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Bracelet Photography Tips with GemLightbox

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Bracelet photography—does it frustrate you all the time? This post will show you how we photograph bracelets in one click with a smartphone and the GemLightbox.

Bracelet: A Brief History

Like necklaces and other neck ornaments, a bracelet is one of the oldest jewelry forms that started 7,000 years ago. Different people from different cultures wear bracelets with cultural variations. For instance, the German warriors wore a forearm spiral bracelet for protective and decorative purposes, while in Timor, a bracelet could indicate one’s social status or a marriage alliance. Overall, bracelets served both ritual and decorative purposes.

History recorded that early bracelets were made of glass, shells, and tree limbs before eventually advancing to bronze, copper, gold, and silver materials.

There are many types of bracelets. For this demonstration, we will show you how to take good photos of charm bracelets with the GemLightbox.

Ancient Egypt believed that charms carried spiritual and protective functions like warding off evil and guarding the wearer. However, in the 1950s, charms took a modern take as people began associating charms with their travel experiences. Today, charms are any jeweled ornaments that convey a personal or sentimental value to the wearer.

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Bracelet Photography with GemLightbox

Below, we’ll demonstrate how to photograph bracelets from a top angle.

What we’ll use:

Step 1. Power up your GemLightbox and remove the front reflector cover.

power up and remove the front reflector cover

The GemLightbox comes with four (4) interchangeable international adapters compatible with both 110 and 240v. To power up, connect the adapter that is suitable for your city and click the power button on the right-hand side of the box. You will hear a click sound indicating that you have inserted it properly.

Once powered, remove the front reflector cover and place the photography table inside.

Place the photography table inside

The photography table is ideal for this type of jewelry because it gives us more room to work with.

The table connects via a magnetic system. To set it up inside the GemLightbox, place the magnetic stand in the center of the box and put the photography table on top. The magnetic system holds the table in place and keeps the jewelry steady.

Step 2. Place the bracelet inside.

Put the bracelet inside

Next, put the bracelet on the photography table and ensure that it’s in the center.

The photography table is wide enough to accommodate more than one bracelet. As such, you can also photograph two bracelets at once.

insert the second bracelet

After positioning the bracelet (s) properly, put back the front reflector cover.

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Step 3. Open the GemLightbox app and place the phone on top of the box.

Place the phone on top of the GemLightbox

Downloading the GemLightbox app and registering an account are both easy if you haven’t downloaded it yet. Simply search for “GemLightbox” in the Google Play Store or in iOS App Store and follow the download instructions.

You can photograph bracelets from a top-angle view by placing the smartphone on top of the GemLightbox. Once you’re ready, make some adjustments. You can zoom in or out, tap to focus or adjust the brightness level, if necessary.

You can also be creative with it. For example, you may focus only on a close-up shot of a charm or emphasize the texture. Shoot inside the box but think out of the box!

details of bracelet photo

Don’t forget that the GemLightbox has two shooting angles— the front shooting angle and the top shooting angle. Choose either way to showcase your jewelry in the best light possible.

Step 4. Click to capture and save!

take a photo of the bracelet

Finally, when you’re ready, click to capture and save!

Saving the photographs to the GemLightbox app gallery enables increased accessibility. For instance, it allows jewelers to directly upload their photos from the app gallery to select e-commerce platforms. Further, you can also easily transfer the photos from the app gallery to your phone’s gallery.

Here’s how we did!

photographing two or more bracelets with GemLightbox and a smartphone
Charm bracelet photographed with GemLightbox and an iPhone XS, no retouching.
bracelet photography with two or more bracelets
Two bracelets in one shot, captured using GemLightbox and a smartphone, with no retouching.

Watch the full bracelet photography demonstration below.

How do you photograph your bracelets? Let us in on your bracelet photography secrets in the comment section below!

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