Ring Photography

Ring photography is essential for every online jewelry business. Rings are one of the most common jewelry products bought online. Data from google trends reveal that the number of searches related to purchasing a ring online is increasing. If you want to take advantage of this scenario, then you should try to attract more customers. In the online jewelry business, people don’t have the patience to read the product specifications. The first thing they look at is the product photo, and then, based on the quality of the photo, the customer decides whether to proceed or otherwise. Hence, good ring photography can play a huge role in increasing your sales revenue.

What tools do you need to do ring photography?

What tools do you need to do ring photography

The first thing that you would need is a macro lens. This will let you get close to the jewelry product and capture even the minute details. Ensure the lens is of a high quality; otherwise, you would have to zoom in and crop the image tightly, resulting in a low-quality image. However, if you are on a budget and cannot afford to buy an expensive macro lens, you can purchase extension tubes. These tubes attach to your kit lens and let you get closer to the product while maintaining focus. The next tool that you would need is a light tent. This will let you capture and bounce light evenly onto the ring. This results in a much better image with shine and details. If you require more lighting, you can get a white tile to reflect light onto the product. When it comes to lighting, you can select LED lights. You can place these lights outside of the tent on either side. This will create broad and soft lighting that is important for good ring photography. If you need more diffusion, you can consider placing them inside a soft-box. If your rings have any stones on them, you can use a lower-powered bank of LED lights without a diffuser, and this will give a nice sparkling effect to the gemstones. One last thing to look for while selecting LED lights is to make sure they have the same color balance rating. If all these are set, then the planning phase is done. Next comes the execution phase of ring photography.

How to photograph rings?

How to photograph rings

Before grabbing your DSLR and starting your jewelry photoshoot, take some time to clean the ring properly. Any dust or fingerprints can make the ring look old or dull in the photograph, and it consumes a lot of time to remove it during the post-production process. Now that the cleaning is done, you can start the photoshoot. Place the ring on the white tile and keep it fixed in a standing position using small amounts of glue or jeweler’s putty on the lowest possible setting, so you don’t accidentally damage the ring. This position, along with the white tile, allows the buyers to look at the product's brilliant details. Then, place the LED lights on the side of the product. You can add the reflectors or play around with the angles until you get the desired results. This will result in a bright and glowing look that customers expect to see in a jewelry product photograph.

How much should ring photography cost?

With all the tools mentioned, one can expect that it will be pretty expensive, and it is. Ring photography consumes a lot of money and time to get the perfect shot. Jewelers hire professional jewelry photographers who charge anywhere between $250 to $1000 per hour. This is a recurring fee because you should bear the expenses every time you want to add a new product. But Picup Media is here with another option.

Jewelry Light Box
The GemLightbox by Picup Media

Picup Media’s jewelry lightbox is an affordable tool kit that enables you to shoot studio-quality ring photography by yourself. It is the only equipment that you will need, and it is extremely simple to use. You switch it on, place the ring at the center, and start shooting with your camera. It comes with a jewelry stand that you can use for the ring.

With the addition of a 360 product photography turntable from Picup Media, this lightbox can also be used for 360 product photography. You can connect the product turntable to the lightbox and adjust the rotation speed. You can also shoot with your smartphone, thanks to the 360 product photography app from Picup Media. The app also lets you connect to the turntable through Bluetooth, and you can control the speed with your smartphone itself.

Before the ring photography, if you had forgotten to clean the ring, you can send the pictures to us. We offer a photo retouching service, in which we remove any fingerprints or dust that appears on the product. We also crop the image and change the background so that only the product and its beautiful design is highlighted. Apart from the lightbox and the jewelry retouching service, we also offer other services. You can visit our website for more information about them.

Ring photography is crucial for a jewelry business, but you shouldn't go bankrupt paying for it. Shop at Picup Media & become a jewelry photographer yourself.