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5 Holiday Jewelry Trends That Will Turn Heads This 2023

Fall-Winter Jewelry Trends
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‘Tis the season to be merry, especially if you’re a jeweler!

According to recent numbers, this year is not only meant to be a wonderful one but also the busiest as eMarketer (Insider Intelligence), a market research company that provides insights on digital marketing and commerce, predicts a 4.5% increase in overall retail spending this holiday season.

But how do you lean into this year’s holiday jewelry trend, considering the predicted holiday spending? How’s your holiday marketing plan going? And what jewelry pieces should you load up on to match your customers’ rising confidence?

This year’s holiday jewelry trends are all about big personalities. Read further to get your inventory on trend this fall and winter.

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5 Holiday Jewelry Trends to Highlight on Your Storefront

1. Mismatched Earrings

Mismatch earrings-asymmetry trend

Have you been glued to runway shows this year? If so, you’ll notice that asymmetry is the major theme this fall and is likely to continue into the winter.

Asymmetrical designs are all about individuality, self-expression, and creativity, thus making it a perfect infusion into your fall and winter looks if you wish to make your big personality shine. Take note, however, that holiday trends don’t ask you to throw yourself deeper into consumerism. We’re all about sustainability here and encourage you to focus more on self-expression. Instead of buying new pairs, experiment a little and use your creativity to shine.

For instance, look at your jewelry collection and find out which different styles you already have can be paired together. Perhaps, a piece of stud with your dangling earring? Aside from varying lengths, play with different gemstone colors, metals, and patterns. These styles will add an interesting dynamic to your look with contrast and vibrancy you probably have not expected.

Bonus: Metal Earrings

This is definitely not the year of the dainty, with big, bold metal earrings rising to cult status. Think of a big chunk of platinum, sterling silver, and gold just like this pair of Bottega Veneta drop earrings.

5 holiday jewelry trends that will turn heads this 2023

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2. Rosette

Holiday jewelry trends – rosette

Undeniably one of the Y2K comeback trends—the rosettes.

If you think rose adornments and patterns are only fit for spring, think again as oversized rosettes have established their dominant position in this list of holiday jewelry trends. From rosette choker necklaces to rosette-accented clothing pieces, this floral embellishment has absolutely pushed its way to the front

Do you want to stay low-key but still in style? Choose floral adornments and jewelry pieces that stay true to the theme without attracting too much attention, just like the sample pieces below, as captured with the GemLightbox and a smartphone.

Floral ring captured with GemLightbox and a smartphone
Floral ring captured with the GemLightbox and a smartphone

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3. Pearly Pearls of Wisdom

Holiday jewelry trends - pearls

Pearls are in! (did they ever leave though?).

Fall and winter’s breakout star of the holiday season—pearls.

Pearls never go out of style, but you’ll likely see more of this nature’s wonder this holiday. There are many reasons why pearls’ popularity never wanes. They are timeless, classic, and as Jackie Kennedy put it, always appropriate. When selling pearls to your customers, think of them as a gem for all generations. It’s not only for celebrities and royalty members. After all, pearls symbolize purity, serenity, and wisdom. They couldn’t monopolize that, could they?

If you’re unsure what kind of pearls to stock up on this year, think of oversized pearls and beribboned styles.

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4. Cuffs and Chunky Bangles

Holiday jewelry trends – bulky bangles

Since “subtle” is not the word to describe this year’s holiday jewelry trend, don’t be surprised to see arm cuffs and chunky bangles from fall to winter. While arm cuffs were known to symbolize women empowerment, as inspired by history, this year think of them as an arm party that will make you and your customers look regal.

Restock on opulent-looking, bead, gemstone, or jewelry-encrusted bangles, burnished arm cuffs, or those thick metal ones.

white and yellow gold bangle with diamonds
This 18k white and yellow gold diamond spring bangle features 20 beautiful round brilliant cut E-F, VS diamonds totaling 3.26 carats. This stunning bangle is photographed with GemLightbox Eclipse and a smartphone

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5. Pins and Brooches

Holiday jewelry trends – brooches

Totally underrated but definitely worth the spotlight. Our attention turns to pins and brooches as they make their way to this year’s list of holiday jewelry trends.

The moment we saw Rihanna donned those three diamond-studded brooches in the Super Bowl halftime show, we knew they were about to make a big comeback. From chunky ones to oversized brooches, clustered, and statement pieces, jewelers will find a bevy of designs to restock this year.

Brooches are versatile, gender-neutral, and are a quick way to add interest to a rather plain-looking outfit so drop that side eye and jump on the trend.

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What other jewelry trends have you spotted?

Overall, it’s safe to say that this year’s holiday jewelry trends are all about being big and bold. Pack all the subtle pieces back in your inventory as customers are expected to go all out this season as they bid goodbye to the heat of summer with a smile.

Have you spotted other holiday jewelry trends to add to this list? Let us know in the comment section below!

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