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Jewelry Retouching Service: Why do I need Image Retouching?

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Seeking a jewelry retouching service might be all you need to revive your stagnating sales. Studies show that users’ engagement with attractive visual presentations is expected to increase in the coming years. The evidence speaks true to its findings.

In fact, sites like Instagram and Pinterest continue to rake in millions of users while the e-commerce explosion has become a global trend. The rise in recent online sales, which attracts the influx of online retailers, has backed this trend. However, as competition increases, determining what separates your e-commerce business from the rest of your rivals is critical. Too often, your jewelry photography stands between a successful conversion and a lost sale.

Did you know that more than 75 percent of sales are lost due to poor product photography?

In the world of online retail, your product images are your strongest sales weapon. Do you want jewelry images that will take site visitors all the way to your final checkout process? It’s not rocket science! Picup Media provides you with the most accessible solutions to succeed right at your fingertips.

What seems to be the problem with my jewelry images?

Put yourself in the shoes of the buyers and try browsing jewelry images from other sites. Your purchasing decisions are affected by what is in front of you. Sometimes, the images may be too blurry or too pixelated when zoomed in, the background overshadows the subject, and the bad lighting ruins all the hard work you poured in. When you present an image like this to your potential buyer, you are communicating with them in a manner that is not lucrative for your business.


A jewelry retouching service from field expertsDIY is good, but it can be better with the help of the experts. Buying jewelry is always about emotions. Each piece is an emotive representation of who they are or how they feel. Picup Media knows how to create jewelry images that connect the buyers’ visual experience and their emotions. With our knowledge in photography and jewelry image retouching, you can be assured that every angle and every stroke we apply to your images translates the quality of your brand.

jewelry retouching service - earrings, before retouching
Rose gold diamond earrings captured inside the GemLightbox, with no retouching
jewelry retouching service - earrings, after retouching.
Rose gold diamond earrings captured inside the GemLightbox, after retouching

Are good jewelry images enough to convert visitors into buyers?

Photos, like actions, speak louder than words. When you present mediocre jewelry images, it gives buyers the impression that you don’t take your business seriously and that your products are mediocre too. With all the competition around you, settling for good should never be an option; otherwise, it will send you off the market in no time.

jewelry retouching service - before and after Gemlightbox
Before and after results of Picup Media’s retouching services


Picup Media will deliver photos that talk directly to your potential buyers. Jewelry images play a major role in the buyer’s decision-making process. Ultimately, our job not only centers on providing a jewelry retouching service that solves the aesthetic look of your products. We will also showcase other tangible and intangible benefits of your products through a clear, appealing, and accurate visual experience. These benefits will positively influence your consumers’ purchasing decisions.

Why look for a professional jewelry retouching service for your jewelry images?

So, you managed to enter the digital market but realized after days or months of trading that sales, like diamonds, are hard to find. You realized that your witty, information-filled product descriptions would not make them click that “add to cart” button, your well-arranged shopfront, and easy-to-navigate site are hardly noticeable, and your reasonable prices don’t completely seal the deal.

Your photos could not be the problem, right? After all, you’ve read and followed all available jewelry photography tips and tricks you could find online and it’s free. So why hire a professional to save you?


Do not let poor images put you down. Remember that your customers are making purchases based on value and not on price. In order to boost your sales, you have to increase the value.

This is where Picup Media can help you. We will increase the perceived value of your jewelry through high-quality photos at very affordable prices. It will save you time and money in the long run while maximizing your sales potential. The overall value that will be generated from availing our jewelry retouching service will simply outweigh the minimal costs you will spend on hiring our experts.

What can Picup Media do for me?

  • Clipping path service. Clipping onto a white background with natural shadows.
  • Retouching to studio quality – as seen in our portfolio.
  • Scratches, dust, and blemishes removal.
  • Consistent color correction.
  • Straightening and aligning.
  • Redrawing back shanks of rings, as necessary.
  • First-rate jewelry retouching service.
  • Product images that maximize your sales potential.
  • Big savings with a high return on investment.
  • Saves you time so you can focus on other aspects of your business operation.
  • Builds you a formidable online representation through a world-class portfolio.
  • Stands out from the competition.

Why Picup Media?

Honest Pricing

Maximize your sales potential without breaking the bank. Runaway from other gimmicks and pricing tricks. Our competitive and honest pricing guarantees high-quality photos that convert.

Lighting Fast Services

Picup your photos in under 72 hours. We offer free revisions until you are happy with the results.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Check out what other companies have to say about us through our over 200 positive reviews.

Our Services, Our Roots

Our jewelry background and services are defined by the rich lineage of jewelry professionals. With its parent company founded in 1975, the history of our knowledge is as old as the discovery of the first 16.37-carat Amarillo Starlight Diamond.

Your Industry Has Been Our Home for More Than Four Decades.
We have seen trends come and go. No one understands your needs better than we do.

Established Reputation

We have grown along with our clients. We have assisted thousands of businesses in ensuring their leading position in print, e-commerce, and advertising among others.

Unmatched Dedication

Giving back to our roots is a priority nestled at the top of our list. We are dedicated to providing the latest and greatest technology to the jewelry sector while offering affordable prices to all jewelers around the world through our guaranteed world-class jewelry photo editing service.

We Are Passionate in What We Do

We know the pain points you face as we have journeyed and survived the same path. Our goal is to create value for the entire jewelry industry by providing you with solutions to those identified and predicted pain points.

Click here to find out how Picup Media could help you with all your jewelry needs!

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