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Diamond Photography: Make Diamonds Sparkle with GemLoupe

Diamond photography using GemLoupe
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When it comes to diamond photography, jewelers and diamantaires have their fair share of struggles—from getting the background right to lighting setup to capturing a diamond that sparkles. Unfortunately, while the industry is riddled with challenges, the solutions remain scarce. Furthermore, those solutions are, too often, far afield until GemLoupe happens. 

What is GemLoupe?

GemLoupe is a diamond photography solution. From the maker that brought you the world’s first smartphone jewelry photography lightbox, the GemLightbox, and Macro, we bring you the world’s first smartphone loupe that features a 5X zoom and a custom Sparkle lens that allow you to capture incredible details and just the right sparkle wherever, whenever.

diamond photography using GemLoupe and a smartphone
GemLoupe — simplifying diamond photography with a click

Diamond is a girl’s best friend, but for most jewelers, it could also be the enemy. At Picup Media, we have worked with over 10,000 jewelers long enough to know that the process of producing high-converting gem and diamond videos and photos is not always as polished (but controversial! 👀) as Beyonce’s Tiffany diamond.

Throughout the years, we’ve seen jewelers struggle and wrestle with diamond photography challenges. Overall, we could say that there’s no more notorious than dull and lifeless-looking photo results. But what do you expect, when you’re photographing an object that’s like a hall of mirrors, expect your wit and patience to move and bend erratically, just like the way the light enters, moves, bends, reflects, and exits a diamond.

Diamonds sparkle because of the 3 illumination effects — brilliance, fire, and scintillation. You probably know this already, but assuming that you’re not a photographer unless you’re a jack of all trades, you most likely have an issue with getting the right light. To start, you must understand the process of refraction, reflection, and dispersion — the elements of diamond brilliance. Now, this is too much Science of Light and we all know, you just want to sell. Is your head spinning yet?

Thankfully, not everything has to be complicated.

How to Photograph Diamonds

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GemLoupe seeks to simplify and revolutionize diamond photography — with or without the pandemic

At the height of the pandemic, you were asked to decide — go digital or stay traditional?

As the coronavirus rages on, we’ve seen many countries enforce movement restrictions. The interruption to brick-and-mortar jewelry stores came and you were left with little choice but to close your doors.

There has been more than just one lockdown. It’s that type of challenge that requires more than just brooding over — it calls for adapting. The rate of digital transformation for the last 12 months has proven to be the silver lining on this cloud of uncertainties. But many of you were caught unprepared.

With many of you forced in isolation at home while your photography equipment collects dust in the office, we labored forward to bring the rightful solution to your doorstep, no health risks required — GemLoupe!

We created GemLoupe during the pandemic to seamlessly assist the industry in going digital when going digital is inevitable; when shifting to online selling is not one of the options but is the ONLY way forward.

But what does it do, really?

  • GemLoupe digitalizes the traditional loupe by allowing you to capture what you could normally see through a loupe, inclusions and sparkles included!
  • It makes social commerce easier. GemLoupe jumpstarts your social media presence through attention-grabbing diamond images and videos, captured in just one click using your smartphone.
  • GemLoupe validates the importance of convenience. The popularity of portability never wanes and so, we bring you a solution that fits in your pocket — ready for you to use anytime, anywhere.
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Diamond Photography Made Simple with GemLoupe

When we say it’s simple, we’re not bluffing! To use the GemLoupe, simply follow the steps below.

Step 1. Clip the GemLoupe onto your phone

Clip the GemLoupe onto your smartphone

When clipping your GemLoupe device onto your smartphone, place the GemLoupe directly on top of the active lens of your smartphone camera.

Step 2. Open the GemLightbox App

Open the GemLightbox app

The GemLightbox app optimizes your smartphone camera settings for jewelry and diamond photography to ensure the best results with every single click. To use the app, just open it from your phone and click on the GemLoupe filter, then you’re good to go.

Step 3. Click to capture!

photographing diamond oval cut with GemLoupe
Sparkles like no other — an oval cut diamond captured with GemLoupe and a smartphone

Just like that, you’re able to capture a sparkling diamond photo and video, one that shines with richness and beauty far greater than the best in-store display.

To know more about GemLoupe, contact us and we’ll help you take your diamond photography to the next level —because the best sparkles are the ones you can capture!

GemLoupe — sparkling photos and videos every single time!

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