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5 Ways to Use Instagram Guides for Jewelry Business

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Instagram carousel meets blog posts. Here are 5 creative ways to use Instagram Guides for jewelry business, but first let’s see what this new feature is all about.

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What is Instagram Guides?

Instagram Guides is a feature that allows you and other creators to share tips, guides, resources, and other long-form content to users. Instagram launched Guides in May 2020 initially only for creators providing mental health support in the time of COVID-19. However, by November of the same year, they made it available to all users and expanded the content coverage to include Products, Places, and Posts.

Guides is a new way to repurpose your pre-published content. Creating your first Instagram Guide is easy. Follow the steps below.

tap the plus icon on the top-right of your profile page

Step 1. Tap the plus icon on the top-right of your profile page.

select guide

Step 2. Select “Guide.”

choose the type of guide you want to make

Step 3. Choose the type of Guide you want to make.

You can easily share the Guides you made to Instagram Stories or with other users by tapping the paper icon on the top-right hand corner of the screen when you open a particular Guide. Further, to access the Guides, users can visit a creator’s profile page and select the newly added Guides icon from the feed tab.

Now that you know your way around Instagram Guides, it’s time to make one! Below are 5 creative ideas to maximize Instagram Guides for jewelry business.

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5 Creative Ways to Use Instagram Guides for Jewelry Business

1. Create gift guides.

Create gift guides
Source: Paris Jewellers

Repurpose your jewelry product listings into Gift Guides for every occasion. In this example, you can see Paris Jewellers‘ list of Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas. This guide is beneficial to both the jewelers and the users because it helps the former market his/her jewelry products while providing the latter with gift ideas. This is a good time-saving technique for users who are looking for possible jewelry gift suggestions.

2. Compile a list of jewelry tips.

5 creative ways to use Instagram Guides for jewelry business - list of jewelry tips
Source: Suspiro Jewels – Andreia

If you have a pre-published blog article compiling a list of jewelry tips, you can repurpose it using Instagram Guides; otherwise, you can start from scratch.

Compile a list of jewelry tips similar to the way Suspiro Jewels compiled her tips on how to wear jewels in harmony. You can also create a list of jewelry cleaning tips or a list of tips when buying jewelry. It could be anything you think your customers need, so go ahead and get to know them.

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3. Create a Guide based on themes.

Unique ways to use Instagram Guides for Jewelry Business
Source: Suspiro Jewels

Another idea to maximize Instagram Guides for your jewelry business is to create a Guide based on different themes. This is another way of reorganizing your Instagram feed with Guides that categorize related posts.

In this example, Suspiro Jewels took advantage of Instagram Guides by categorizing her jewelry products based on face shapes. For instance, the creator provided users with a list of earrings ideal for rectangular and round face shapes. Another idea is to create an engagement ring theme that contains the biggest engagement ring trends this year.

When you know what you’re offering, it’s easy to identify the possible themes you can play around with. Don’t be afraid and experiment.

4. A Guide that highlights your cause.

Highlight your cause through Instagram Guides for Jewelry Business
Source: Ivory and Pearls Co

If you have a jewelry collection made specially to support the causes you believed in, Instagram Guides is a new way to put them in the spotlight.

As seen in the example above, Ivory and Pearls Co used Instagram Guides to highlight the work that the brand does for the community. Such format is excellent not only in marketing the products and designs you made, but more so to educate users about different causes and nonprofit organizations that they can extend help to or help bring awareness to a particular issue.

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5. Launch a series and discuss important topics.

Launch a series and discuss relevant topics
Source: Diamond Tales

Lastly, launch a Series where you can touch on relevant industry topics—for example, Diamond Tells by Diamond Tales.

There’s no limit to what you can discuss here. In fact, aside from industry-related news, you can also create a series where you feature different jewelry designers in your company or other designers that inspire your jewelry.

Instagram Guides allows you to be more creative and less salesy as you offer more valuable content to users and potential customers, so take the opportunity and make it work for you.

Are you ready to explore the new Instagram Guides feature?

Undoubtedly, Instagram Guides is a clever and fun way of curating and consuming content. It gives you more opportunities to tell your stories and in return, boost your social media presence.

What do you think of this new feature? Let us know in the comment section below!

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