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5 Social Media Live Content Ideas for Jewelers

live content ideas for jewelers
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Could live streaming be the future of social media? Possibly. In this article, we’re going to provide you with 5 high engaging live content ideas to future-proof your business. Read on!

What is Live Content?

Live content is a video you produced yourself and streamed live on the internet. There are several reasons why live video streaming matters to your target shoppers, and in effect, why it should matter to you, too.

  • Live videos rank higher, particularly on Facebook, as users spend over 3x more time watching live videos than videos no longer live.
  • Users consider it more genuine than a prepackaged ad; thus, helping them form a strong connection with your brand.
  • They foster an authentic connection between your brand and your customers as the latter consider it a form of conversation.
  • Live content offers a taste of accessibility that stimulates customers’ trust and confidence.
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Live content statistics

Indeed, live content is a game-changer, and with its continuously increasing popularity, it’s undeniably a powerful social media marketing tool. However, thinking of live content ideas that delight and engage your followers is another story.

So, how do you know which live content work? What are the different types of live content that can boost your brand? Find out below!

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5 Live Content Ideas for Jewelers

1. Product launches and other announcements

Live content idea - product launc

Live streaming product launches or any other big announcements is one way of using live content effectively.

Did you know that 68% of people prefer learning about new products through videos over articles?

Live broadcasting milestones like product releases excite your followers, keep them interested, and enable you to reach out to as many users as possible in real-time. Additionally, it has a low barrier to entry, given that there are too many platforms right now that enable a live streaming feature, leaving you with no reason but to take advantage of this cost-efficient marketing strategy.

2. Behind-the-scenes content

Behind the scenes live content

Instagram is popular for behind-the-scenes live content. The process is easy, making it more appropriate and compatible for giving a queek behind-the-scenes-peek at your business.

Instagram Live videos can also increase your discoverability on the platform because of the in-app notifications that your followers receive and because your Live will be bumped to the front of the Stories feed. Unlike other platforms, you get to keep your Instagram Live onto your Instagram Stories for 24 hours; thus, giving more users and followers a chance to watch your videos if they missed them the first time.

Some behind-the-scenes content ideas you can try are:

  • Taking users behind the scenes of your jewelry models’ photoshoot.
  • A quick sneak peek of your workstation, your people, or your office interior.
  • A short demonstration of your jewelry making process
  • Showcasing the different materials, you use for jewelry making and giving them a preview of your design process.
  • Sharing snippets of live office events and celebrations to humanize your brand.
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3. Q&A sessions

Live streaming Q&A

Nothing is more authentic than interacting with your audience, and Q&A sessions are one of the most brilliant ways of doing this. Live streaming Q&As help you build a strong connection with your followers by simply answering whatever questions they have about your company, your employees, and your brand in a more engaging way.

A live Q&A has benefits that you might not get by just putting out prepackaged ads or standard social media posts. Among these benefits are:

  • Creating a direct and more personal connection with your customers or audience.
  • Keeping your finger on your audience’s pulse and understanding how they feel about your product and brand.
  • Garnering high engagement rate through real-time opinion polls.
  • Live Q&A sessions make the audience feel included. Through live streaming, you invite them to become part of the conversation, and in the process, show them the way you value their thoughts, questions, and opinions.

4. Collaborations, features, and takeovers

live streaming collaborations and takeovers

Collaborations, features, and takeovers are some of the live content ideas you can try. Takeovers can surge interest in your account as they pay attention to it while the event is happening.

Of course, not everyone has the resources and opportunity to host takeovers, features, and collaborations with well-known celebrities or personalities; however, it should not stop you from doing so.

In fact, it doesn’t always to be with someone popular. You just need to have a field expert who can educate, entertain, and keep your audience engaged. For example, you can collaborate with a jewelry designer or feature an up and coming one. You can also hire a brand ambassador, one of your models with her/his own following, or an influencer to take over your Instagram account for a day.

Your takeovers or features can be a regular. For example, last year, Tiffany & Co launched its T Time Instagram Live series, where the brand features live takeovers by influential personalities and creatives.

5. Quick tutorials

Live streaming quick tutorials

Finally, another great live content idea is live streaming quick tutorials. Here, you can show part of your jewelry making process to give them an idea about the work that you put in. When you let them into some parts of your process, it can make them look differently and more positively and meaningfully at your jewelry.

Further, you don’t have to limit yourself to jewelry-making processes only. You can also give quick tips on how to take care of their jewelry pieces, demonstrate how to clean them to keep them sparkling all the time, or model how they can wear different types of necklaces according to different types of necklines. The ideas are endless!

This type of content is not only engaging or entertaining. Above all else, it’s informative, valuable, and educative⁠—something they might not get from your competitors.

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Have you tried one of these live content ideas?

Overall, live content is all about real-time connection. It refocuses your energy to your customers for you to grow and create that long-lasting connection that can fuel your business now and in the future.

It’s time to re-introduce your brand to your audience. Go, live and engage!

What other live content ideas can you think of? Let us know in the comment section below!

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