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Digital Loupe with 5X and Sparkle lenses for your Smartphone

GemLoupe is clip-on lens with a custom 5X lens and Sparkle lens for capturing detailed, sparkling images and videos on your smartphone. Includes white, yellow, and Sparkle light for perfect shots anytime, anywhere!

Price: US $399

Price: US $399
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How it Works


Download the GemLightbox App.

The GemLightbox Application

Clip the 5X GemLoupe to your smartphone's rear camera.


Capture perfect sparkling diamond photos with 5X magnification.


Before / After

Capture professional diamond photos with a 5X-sparkle lens.

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4.9175 reviews
4.9175 reviews
4.953 reviews
4.953 reviews
4.9 1658 reviews
Picup Media
Tanya Newbould from Del Pozzo Jewelry
AGTA GemFair Tucson 2 years ago

Tanya Newbould of Del Pozzo Jewelry enthuses over the revolutionary influence of the jewelry virtual try-on feature on her business. Absolutely upping her game, Tanya raves, “This is the best product on the market!”

GemLoupe Unique Features

Works with any Smarphone

Download the GemLightbox App and start taking pictures directly with your Smartphone.

5X Lens + Sparkles Lens

GemLoupe comes with a 5X lens to create the perfect images and videos, just the right amount of zoom.

Plug and play

Clip-on the GemLoupe and you're ready to go. No setup or training is required!

Sparkles all the way

Our data shows that videos captured using GemLoupe are much more likely to capture attention on Social Media!

30 Days
Money back guarantee*

Got a question? We're here to help!

Does the GemLoupe work with any Smartphone?

Yes, GemLoupe is compatible with any smartphone, including those with multiple cameras. It is also suitable for use with tablets and iPads.

What is the smallest and largest object you can photograph using GemLoupe?

GemLoupe is versatile, allowing you to photograph gemstones of any size, from 0.1ct diamonds to larger stones, just like you would with your native camera.

How do I select the correct lens?

The GemLightbox App will automatically choose the optimal lens for your photography. Ensure that you’ve selected GemLoupe in the camera settings for the best results.

Is it compatible with GemLightbox or Macro?

No, GemLoupe is a standalone device designed to operate independently.

How long will my battery last?

The GemLoupe battery is designed to provide a minimum of 1 hour of continuous battery life with all lights at maximum intensity. Typically, for regular use, where the maximum light intensity setting is seldom needed, the battery should last for approximately 2 hours for an average user.

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