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Picup Media Launches GemLightbox Macro for Loose Diamonds

Master diamond photography with GemLightbox Macro
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Picup Media is thrilled to announce the launch of GemLightbox Macro, a revolutionary all-in-one studio designed to capture detailed and color-accurate loose stones images and 360 videos with 10x magnification — all in one click! Macro is available for purchase beginning of December 2020 via the Picup Media website.  

GemLightbox Macro
GemLightbox Macro by Picup Media

Engineered to be compatible with any smartphone, the GemLightbox Macro stays true to the promise of simplicity, convenience, and consistency. It’s packed with innovative features built to allow anybody with a smartphone to capture color-perfect and correctly illuminated diamonds and loose stones in just one click. 

The Features

Different gemstones require different lighting to achieve high color accuracy. Macro comes with four (4) lighting options to provide jewelers with the perfect lighting environment no matter the color of your loose stone.

  1. Blue lighting – a soft lighting for colored diamonds and semi-precious stones. 
  2. White lighting – a soft lighting perfect for diamonds and colored stones like sapphires. 
  3. Yellow lighting – A soft lighting fitted for emeralds, rubies, and alexandrites. 
  4. Sparkle – a direct set of 5500K lights suited to bring out your diamond’s natural sparkles. 

Macro is fitted with a macro lens with up to 10x magnification. More than accurate colors, users will also capture outstanding details that are unseen to the naked eye, yet everywhere present elements of your gemstones. 

Further, show proof and value through different color backgrounds. Macro has three (3) loose stone discs in different sizes and colors to match your loose stones’ sizes and capture the perfect background according to your marketing purpose.

  1. Small disc for stones under 1ct. 
  2. Medium disc for 1-10ct. 
  3. Large disc for 10ct and above.

The discs are available in white, grey, and black. 

The GemLightbox Macro is a product of years of hard work and research,” said William Chu, Picup Media Founder and CEO. “jewelers, especially non-professional photographers, can now capture loose stones videos and images in one click using your smartphones without sacrificing quality. Macro wants you to spend more time selling and less behind your camera.

Macro will change the way you photograph gemstones and diamonds forever. Visit our site and get yourself on the priority list now!

Picup Media:

Picup Media is your leading partner in entering the digital market of the jewelry industry. Serving over 10,000 jewelers worldwide and headquartered in Sydney, Australia, Picup Media prides itself in providing creative and innovative solutions, including the frontrunner GemLightbox series, to jewelers at every level. 

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