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The Eternal Love for Chain Bracelet

The eternal love for chain bracelet
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When it comes to jewelry trends, there is this jewelry that never goes out of style—chains! In this post, we’ll untangle the ancient but interesting story of a chain bracelet. Join us as we seek the beauty of this timeless jewelry piece!

A Brief History of Chain Bracelet

A chain bracelet or link bracelet is a piece of jewelry made by connecting links into a band. While the exact history of chain bracelets could not be known, chain jewelry pieces have enjoyed a prominent role since ancient times.

The earliest recorded history of chain jewelry pieces could be traced as far back as 2500 BC, thanks to the Ancient Egyptians who were then very particular about their personal appearance. They threaded links of gold and silver and adorned themselves with jewelry, including armlets and bracelets.

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Gold Chains and Hip-Hop Rappers

Men donning bulky chains was not a trend that started only in modern times. In fact, men had been known to drape themselves fashionably in gold, bulky chains since the early 16th century. However, one cannot discount the fact that gold, bulky chains have been a huge representation for rappers.

One of the first sightings of hip-hop artists in chain jewelry pieces involved Kurtis Blow, and rightfully so. Blow, who appeared wearing several gold chain pieces on his self-titled album cover, is the artist behind the first certified gold record rap song.

For the hip-hop culture, chains are a big statement of who they are. More than a symbol of wealth and status, chain jewelry is also an expression of their attitude, a symbol of their hard work and achievement. As you probably know, hip-hop started as a medium for social change. It was an avenue towards sparking a positive change for the oppressed, the music for the have-nots. Hence, when a few made it out of their desperate situation and climbed the ranks of the rich, they got to flaunt it. The culture of hip-hop is about struggle but to those who made it, this piece of jewelry symbolizes their escape from that struggle.

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Other Meanings and Symbols

A chain is a paradox. While it represents success among hip-hop artists, it’s also a representation of all bad things in society. For instance, oppression and slavery. In the novel Twelve Years a Slave, Solomon woke up in shackles after being drugged only to find out that he was sold at a slave market. Here, the chain symbolized the seemingly unbreakable power of slavery—where freedom was almost impossible.

On the other hand, we see chains often used to represent the beauty of human connection. The strong links that made the chain unbreakable are the very reason chains are often used to symbolize eternal love. The circle is eternal. It has no beginning and no end. This infinity linked to other circles in the chain makes its meaning all the more profound.

How to Capture a 360-Video of a Chain Bracelet

In this section, we’ll demonstrate to you how to capture a 360-video of a gold chain bracelet in just a click using the GemLightbox and a smartphone.

The GemLightbox and Turntable kit is the go-to solution for jewelers who seek simplicity and convenience when it comes to video and photography. In just a few simple steps, the GemLightbox produces professional-quality jewelry images and videos that are sales and social-media-ready.

Step 1. Connect the adapter and power up the GemLightbox.

Connect the adapter and power up the GemLightbox

First, connect the adapter that’s suitable to the power socket in your country. After doing this, power up the GemLightbox and remove the front reflector cover.

Watch here the complete GemLightbox setup demonstration.

Step 2. Place the chain bracelet inside the device.

Place the bracelet inside the GemLightbox

Next, place the chain bracelet on the turntable inside the GemLightbox.

Ensure that the bracelet is centered to prevent it from sliding away from the center when the turntable rotates. Then, put back the front reflector cover and follow the next step.

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Step 3. Open the GemLightbox app and capture.

Open the GemLightbox app

Finally, open the GemLightbox app and capture!

The GemLightbox app is available to download on both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store. Unlike your native camera, it optimizes your camera phone settings to ensure that you’ll only capture studio-quality jewelry photos and videos.

From this view, you can also make necessary adjustments. For instance, you can zoom in or out or adjust the brightness level for a solid white background finish, and don’t forget to tap to focus.

Remember that the GemLightbox has two shooting angles—the front view and the top-view angle. In this demonstration, we captured from the front shooting angle. Should you wish to capture from the top, simply lay flat your smartphone on the top and capture, see sample image below.

Top shooting angle
GemLightbox, top shooting angle

When you’re done capturing images or videos, click ‘save’ to save them from the GemLightbox app gallery. Saving them from the gallery allows you to easily post your videos to your social media pages or email them directly to your buyers.

See final video below.

Gold chain bracelet
A 360-video of a gold chain bracelet captured with GemLightbox

Watch the complete GemLightbox demonstration below.

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