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How to be an Attention-Hacker through Jewelry Videos (Part 2)

The importance of jewelry videos on your online jewelry store
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Welcome to the second part of “How to be an Attention-Hacker through Jewelry Videos.” If you haven’t read about the three essential jewelry videos you should have on your online jewelry store, click the link to go to the first part of the post.

If you’ve read it already, thank you! But you probably still hold doubts as to why it has to be videos, specifically. You might be asking, “why jewelry videos, why not jewelry images or paragraphs of text detailing your pieces?”

Those are valid questions. So read on and see the importance of adding jewelry videos on your website and/or entirely incorporating it into your marketing strategy.

If most of your target buyers are allergic to salespeople until they decide to buy, how are you going to move them from Point Resistance to Point Purchase?

Here comes the internet – your salesperson who never sleeps. That’s right! Your online jewelry store is your most valuable resource…only if you will optimize and align it to your buyers’ buying behavior.

The problem with the internet is the fact that you’re competing for attention. It has been said that as a brand, you only have eight seconds to attract your target buyers. You’ve to do it really quickly with the help of a well-designed strategy. Hence, long paragraphs of product details will no longer work, and here’s why jewelry videos will for you. 

The importance of jewelry videos on your online jewelry store

Todd Hartley explains how videos can prolong the amount of time your target buyers spend on your website. And given that 82% to 88% of your target buyers don’t want to talk to your salespeople unless they’re ready to buy, there are more opportunities for you to influence people who are eyeing diamonds and other jewelry pieces online.

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Why Jewelry Videos?

1. Educational jewelry videos can seal the deal 

Instead of carpet-bombing people online with your viral content, shift to creating educational jewelry videos to increase your browser-to-buyer conversion. According to Hartley, ‘people who watch the entire educational jewelry videos are highly likely to buy or become future customers.’

A good example of educational videos is your how-to videos. Take a look at the example video below. Here, we demonstrate to our clients how to photograph a stack of rings using their GemLightbox and their smartphones/iPhones. The video does not aim to sell but seeks to educate jewelers who have bought the GemLightbox on how to use their device to capture great images of rings.

Educational videos do not only educate the viewers about your products but also show them value for money.

As Hartley said, the key here is to think of ‘how to be helpful’ instead of ‘how to be viral.’ This is because when you desire virality, there is always a greater possibility of you reaching out to people who are not even interested in what you offer. It could be a wasted effort; after all, your goal is to create sales, not just mere internet exposure.

2. Jewelry videos can help you retarget online buyers

So you already know who you’re reaching and how your viewers are finding you; the next step is knowing what to do with them. According to Hartley, you can retarget online buyers by segmenting them based on what they watch and how much of your video they watch.

For instance, how many people have watched 95% of your video? How many people have watched 75%, 50%, and only 25% of your video? Vimeo Business and Vimeo PRO allow you to see how many of your audience watched different parts of your jewelry videos. Group them based on this criterion and include the most engaged groups in your marketing promotions.

3. Your jewelry videos can help increase your conversion rate

Videos, including the ones on your landing page, are an investment that helps increase your conversion rate. In fact, Hubspot reports that 53% of people want to see more videos from marketers. This statistic reinforces the notion that videos can influence buying behaviors and decisions in ways that are beneficial to your brand. Additionally, viewers are 144% more likely to buy a product after watching a video than other forms of content.

4. People on the internet love videos, and so is the search engine

Aside from long-form texts, search engines would love your jewelry videos because videos are engaging. It entices people on the internet and attracts more page views and shares on social media pages. When a potential buyer shares your jewelry videos with her/his network of friends, it opens more sales opportunities for you as it could be seen by other jewelry enthusiasts in his/her list of friends.

It’s a visual world!

In summary, jewelry videos are an investment that can help boost your conversion rate when done with a proper strategy in mind. It prolongs the length of time viewers spend on your jewelry website and interrupts their usual process of skimming, skipping, and bouncing.

When competing for attention, make sure you have the advantage. Know the content they’re looking for. Don’t let your potential buyers out in the cold.

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