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How to Automate Sales on Your Online Jewelry Store

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In this blog post, we’ll give you several tips to automate sales on your online jewelry store. Automation can be defined as to how far you can bring a lead down the sales funnel without any human interaction. We’ve listed below the top 5 tips that will push your leads as far as possible down the sales funnel!

360-Degree Jewelry Product Photography

Incorporating 360-degree jewelry product photography into your visual process will allow shoppers to have a better and clearer understanding of what they will be receiving when they make a purchase. Shoppers are empowered when you transfer control to your shoppers and let them design their own shopping experience. Shoppers are able to control which angles of your jewelry product to see and it makes them feel that you’re not hiding any product flaw from them.

Creating 360-degree jewelry product videos has never been so simple. Traditionally, 360-degree product videos require a trained professional full photography kit. We’ve condensed decades of technology and photography knowledge into the GemLightbox jewelry photography system. There’s no training required, meaning that anyone on your team with a smartphone can shoot beautiful images and videos. Watch the video below to see how easy it can be to record a perfect 360-degree jewelry product video.

Capturing 360 white background jewelry videos using the GemLightbox Turntable

Scheduling Social Media Posts

Save your precious time by scheduling your social media posts well in advance. We’ve discussed previously that the key to success on social media is consistency. For your Facebook and Instagram accounts (every jeweler should at least be on these platforms), you’d want to be posting at a minimum daily on both your Instagram feed and story. To make sure you never miss out on a post, consider using a scheduler such as Buffer or Hubspot.

Another advantage of using a scheduler is that they are in-built with powerful tracking and analytics tools, to help you optimize your posts for when your target audience is most active. Some content, such as videos and Instagram stories, cannot be scheduled, so you’ll still need to post these natively from your smartphone. At least half the work is automated for you!

how to automate sales on online jewelry store
Hubspot can be used to schedule your social media posts

Using the GemLightbox also makes content creation so much easier. For suggestions to convert your Instagram followers into customers, check out our post here.

Utilizing a chatbot on your website

Your website visitors are more like to purchase from you if all their objections and questions are handled well. Previously, chatbots and other artificial intelligence were only available to larger businesses. However, technology has progressed significantly within the last decade making chatbots very accessible to smaller businesses. By using a chatbot, you can answer up to 80% of customers’ questions, instantly! The tricky part, of course, is setting it up. It’s up to you to decide whether or not you want the chatbot to assist with questions, capture leads, or nurture them. In either way, chatbots generate predictive analytics which you can use to drive sales.


Automatic cart abandonment

Studies show that 42% of online shoppers will easily abandon their shopping cart if they feel that the items are lacking in the product information. You can reduce this number significantly by incorporating 360-degree jewelry product photography and setting up a chatbot. According to Shopify, nearly seven out of every 10 carts are abandoned at checkout! It is possible to set up an automated emailing system to lure them back to the sale through your marketing software. The numbers are too irresistible – Ecommerce customers who receive multiple abandoned shopping cart emails are 2.4 times more likely to complete the purchase than those who receive only one follow up email. And customers who receive multiple abandoned cart emails have a multiple transaction rate 44% higher than those who didn’t. The tricky part, the emails are triggered properly. This can be an issue if you are using multiple systems, however, if you have a good development they can integrate and test the triggers for you.

how to automate sales on online jewelry store


It’s important to have data on your customers as it will allow you to better understand their behavior and create tailored marketing and sales strategies for each group. The best way to store your customers’ data is in a customer relationship management system (CRM). Using your data, you can see when a customer had last purchased a product from you. You can set up automatic re-engagement email campaigns centered around trigger points such as the last time they purchased from you or when they last interacted with you. Entice your customers with simple re-engagement emails that offer complimentary shipping, a free gift, a special discount of even try to push them to another channel such as social media to get them engaged with your business.

By utilizing these five tips, your sales and lead generation should fly!

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