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GemLightBox hardware is powered by our free app.

Choose a credit package that works for you

Purchase bulk image packs to be used over 1 year and save on your image retouching

Much cheaper than a regular PAYG US $5 price

The more retouching you get - the more you save

Access to the entire set of specifications

All images will go through Picup Media Retouching

Use over 1 year period

Credits last 365 days from date of purchase

200 image pack
US$4.5 / image
US$900 Save 10 %
Most popular
500 image pack
US$4 / image
US$2,000 Save 20 %

Retouching credits can be used to purchase Additional Services, such as Hallmarking, PSD/TIFF Files, Gold Tone Manipulation

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Unlimited access to GemLightBox Application

GemLightbox is available on Apple store, Google Play, Hwawei, Xiaomi and Oppo store.
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  • Tsang Hong Kong
    Verified purchase
    Jun 14, 2020

    To whoever created this product, Kudos to you! I love you my Gemlightbox!

  • Kasra Lebanon
    Verified purchase
    Apr 5, 2020

    Results are even better with the added features! Cool!

  • Darcy Sydney
    Verified purchase
    Jan 15, 2020

    Our team totally love the black background. Not to mention, black is my favorite!