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Rolex Watch Photography in 5 Different Ways with GemLightbox

Rolex watch photography
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Do you need help with Rolex watch photography? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place!

Rolex watches are a true legacy of excellence. Its design came from a strict methodology to stand the test of time and the harshest conditions without compromised performance. It is this robustness and reliability that sometimes makes it difficult to photograph.

Some considerations when photographing a Rolex include the level of reflectivity of materials and lighting. For instance, overhead lighting can result in glares, and wrong focus— on the date instead of the dial—can easily blur the rest of the details.

In this GemLightbox demonstration, we’re going to show you how to photograph a Rolex watch in 5 different ways using a smartphone. The watch in the demonstration is one of the Oyster Perpetual watches. Oyster Perpetual watches boast exceptional chronometric precision, a waterproof Oyster case, and a seamless self-winding movement through a Perpetual rotor.

To start, we need the following tools.

  • The GemLightbox Turntable and Aerial set
  • The GemLightbox app
  • Black fabric or board
  • Smartphone

Let’s begin!

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Mastering Rolex Watch Photography in 5 Different Ways with GemLightbox

1. Suspend the watch using the GemLightbox Aerial.

Suspend the Rolex watch inside the GemLightbox

The GemLightbox Turntable Aerial kit comes with a magnetic watch holder. To hang your Rolex watch, simply put the strap through the holder and lock it. Then, attach the holder to the GemLightbox Aerial magnetically, as seen in the picture.

This position allows you to capture both a still photograph and a 360-video on a clean white background.

Watch how to set up the GemLightbox Aerial here.

Rolex watch 360 video on a white background

2. Capture the suspended watch on a black background.

Capture the watch on a black background

Next, we shift from a white background to a black background. From its initial suspension, add a black material at the back to serve as a backdrop. Your material can be anything from a black velvet fabric to a black cardboard material.

Rolex watch on a black background
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3. Photograph your Rolex watch from a front-angle view using the GemLightbox turntable.

Rolex Watch Photography on a white background

First, set up your GemLightbox turntable. You may click the link to watch the complete setup process.

Then, place your Rolex inside the GemLightbox on top of the turntable. This front-view angle. Unlike the suspended, vertical position, this setup enables the viewers to view the watch horizontally as it rotates. Further, there is no distraction to the viewers as this composition does not require a watch holder.

Photographing Rolex on a white background with GemLightbox

4. Shoot on a black background using the GemLightbox Eclipse.

Rolex watch photography on a black background

Eclipse can add a whole new different character to your images and videos. It is an add-on feature that enables jewelers to capture photographs and 360 videos on a beautiful black background.

To set up Eclipse, watch here.

Before capturing photos and videos of your Rolex, remove the top cover of the GemLightbox turntable and replace it with the Eclipse. Ensure that you place it properly and lock it in place to prevent your watch from wobbling when it rotates.

Photographing a Rolex watch on a black background with Eclipse
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5. Take a shot of your Rolex from a top-view angle.

How to photograph a rolex watch from a top-view angle

Finally, capture images of your Rolex from a top-view angle.

To do this, simply lay your watch flat inside the GemLightbox. Next, put back the front reflector cover. Then, remove the top cover of the GemLightbox, and lastly, position your phone on top of the box and capture.

This composition is really effortless while also giving viewers a full view of all the design details. See the image below.

take picture of a rolex watch from a top-view angle
Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch photographed with GemLightbox and an iPhone XS

Watch the complete Rolex watch photography demonstration below!

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