds or to highlight the metalwork on the rings.

Now that lighting is sorted, the final step would be to select a background. It is always best to go with a solid color because a background that is too colorful might shift the customer’s attention elsewhere. Therefore, always use a completely white or black background.

As you can see, wedding ring photography is not exactly easy. Unless you are a professional photographer or an extreme DIY enthusiast, it will be a tough nut to crack. This is the reason many people hire professional jewelry photographers or go to studios. It works out well as long as you are willing to spend thousands of dollars per day. But if you are an entry-level jeweler or tired of spending so much money on professionals and are looking for an alternative, Picup Media’s here to help.

18ct Yellow Gold London Bridge setting captured with the GemLightbox turntable

Picup Media’s jewelry lightbox enables anyone to take studio-quality photos and videos. It is also designed in such a way that the only setup required for any jewelry product photography is turning it on. This is apt for wedding ring photography because it covers the wedding ring from all sides; thereby, eliminating reflections. It also has a daylight feature that can mimic natural lighting through LED lights and a Sparkle light feature that is best for giving the gemstones a sparkling effect. It has pre-installed lights, which ensure that the wedding ring is illuminated from all directions. It also comes with a reflector panel to redirect some light onto the product surface. So, this solves the lighting complexity.

As far as the aperture and other camera settings go, Picup Media’s lightbox allows you to shoot sharp studio-quality photos and videos with just your smartphone. You can install the 360 product photography app for both Android and iOS devices. With this app and the smartphone stand that comes with the lightbox, you can forget about all those complex settings. With just the click of a button, you will be capable of an amazing wedding ring photography result.

An unexpected advantage is that Picup Media’s lightbox also supports 360 product photography. Now you can showcase your wedding rings in 360 degrees. This can help with more revenue and improved customer satisfaction. You can also get a 360 product photography turntable to aid you with your 360 product photography.

Once you have captured a good photo or video, if you still want to enhance the quality of the photograph, we also have a photo retouching service. Our team of experts can help you remove any dust or scratches and add an optimal background that highlights the wedding ring. The result of this is a pixel-perfect picture that can draw customer’s attention in a nanosecond. We also offer free revisions until you are completely satisfied with the output. So, invest in a lightbox from Picup Media now and have an amazing wedding ring photography experience.