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How to Use 360-Degree Jewelry Videos on Instagram

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In this how-to guide, we’ll teach you how to use 360-degree jewelry videos on Instagram. By 2020, video content is expected to make a whopping 80% of all online content. While there are many ways to incorporate videos into your Instagram page, there is one strategy that has consistently brought sales throughout all platforms. Yes, as you may have guessed, 360-degree jewelry videos are the most versatile and have outperformed all other video types! Read through to find out how to use 360-degree jewelry videos on Instagram!

Creating Your 360-Degree Jewelry Videos for Instagram

How to Use 360-Degree Jewelry Videos on Instagram

Studies have shown that 360-degree product videos had increased conversion rates by up to 30%. But why isn’t everyone creating 360-degree product videos in the jewelry industry if this statistic has been well-publicized? The answer is simple – creating 360-degree jewelry videos are extremely difficult. Let’s take one step further back. If many people are unable to capture quality results with their jewelry photography, how can you expect them to create 360-degree jewelry videos?

What’s Required?

A very common misconception is that you need a full photography kit and know-how to create amazing quality jewelry images and videos. Traditionally, this is the case. However, we’d like to give you a breakdown of how photography actually works. Photography derives from the Greek language and translates to “drawing of light”. We at Picup Media realized very early on that lighting aspect was the most important factor in determining the quality of your images. In fact, we believe that 80% of the final input was determined by lighting environment alone. That’s why we’ve heavily tested hundreds of different lighting equipment and materials to find the find perfect lighting environment for jewelry photography. After 1 year of research and development, GemLightbox was born.

The Perfect Lighting Environment

GemLightbox is the perfect blend of lights and materials to bring out beautiful reflections in your metals, blind facets and true colors of your gemstones.

After mastering 80% of jewelry photography within GemLightbox alone, we can worry less with the remaining 20%. From the remaining 20%, 10% can be attributed to the camera equipment used and 10% can be attributed to post-processing.

Luckily, the modern-day smartphone has can capture more than enough details for product photography and videos. Anything you can capture can be shared instantly with your customers and fans.

Perfect 360-Degree Jewelry Videos

Perfect 360-Degree Jewelry Videos

We wanted to apply the same ease of use to a 360-degree jewelry video setup. The end result is the GemLightbox Turntable. The GemLightbox Turntable is a plug-and-play solution that fits snugly in an existing GemLightbox.

To operate the GemLightbox Turntable, simply connect the power using the power cord provided and open up the GemLightbox application. The GemLightbox application is free to download from the App Store or Google Play.

Once opened, users connect via Bluetooth to the Turntable and control speed, movement, brightness, and focus. The video settings have been programmed to capture a perfect 360-degree jewelry video on a white background in a single press of a button.

All videos and images captured are then safely stored separately on the GemLightbox application. From the GemLightbox application, users can save the files locally to their native image folder, or export it directly to other applications. And yes, that includes exporting a 360-degree jewelry video directly to your Instagram feed. Watch the video below to see how we capture a gold ring from the GemLightbox application and upload it directly to our Instagram account.

Other Tips

Now, the next part is to maximize the potential of your perfect 360-degree jewelry videos on Instagram!

Use the Right Captions and Tags

Instagram allows up to 2200 characters in a single caption. With plenty of room to work with, it’s best to place the most important pieces of information at the start of your caption, where it is most likely to be seen. This includes your @mentions and #tags. Statistics reveal that using at least one hashtag in an Instagram post will attract on average 12.6% more engagement than posts with no hashtags. Therefore, using the correct hashtags will significantly help build your brand awareness.

Another tag you can use is the Geotag. The Geotag helps users exploring a particular area easily discover you. Instagram’s geo-tagging feature has shown to increase engagement by up to 79%

Picup Media

Finally, but not least, Instagram introduced Product tags, which is essentially a free shop function linked to your Facebook business account. Product tags allow you to showcase your jewelry products in a non-invasive manner, and with Instagram’s push to implement this feature further, we can only expect that mobile shopping activity is to increase further in the next few years. As such, it is crucial that jewelry product images and video are of the highest quality to maximize your selling potential.

To set up your product tagging, follow Instagram’s set up guide here.

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