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How to be an Attention-Hacker through Jewelry Videos (Part 1)

Attention hacker through jewelry videos - part 1
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You’ve probably heard it more than once before. If content is king, VIDEO is the emperor; in this case, your jewelry videos. That is if you have any videos at all. Otherwise, Houston, it seems like you have a problem!

In this two-part post, we’re going to show you how to hack your buyers’ attention by incorporating jewelry videos into your marketing strategy. Think of it as a way of interrupting your buyers’ buying decision habits whenever they’re in your online jewelry store.

According to Marketing expert Todd Hartley, founder of the video marketing firm Wirebuzz, videos have the power to stop your target buyers in their tracks by providing them with enough information about your brand and products and/or services while still leaving them plenty of room to crave for more.

Picture yourself as your own case study: you’re walking on the street when a salesperson approaches you quickly and offers you his/her products. Will you buy them immediately? Most probably not. There’s an even bigger chance that you’ll just walk past the salesperson while he/she follows your way hoping that you’ll stop and listen. But you will not, and that will be the end of your short-lived encounter with whatever brand that salesperson carries. Or maybe you will, but that will not be the same journey for everyone. Others – who may probably need that product – will wait until they’re home so they can research the product they need on the internet.

On the other hand, videos – when done with absolute knowledge about the stages of every buyer’s journey – can steal one’s attention and hack their buying behaviors.

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What Constitutes a Buyer’s Journey? 

jewelry videos

Hartley explains that effective video marketing requires a thorough understanding of your target buyer’s journey. When you know where they’re in, in terms of their buying decision process, you can optimize your online jewelry store to meet them at that point by showing them the most relevant brand or product information to lock their attention.

Quite often, as Hartley mentions, potential buyers will go to your online jewelry store and will exhibit habits that are not really helping your sales goal. These are the potential buyers who will initially skim your business website, skip information they don’t need or is too overwhelming for them, and then immediately bounce away from you and onto your competitor’s business website.

How disappointing it could be to see such a missed sales opportunity!

To counter such, here are the three videos you have to have on your business website to slow down potential buyers’ triadic habits of skimming, skipping, and bouncing. In the following section, you’ll see how you – as a jeweler-  can use these types of videos to attract your potential buyers.

Read on!

3 Types of Jewelry Videos You Have to Have on Your Online Jewelry Store

1. An explainer video

Explainer videos are short, compelling videos that allow you to introduce your brand to your target buyers, including what you do, the products and/or services that you offer, and how you can help the buyers. Depending on how you’d like to position your explainer video, this is useful for building trust and confidence in your brand.

A great example of an explainer video is the Serendipity Diamonds introduction video, as shown below, by Lionsorbet. Here, the brand tells its target buyers where they buy the diamonds to provide the kind of product and service that they would want to expect when going to a jewelry store. Notice how they humanized the brand immediately to capture the viewers’ attention and establish a feeling of trustworthiness and quality. This was further reinforced by stating that the online jewelry store is not just a website but a complete experience.

Click the image below to watch the explainer video or watch it on their website using the link above.

If you’re a buyer, would you not feel confident buying from their website knowing that the people behind it put so much effort and value into their brand?

That’s the beauty of explainer videos. It conveys your story and allows you to connect with your target buyers in such a short amount of time without appearing too overbearing. It gives you time to process and assess the information.

When you create your explainer jewelry video, be genuine and remember that there’s no recommended length as every jewelry business is different from one another. Just make sure to keep it succinct, compelling, and not too loaded with complex information.

Never overburden your target buyers. Some people would prefer videos over texts because reading is hard, so don’t let them feel the same way when watching your jewelry videos.

2. A product video

There are different types of product videos you can make for your online jewelry store – each serving different functions and purposes but are nonetheless, all useful to your sales and marketing goal.

The first type of product video is a 360-degree video of your products. This one is effective in conveying product details that are difficult to convey using only images and text. An example of this is Cerrone Jewellers’ black and rose gold ring below. As you can see, it spins in a way that lets you see even the upper and lower shanks of the ring, the setting, and the crown.

Product video from Cerrone Jewellers captured using the GemLightbox

Another product video you can make is a launching video that’s perfect if you’re launching new jewelry pieces or collections or a how-to video.

It’s important to remember that when creating jewelry product videos, you showcase the desired value of your potential buyers. You can do this by talking or showing the problem at hand, and then agitating them – make them feel something; appeal to their emotions, and finally take them to the end, by solving it.

3. A testimonial video

People who view your testimonial videos are those who’ve seen your explainer and product videos already. In this stage, they already know who you are and what you offer, but they want to feel more secure before making a positive buying decision by knowing what the public is saying about your jewelry pieces.

An example of a testimonial video is shown below from the GemLightbox during a live jewelry photography demonstration at the JCK Las Vegas show in June 2018.

Click the image below to watch the video.

When creating a testimonial video, make sure to focus on your buyers’ story and their experiences in wearing your jewelry pieces or using your other products/services. As much as possible, try to film it in their environment or other locations such as jewelry exhibits similar to the example above to make it more authentic.

Always remember that testimonial videos may not work unless they have seen your explainer and product videos. Be there in every step of their journey.

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And there you have it!

In summary, there are three essential jewelry videos you should have on your online jewelry store. These are (1) the explainer video; (2) a product video (of any type depending on your purpose); and (3) a testimonial video.

Remember that your jewelry videos must connect with your potential buyers and deliver the information they need at the right time. Consider the notion that not all videos may lead to a favorable buying decision unless the buyer’s journey is completed. Hence, you need to be there at the right time so you can easily journey with them from the point of arrival to the end.

In the following post, we’re going to discuss the importance of jewelry videos and why you should not settle with jewelry images and jewelry descriptions only. Click here to continue reading about the importance of jewelry videos (Part 2).

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