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How to Build Trust on Your Online Jewelry Store

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Building trust is the first thing required when establishing any form of relationship. It’s no different when selling online. In this post, we’ll go through how to build trust on your online jewelry store. Find out if you can adopt these practices immediately by reading on!

7 Ways to Build Trust on Your Online Jewelry Store

1. Multiple product shots of your jewelry

Using multiple angles with your jewelry product photography can help gain your shoppers’ trust and confidence. When shoppers go to your product page and see that there are many many angles of your jewelry products to see, it makes them feel that you’re not trying to hide any flaws from them. The added feature of a “click to zoom” allows shoppers to further inspect at the finest details. When shooting your jewelry product images, ensure you are using the same angles, backgrounds, and proportions to create consistency.

Many online marketplaces encourage users to upload as many product images as they can. For example, you can upload up to 12 images on eBay, 6 images on Amazon and 10 images for Etsy.

how to build trust on your online jewelry store
Source: Etsy

2. Use 360-degree jewelry product videos

Similar to point 1, 360-degree jewelry product videos empowers shoppers by allowing them to control and experience your products in real-time. 360-degree product videos also can capture details that may have been missed from the supplied images. Prior to technologies such as the GemLightbox Turntable, jewelers would have paid hundreds of dollars for just a single 360-degree jewelry product video. Now anyone with a smartphone can capture perfect 360-degree jewelry product videos which can be turned interactive by using software such as  Marzipano and Webrotate360.


3. Detailed product descriptions

According to statistics, up to 30% of all online sales are returned for various reasons. Shoppers will not hesitate to return items should the products not match their description and well protected by consumer laws and strict customer-centric policies enforced by online marketplaces. Therefore the correct information needs to be communicated both visually and in text. Don’t forget to include the following details for your jewelry product:

  • Weight
  • Carat
  • Dimensions
  • What size to get (for rings)
  • Number of stones (if applicable)
  • Packaging
  • Returns & refund policy

The key here is to be as proactive as you can in answering any questions or confusion that could potentially arise. That way, your shoppers feel empowered when making a decision as they will already have all the necessary information. Communication is key.

4. Product & business feedback

Let other people do the talking for you (but make sure they love you first!). According to the 2017 Local Customer Review Survey, 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations and Positive reviews make 73% of consumers trust a local business more. Therefore it is important to build a loyal customer base through exceptional customer service and product quality.

It is also important to respond to negative feedback and address them accordingly. By responding to negative feedback, you are showing that you are willing to listen and shoppers are more likely to purchase off businesses that will listen. As a start, get in touch with your existing and delighted customers and have them post a review about your business on Google or Facebook Reviews. Ask them to be as specific as they can with their experience, including any photos, so that other potential shoppers know what to expect when they purchase from you.

how to build trust on your online jewelry store

5 Payment Methods

Providing multiple payment methods empowers customers by allowing them to choose how they would like to pay.

Research by FuturePay revealed that “lack of payment options” was one of the most commonly cited reasons for shopping cart abandonment besides “lack of free shipping” and the “price”.

There are many trusted payment options to choose from such as

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Amazon Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Square
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Transferwise
how to build trust on your online jewelry store

6. Refund policy

Should there be any refunds or returns, your refunds and returns policy should be as transparent as possible. Transparency in your return policies are seen as a sign of quality customer service and confidence about your product, so much in a way that dissatisfied customers can send back their purchases for a refund. Promote your refund policy throughout your website and make include sure you include it as part of their purchase confirmation. You’ll also find that customers will be more willing to buy from you if your return offer is generous. As a jewelry business, it is also important you protect yourself, especially when it comes to custom jobs. Once again, communication is key. Your customers need to understand that custom jobs are not refundable. However, do be flexible and look after the customers best interests by offering alternative solutions such as store credit, or allow them to consign the custom piece for sale.  

7. Social media presence

How do customers know you actually exist? Provide a human touch to your jewelry business by posting actively on social media. We’ve written up a blog article here to for some ideas on your next Instagram post to get you started. In particular, we’d like to draw attention to point number 2, “Recognise your clients by showing them to your audience or reposting their photos”. Your customers will share with their followers the brands they love. Encourage them to get involved and tag your Instagram account in their posts, creating a unique hashtag and reposting their content. Making it easy for new customers to find you also makes you appear much more trustworthy.

Social media presence

And there we go – 7 tips you can use to build trust with your online jewelry customers!

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