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Picup Media Wins JWA Innovation of the Year 2021

Picup Media Wins Innovation of the Year Award at the 2021 Jewellery World Awards
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Challenge the norm, do the impossible…and so we did. From cardboard boxes on day 1 to the scene-stealing product that it is today, the GemLightbox has catapulted Picup Media into the spotlight as we received the Innovation of the Year award from the prestigious Jewellery World Awards (JWA) held last 21 February 2022 in Dubai.

William Chu, Founder and CEO of Picup Media receives the Innovation of the Year award from the Jewellery World Awards held in Dubai last 21 February 2022
William Chu, Founder and CEO of Picup Media
William Chu, Founder and CEO of Picup Media receives the Innovation of the Year award from the Jewellery World Awards held in Dubai last 21 February 2022

William Chu, Founder and CEO of Picup Media received the award. “We are proud and grateful to have been recognized by such an esteemed panel of experts. We dedicate this recognition to all the jewelers and everyone who has supported us on our journey,” he said.

What Does Innovation Mean for Our Business?

Picup Media’s vision to help create a digital jewelry world synchronizes with JWA’s goal to advance the global jewelry and gemstone industry. Underpinning all this is INNOVATION.

Change is inevitable, especially in the business landscape where innovation can spark positive changes. Over the last two years, we’ve seen innovation combat uncontrollable threats, risks, and challenges. No greater than the pandemic could validate this testament. We’ve witnessed how pandemic-led innovations have changed the way businesses tackle their operations—from contactless transactions to virtual concierge, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and so many more. You’ll notice that most of these innovations are not new but the pandemic surely accelerated their adoption. COVID-19 has presented jewelers with a choice, an opportunity. Picup Media stood its ground to help make every jeweler worldwide feel equipped to pursue those presented opportunities with or without a crisis.

The World of GemLightbox

Leading our series of innovative jewelry solutions is the GemLightbox.

The GemLightbox captures studio-quality jewelry images using just your smartphone

GemLightbox is not a stranger to jewelry exhibits. In 2019, we partnered with Informa Markets Jewellery, the organizer of the Jewellery World Awards, to deliver an outstanding jewelry exhibit experience to thousands of attendees of the June Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair. As the event’s official photography partner, we captured over 15,000 jewelry images and 360 videos. And we’re not stopping!

All the GemLightbox products
All the GemLightbox products and add-ons

Since its international debut, the GemLightbox has been upgraded continuously. From a standalone jewelry photo light box, we’ve added more features such as the turntable for 360 videos and the Aerial for long and dangling jewelry pieces. We’ve also introduced additional products to cater to different jeweler’s needs. These introductions include the GemLightbox Macro for diamond and loose gem photography, Eclipse for black background jewelry photos and videos, and GemLoupe for capturing those extra sparkles.

Jewelry Retail in the Time of Pandemic

The jewelry industry has been one of the many sectors badly hit by the pandemic. With canceled shows and restricted movements for two years, jewelers had to be resourceful and flexible to stay afloat. During this time, tech adoptions were noticeable. Jewelers Going Digital reported that 50% of jewelry retailers have posted more on social media since the pandemic hit. Further, 24% have added e-commerce to their website.

We were there to witness it first-hand. As many jewelers rushed to move their business online, we received an unprecedented demand for our jewelry photography solutions to kickstart their online presence and transition seamlessly. Jewelry imaging is vital to online retail success. Did you know that 93% of consumers rely on product photos when making a buying decision? Additionally, 360 product videos can increase the conversion rate by 30% higher than those without.

The jewelers’ openness to embracing new technology and the accelerated phase at which they embrace it, given the situation validates our enormous impact on the digitalization of the jewelry industry. We were there when you needed us and we’re not going away.

What’s Next for Us?

We’re just starting!

Jewellery World Awards Innovation of the Year awardee Picup Media releases jewelry virtual try on
Picup Media incorporates augmented reality through jewelry virtual try-on into Jewelry Hub

With the rise of pandemic-led innovations such as augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI), Picup Media moves forward with the new subscription-based platform, Jewelry Hub. The Hub allows jewelers to create digital assets such as AR objects through the virtual jewelry try-on tool, automate jewelry product writing descriptions with its AI-powered description generator, and retouch jewelry photos to pixel-perfect quality with its AI-powered jewelry retouching tool. The Jewelry Hub is as convenient as it gets as it allows auto-synchronization so that you can have access to their assets from all devices and at the same time, integrate it into your other systems.

The future looks exciting!

Join us again as you did. From tiny hotel rooms on day one to today’s acclaimed jewelry award shows, we hope to see you there. Journey with us for an accessible digital jewelry world!

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